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June 22, 2006

The Last Day :(

Well today is the last day of this year's WSAF, but that's really no reason to be sad because we still have some great shows for you to see!
At 12.00 you have the choice of two great plays. In the studio we have My mother Said I Never Should exploring issues of womanhood. In the cooler we have Private Lives a comedy of love and marriage.
At 12.10, Dancity will be warming up the Piazza with their fantastic moves. They're followed at 12.30 by Courtenay Lewis, an amazing singer-songwriter. After that, at 1.30, the Cello Ensemble will be performing some soothing music for a summer's afternoon.
At 2pm wa find out whether you're brave enough to enter The Room (H0.58). If you'd rather enjoy the known, then head over to the piazza for The BandSoc Big Summer Gig.
At 3pm in the studio, will be Play (A Story of Nathan Wilde). And you'll have plenty of time after that for you to head over to the Piazza for WERLyGig at 4.30.
The festival closes over on the maths field with the University Gala Concert at 7.

June 21, 2006

WSAF Wednesday

Just because exam results are rolling in left right and centre doesn't mean that the WSAF team are going to sit back and sup on the alcoholic delights which we know will be enjoyed by many of you this week. Oh no – the show must go on, as they say, and we have some great shows lined up for you. So come along to chill out and forget all those worries about grades!
All day today and tomorrow in Xanana's lounge Eimear and Fleur will be exhibiting their photos in Lomatography on the run.
At 12.00 Black will be performing on the piazza with a fantastic fusion of styles. If you'd rather get hands-on, then Codpiece will be running a workshop in the studio.
For those who want to get their hands dirty, at 1pm the Art Society will be out on the Piazza with a range of materials. And that will be accompanied by teh sounds of the String Orchestra from 2.30. If you want to get away from the Piazza mayhem, then take the time to experience Tibetan Music in the Studio.
Meet by the Koan at 3pm for a trip to The Elephant Tree, a truely magical show. From 4.15, MTW will be p[utting on their Review of the Year, with highlights of their triumphs from the year.
Each year a number of performances go to the Edinburgh Festival from Warwick, and at WSAF we are delighted to be able to showcase them as our Edinburgh Preview at 5.30 in the studio.
We finish off the day with a little light Jazz in the Piazza at 6pm. Perfect for supping that champagne and enjoying a summer's evening*.

*Please note that weather cannot be guaranteed by us, in fact I'm probably being a little over optimistic. But it'll be great regardless.

June 20, 2006

WSAF on Tuesday

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk/sites/wsaf/index.cfm?p=events&day=20/06/2006

Hey everyone,
Another update as to the events around campus today.
We kick off at midday with a TaeKwonDo Demonstration in the piazza, Dr Faustus in the chaplaincy, and Poetry in the arts centre foyer, so there's something for everybody.
At 1pm in the piazza there's a Symphonic Brass Concert for your lunchtime listening pleasure. If you prefer darkened rooms then Warwick Shootout in the cinema is for you!
At 1.30 we have*Taptastic* in the cooler taking us through a world of movies and musicals. And on the subject of musicals, at 2pm in the studio is Songs for a new world featuring compelling characters starting anew.
If you're missing your academic work, head over to H0.58 at 2.15 for The Lesson, but this is no ordinary lesson – it promises to be far more enthralling!
Back in the Piazza at 3pm is the Bandsoc Big Summer Gig featuring the many talented bands of Warwick. This will be my must see of the day. At 3.30 is The Secret Lives in the Cooler for an afternoon of intrigue and mystery.
Anorak of Fire at 5pm in the Chaplaincy, brings to you the moving tale of a trainspotter. And then at 6pm head over to the Piazza for some great live music from Bert's Apple Crumble.
If that doesn't fill you up, it's followed in the studio at 7pm by Mouth Watering Jam (I'm getting hungry at the thought of all of this).
From 8pm in the Graduate Club WSAF is proud to present the UK's first inter-university Bellydance Festival! And at 10pm you can join WSC in the tocil field for a screening of Finding Nemo.

