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November 24, 2022

New Episode: In Conversation with Simon Varwell – Citizen Participation & Partnerships

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Another new episode of The Exchanges Discourse podcast has gone live, once again featuring a conversation with an author whose work appeared in a recent issue.

In this episode we talk to Simon Varwell (SPARQS, Edinburgh, UK) about his work and publications. We focus in on Simon’s recent article – A Literature Review of Arnstein’s Ladder of Citizen Participation: Lessons for contemporary student engagement – which appeared in the Autumn 2022 issue (Exchanges v10.1). In a wide ranging conversation we discuss Arnstein’s relevance in various sectors today, explore student partnerships and representation within tertiary education alongside reflections on effective peer-reviewer practice. As always, the episode wraps up with suggested advice for early career and first time authors looking to publish within academic journals.

Listen in here:

(Also available on Spotify)

November 02, 2022

In conversation with Kwasu David Tembo

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The fourth, and final, in our series of podcast interviews focussing on the ‘lonely nerds’ special issue came out just ahead of the publication of our autumn issue of the journal. Talk about being timely! It’s another rich dive with a generous academic scholar, in this case hailing from Ashesi University (Ghana). Our wide ranging conversation takes in Kwasu’s work on representation, especially within nerd culture before we segue into fictional time travelling world for a while. We also chat about belonging, identity and community within this framing inside various subcultural groups.

Naturally, we keep our focus on publishing and the early career experience through advice for first-time authors to academic journals. This time, we look particularly at handling, coping with and utilising feedback from your peer-reviewers. My thanks as always to my guest for what was a thoroughly engaging and informative chat to participate in, and I hope to listen to also.

Listen to the episode here:

For all past episodes of the podcast, you can find a complete listing on this page.

Next episode, some reflections from myself on the nature of ‘being a good reviewer’, before we dive back into some author interviews from scholars whose work appeared in the latest issue of the journal.

October 13, 2022

In Conversation with Sharon Coleclough

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It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the start of term, new fellows and in the background working to recruit new editorial board members (of which more in a few weeks). However, there was still time to record a couple more episodes of the Exchanges Discourse Podcast with authors on our recent ‘lonely nerds’ special issue. It is safe to say, as with my previous one with Alena, these were two highly enjoyable and content rich conversations with two delightfully gracious researchers. Honestly, I think we could have spoken for almost double the time if I’d not been keeping an eye on the clock.

So you can of course listen to the episode for yourself, and look forward to the next one which is already ‘in the can’ and will be heading your way hopefully in the very near future too. And after that – it’s all hands on deck for the publication of issue 10.1 of Exchanges at the end of the month. October, it’s never been a quiet month!

Listen to the episode here:

In this episode we talk to Sharon Coleclough (Senior Lecturer, Culture, Heritage and Society, Staffordshire University, UK) about her research and publications; focussing on her Exchanges article So Many Ways to be an Outsider: ‘Nerdism’ and ethnicity as signifiers of otherness which appeared in our recent Lonely Nerdsspecial issue. We talk about her research into representation, and her exciting progress into new avenues of publication and research. The episode touches on advice for postgraduate and early career researchers in terms of establishing your personal brand, researching your passions and how to accept feedback on your writing more effectively.

For all past episodes of the podcast, you can find a complete listing on this page.

January 14, 2021

New Blog Post: In Conversation with Dr Filippo Cervelli & Dr Ben Schaper

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As we move into 2021, we return with new episodes of The Exchanges Discourse podcast. In our first episode this year I'm joined by two guests, in a session recorded just before Christmas. Please do listen and let me know what you think.

The Cultural Representations of Nerds – in Conversation with Dr Filippo Cervelli & Dr Ben Schaper

'In this episode recorded at the end of 2020 we are joined by Dr Schaper and Dr Cervelli two scholars who’ve been working for the journal for the past year on a special issue. Reflecting on their experiences of involvement with Exchanges, the pair also discuss the background and motivations for the issue. Finally, they also share some advice for first-time academic authors. The related event and issue will be appearing, later in 2021.'

Suggestions for future guests or episode themes, more than welcome.

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