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February 01, 2023

Subscribe to the New Exchanges Newsletter

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There's a new regular way to get a monthly update on Exchanges direct to your inbox - a newsletter!

I'm delighted to announce there's now an Exchanges newsletter which people can subscribe to online. Each month the newsletter will highlight recent developments from the journal, along with a reminder of current and forthcoming calls for content, opportunities to get involved and all the very latest on our podcast series too.

The newsletter will, mostly, be reusing the content we post to the IAS' monthly newsletter - so if you're already subscribed to that, then you probably will be up to date on things. But if not, and you'd like the make sure you're always fully appraised of everything going on with Exchanges - then signing up to the newsletter is a great way to achieve this.

Full details of how to subscribe are here:

For interest in this issue of the newsletter:

  • Focus in on top articles and episodes
  • Review of Exchanges workshops and events
  • News about the Exchanges Discourse podcast
  • Reminder of open calls for papers
  • Somewhat on the new newsletter
  • Highlighting Exchanges' social media instances
  • Plus a regular guide on managing your list membership and what Exchanges is all about.

So, if you don't want to miss out on everything to do with Exchanges, and want to know more - subscribe today!

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