June 19, 2006

Monday's WSAF

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk/sites/wsaf/index.cfm?p=events&day=19/06/2006

There's so much fantastic stuff on today that I haven't got time to do any of it justice, so I shall briefly list what's on and leave it to you to have a look at the official blurb!
11.30 – Piazza – Judo Demonstration
12.00 – Chaplaincy – Piano Concert
12.30 – Piazza – Wind Orchestra
1.00 – Studio – Happy Hour (1)
1.00 – Cinema – Talk to Me
1.30 – Cinema – Autumn
2.00 – Meeting rooma 4/5 – Encaustic Wax Painting taster session
2.00 – Piazza – RAG Big Easy
2.30 – Cooler – MTW We Will Rock You
2.30 – Cinema – '25'
3.00 – Studio – Happy Hour (2)
3.15 – Cinema – Saved
4.15 – Cinema – Ever Glimpses
4.50 – Graduate Club – Jen Lexmond
5.30 – Chaplaincy – A Little Blue Book
5.30 – Piazza – A Day Remains
6.30 – Piazza – No Comprendo
7.00 – Arts Centre Foyer – Consort
7.30 – Piazza – Dance Mania!
8.00 – Studio – Pirates of Penzance
9.00 – Graduate Club – Freshblood Cabaret

June 18, 2006

WSAF '06 Opening Day

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk/sites/wsaf/index.cfm?p=events&day=18/06/2006#

Today the third Warwick Student Arts Festival kicks off with a host offantastic events for you to enjoy. So grab your suncscreen and head out to the Piazza to enjoy the sunshine whilst being entertained by your fellow students!
We kick off today at 2pm on the Piazza with our opening event. If you've not been around for WSAF before then this is the best way to see what it's all about. There will be a showcase of some of the events taking place through the week, with a complement of music, juggling and belly dancing.
At 4pm the Symphony Orchestra will be playing the Butterworth Hall, performing a beautiful selection of pieces.
For something a little more futuristic, head along to the studio at 6pm for Electronic City which questions how life in a fast paced world of gadgets affects our humanity. Alternatively at 6 there is Shine (ie the Summer Rev Show) on in the Piazza, once again filling the venue with an amazing vibe.
At 7pm we have two events in the Union for you. In the Graduate Club, the English Literature Society present a Jazz and Poetry Night. Alternatively, in the Cooler, we have The Comedy Superstore.
If you want something more musical, at 7.30 in the Arts Centre Theatre, the Big Band will be playing with their usual energy. If you want to get more involved, head over to the Cryfield Sports Pavillion for a Ceilidh filled with music and dancing!

June 13, 2006

And here it is….

Follow-up to Can we top this? from Warwick Student Arts Festival 06

This year's WTV video premiered at Top Banana last night – These Boots are Made For WSAF – check it out for a sneak preview of some of this year's events, and lots of silliness!

June 12, 2006

Can we top this?

With WSAF fast approaching I thought you might like to whet your appetites on these little morsels. Last year WTV produced some fantastic footage of some of of our events and you can find it all here. We had a fantastic week and hopefully we'll be able to top the experience with this year's festival.

If you're not sick to death of 'Is this the way to the world cup?' or whatever it's called, here's a reminder of the brilliant Is this the way to WSAF starring last years Sabbs. Keep an eye out for the very cute ducks. Rest assured that WTV shall be producing more delights for your delectation this year!

June 11, 2006

WSAF '06 now online

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk

Okay, so I probably should have written about this last week, but better late than never!
It's just one week to go until WSAF '06 kicks off!

The WSAF website is now online! Packed full of information about the events of the week, and with more information coming soon, it's well worth keeping an eye on!
For those of you who want a little procrastination – check out the new WSAF game, Amoeba, made exclusively for us by the fantastic peoples of Warwick Videogame Design Society!
If you've got a production happening for WSAF and are setting up a production Blog, drop us a comment and we'll add you to our favourites list.
I'll try and keep this page updated with info to whet your apetites.

February 09, 2006


Hi everyone,
I'm looking for photos of last year's Arts Festival to add to our archive. Particularly, any pics of events in venues other than the Piazza, and pics relating to our community projects.
If you can help, drop me a comment and we can arrange transfer!

