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June 19, 2024

Open Call for Papers: Updated Guidance for Authors

Writing about web page

Updated open call for papers page offers authors a fresh perspective on submitting their manuscripts for consideration to Exchanges.

I thought it was high time I did a refresh of the guidance for authors looking to submit a paper to us. As long time readers know, Exchanges has an open call for papers whereby we’re interested in considering work throughout the year. Yes, we do have those various special issue calls as well, and the occasional themed section call too, but the heart of many issues of Exchanges has been created by authors answering our open call. As I last updated the open call information, significantly, back in 2022, the time was ripe for a refresh.

You can read it here:

In creating this new version I’ve been asking various questions about the sort of information authors want to see – and having a splendid conversation with an academic colleague about what they’d like us to include. This has really helped me shape the new version of the call. While it replicates information you’ll find all over the Exchanges site, bringing it together in a single page I think is especially helpful for those authors who stumble across our site in their hunt for a suitable journal to publish within. Sadly, I don’t have any stats to give me an idea of how many people have read the old version of the open call, but I do know from talking to successful authors that more than one of them first found us through a web search and reading the open call information. So, there’s clearly a value to the journal in terms of keeping a flow of potential manuscripts in maintaining this particular announcement well.

Does it contain everything you’d like to know as an author? Probably not, but if you think there’s anything we’ve missed – leave me a comment or get in touch to let us know. Who knows, that might be the start of your own publishing journey too!

September 05, 2019

Out of Office, and into a New One

It's all change in the Exchanges editorial office this week - or rather, it's all change forthe Exchanges editorial office this week. Myself, along with my colleagues in the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) are relocating to some lovely new offices closer to the heart of Warwick's campus. And in my case, nearer to the local wild fowl too. I'm writing this message off-site today, having packed up my entire office into three crates which will be moved at the start of the next week to my new office.

IAS Millburn House OfficeMy Life In A Crate

This might mean a slight blip in communications, while I get my computer and phone transferred and set up, but hopefully it will be so brief most readers probably won't even notice. Rest assured though, the Exchanges servers will remain fully operational and accessible throughout, so you'll be able to read, submit and interact with the journal as normal.

I'm very excited about the move, as it's introduced some new possibilities for engaging with the local early career community that I'm in the process of developing. Naturally, more about these once I'm ready to announce.

In the meanwhile, don't forget about all our various open calls for contributions and participation - the editorial team are waiting to hear from you!

April 16, 2019

Pre–Easter News Roundup

As many of us look forward to (or are already enjoying) a break around the Easter holiday here at Warwick, I thought I’d share a few pieces of news from Exchanges.

New issue production: Preparation for the new issue are in full swing, with the editorial, cover and most importantly the articles under final preparation. I’m hopeful we’ll get another few articles ready for publication by our deadline, and I’ve every confidence in my editorial team that they’ll be making that happen.

Funding award: I was delighted to hear today that a funding bid to the Warwick/Monash University Alliance which I contributed towards has been successful. This is always nice to hear, but doubly so as this funding will be contributing to enabling more early career scholars to attend the Utopia, Dystopia and Climate Change Conference in Italy later this year. Well done to the bid writers! This conference, regular readers will remember, is one which Exchanges is the official publication partner for, and we’re hoping to be able to share a lot of great scholarship based on work presented at the event sometime next year.

Why Publish with Exchanges?: This is a question I’ve often been asked (not to mention asked myself) over the past year. To help answer this for prospective authors, I’ve developed a new flyer with answers drawn from past contributors to the journal. You can read the new flyer online here.

More Frequently Asked Questions: Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is slowly growing, as I add more answers to questions authors have been asking about publishing with Exchanges. Most recently I’ve been responding to questions about referencing and English language, but there’ll be more content in the very near future. Well worth checking out as part of your Exchanges publication experience.

That’s it for now, I hope everyone who has the chance has a splendid break, and for those of you who don’t, I hope the weather is at least kind to, wherever in the world you might be!

April 24, 2018

Welcome to the Exchanges Blog

As the title says, welcome to the Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal blog. My name's Gaz J Johnson, and I'm the fairly freshly appointed Senior Editor of this interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal, based in the Institute of Advanced Study.

Exchanges has been around for over 5 years now, and has developed into a valued publishing location for early career researchers (ECR) across the university and affiliated institutions, who are looking for to publish interdisciplinary scholarly material. Over the coming months and years, part of my Senior Editor remit is to expand the journal’s focus beyond Warwick, especially with those international organisations with whom we have exciting scholarly links. Hence, I’ll be using talking about developments around the title over the coming months.

As my own background as a researcher is as a political-economist and social theorist in the field of emerging publishing modes, especially open access, I’ll also be using this blog to muse about developments here as well. Hopefully, this might even engender a bit of conversation and insight from other scholars in this field too.

Alongside this, I’ll be highlighting and exploring selected authors and articles from past and future issues. I’m aiming to include a few post-publication interviews with authors as well, exploring how their work’s advanced since publication and what additional resonances, insights or impacts it’s created.

I’ll also be using the blog to highlight various announcements, for example calls for papers and (very shortly) calls for applications to join the Editorial Team. Exchanges has a team of Editors drawn from the ECR community, whose work comprises an essential and much valued contribution to the title. Quite literally, without them, the journal wouldn’t exist. We all work in collaboration with the University Library too, who provide insight and technical infrastructure for the title. As a former academic librarian myself, I’m especially excited to be working with the library’s scholarly publications team in this endeavour.

Finally, for this post at least, I’ll highlight where you can find out more about Exchanges.

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