WSAF06:Looking for Events

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk

Hey everyone,

Planning for this year's Warwick Student Arts Festival is now well underway, and it's time for you guys to get involved! We're looking for all sorts of events, covering all art forms and using not just the traditional performance venues at Warwick, but exploring different spaces across campus.

For more information visit our website and download the Event Information pack or email programming@wsaf.org.uk with any questions or ideas.

If you've got an idea, but need some people to help you get it off the ground, feel free to email us, or why not post a comment below and find some other like-minded people.

Looking forward to hearing all your ideas very soon,
Heather x

June 19, 2005

And So It Begins…

Well, it's finally June 19 – long pencilled into our diaries as the start of WSAF 05. The piazza stage arrived yesterday and the tech team put it up very quickly (and got nice sun tans) and we've moved our HQ into the former Student Shop, which will serve as an enquiry point and display space for ArtSoc and PhotoSoc work. We've even got lanyards with WSAF passes on them (wow!)...

So the the stage is (literally) set for WSAF 05 to begin this afternoon at 4pm when 'The Greatest Show on Campus' - an hour and a half of magic, juggling and music - kicks off, followed by the the ever popular Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir's annual summer concert.

So slap on some suncream (but also pack an umbrella) and head onto campus for WSAF 05 - bigger, better and sexier than ever before….

June 14, 2005


Decorate, draw, paint, stick, sew, cut, print, stamp, stencil – whatever you want! The all new WSAF postcards are now out and about – grab one and get arty! All you need to do is find one of our many blank postcards (try union north or the arts centre), and get creative. The best one wins £300 of Travel Vouchers courtesy of STA Travel! When you're done post them in our purple postcard box in Union North (reception area), we will then showcase as many as we can during festival week!

Is this the way….

Writing about web page http://www.warwicktv.co.uk/?programme=108

After a crazy weekend of filming and editing, "WSAF Amarillo", starring Simon Lucas, is finally finished and premiered at Top Banana last night!

Check it out on WTV's website at the link above.

Just a quick word of thanks to all the sabbaticals, crew and performers who took part this weekend, and especially to Peter and Chris for the amazing final product!

Check it out!

Writing about web page http://www.wsaf.org.uk

Our shiny new website is up and running – check it out for the latest news, changes to the programme, photos and more.

June 06, 2005

Two weeks to go….

Well, it's only 13 days until the Festival opens, and it seems this Blog has been somewhat neglected. However, despite exams and other such commitments, WSAF hasn't. The printed programme arrived back today, and should be around the Union and University very soon – so keep a look out! There are well over 50 different events – there's bound to be something that takes your fancy.

Plus, if you're not one of the hundreds of people involved in the organising of the Festival, working on the technical side or performing it's not too late to be involved – either come along to Union North on Sunday 19 June at 1pm to find out about helping during the week or read on for a chance of fame and (unlikely) fortune….

Ever fancied being in a music video? Well now's your chance. WTV are creating a 'WSAF Amarillo' trailer to be played on WTV and at Union events in the coming weeks. We're looking for happy and excited people to march along behind the likes of Simon Lucas and Kat Stark in our homage to Peter Kay. If you're interested leave a comment below (just so we can get an idea of numbers) and come along on Saturday 11 (wk 8) to Meeting Room 6 at 12 noon for a brief briefing and then an hour or two filming around the Union and Piazza. No dance experience required, just big elbowed marching!

And if that's not your thing, we'll see you at 4pm, Sunday 19 June for the opening of WSAF 2005!

Heather xx

March 15, 2005

Welcome to Warwick Student Arts Festival 05

Evenin' All.

This is the blog for this year's Warwick Student Arts Festival – the cross campus celebration of everything arty – being held between Sun 19 – Thu 23 June.

For those of you involved, feel free to post entries and comments (only positive things if you post a public entry!).

If you've just stumbled over this, then welcome and keep an eye here as we all go slowly nuts over the next three months.

Interesting fact: last Friday was 100 days to WSAF… eep!

Chris xxx
Marketing Manager