July 27, 2006

Jets Game this Sunday

The last home game of the season is this weekend guys so lets make it a big one. Entry to the game is completely free of charge so not even Justin can make an excuse about this one. Gates for the Butts Arena open at 1.30 Sunday but kickoff isn't til 2.30pm so I should be there around 2ish getting a good seat on the 45yard line. Come and join me!!

Everyone's welcome. Bring a friend, bring several, bring money for beer and chips and death burgers, it's going to be a fabby afternoon. AND, as if the prospect of seeing the last home game of the season for the best team in the country wasn't enough, they'll be receiving the BAFL (British American Football League) trophy at half time. PLUS – not more I hear you cry – there are cheerleaders. In not very much.

So what's stopping you?!?

Butts Arena, Butts Road, Coventry 2.30 Sunday 30th July!!!!!!!

July 21, 2006

Update of sorts…

So, I have a job. Yay for me. I had an interview at 2.30 today and subsequently had to walk back from Tachbrook Park which took me about 50 mins and before I'd even got home I had a call from my agency to tell me I had the job. Yay! Think that's a record for me.

Anyway, just realised I haven't blogged in a while because I've been internet–less for such a long time. Even this connection is cutting out every now and again. Humph. This is also because I've been helping Geordie move house. He was handing everything over today at 12 so he's officially homeless. Bless him. Plus, I'm on emergency cat standby type thing. The boys (Sam and Sprocket) are at Geordie's friends house with him at the moment but unfortunately this friend happens to be allergic to them so if he collapses or his head explodes or whatever they're going to be evacuated to mine (albeit undercover because it's not really allowed)

So, yeah, I'm employed, I have a new room and I am getting happier. Not quite happy yet because of the 2 Masters courses I want to do I can do precisely none of them. Ho hum.

x x

July 01, 2006

Football – Shame

I thought I'd just add insult to injury considering the England loss today by completely ignoring it because it means nothing to me and talking about another sport altogether and bringing up the old argument….

For shame all of you who have yet to attend an American Football game. For Shame. The only person I've managed to drag to a game so far this year has been my Dad. He lives in London for crying out loud! You lot live 10 minutes away!

For shame.

Although yay for Lucy who came to the Bulls game, albeit not technically with me so I can't take credit for it but yay all the same.

Next game is the sunday after degrees, 16th July. Who's with me?

(cue tumbleweed…)

June 12, 2006


Yay. For many reasons.

1. We did it.
2. It's over.
3. Its unlikely to be that bad ever again.

To name but a few. I'm with Lorna on the whole taking it too far thing. Members of the submissions panel should read the pack in detail before attending the meeting to get rid of unnecessary questions and the chair should be given more power to control the meeting and help to keep the length of the meeting down to sensible amounts of time.

Ho hum.

But yay!

May 31, 2006


The entry below is why Ellie shouldn't be allowed to be bored. I just re–read the rambling madness that I managed to create earlier today. Oh dear.

Post Exams

Ok, so all this time (the past few months of general hell) I've been looking forward to this week. Honestly. Well, ok, maybe last week, but this week is just the same as last week for me, just bear with me. Ok, so, looking forward to this magical 'after exam' time has been all that I could think about, when I wasn't thinking about isomorphic knots and CG–modules of course. But now that I'm here I'd rather like not to be. I'm so bored. I'm bored out of my tiny little mind. Honest to God I'd rather be studying, not the crazy 'just before finals aaah I've done bugger all all year' studying, but just something. But no. I have nothing. I should be finding a job and, oh yeah, somewhere to live might be an idea too, but they are, quite frankly, dull things to do. I'd rather be learning. Never thought I'd say that after the past three years, least of all this soon after the past three years.

Anyhow, I've been working up to 2 things; the first was the game on sunday, which the Jets won by the way. They kicked the Bulls' asses 27–0. Hahaha!!! Division 1 get their arses kicked right royally by Division 1A team. Hahaha!!! Anyway, the other thing was plucking up the courage to ask Geordie if he would like to do that whole moving in together thing. Anyhow, I did both of these things at the weekend and now I have nothing to do. I've been working on finding somewhere for me, Geordie and the cats but now I just need to find somewhere for me and let him worry about himself following our conversation on Sat and the game is over and the next home game isn't til the 18th June :( I have nothing that I need to work towards. It's really silly because I know I should be applying myself to this whole job thing the way I applied myself to the home game on Sunday but I really can't. It's dull. Real dull.

So anyway, if anyone is reading this and needs to get out and do something suggest something and let me know because, lets face it, I'm not going anywhere. With the exception of the hours of 5–7 on Thursday I have BUGGER ALL TO DO!!! and it's driving me insane.

Ho hum.

May 26, 2006


Ok, so I'm copying Lorna with the capital letter title thingy but it got my attention so here goes…

Ok, so as most of you know already I am manic about American Football and I am aware that I am in a minority here. I am also aware that there's Rugby on the telly on Sunday and that it is a Sunday and should be spent in bed but go with me here.

On Sunday at 2.30pm the Coventry Cassidy Jets (your local team for those of you at Warwick) will be playing the Birmingham Bulls at home. This means that one of the most important games of the 2006 season is going to be played on Sunday in the Butts arena in Coventry. The Jets are 14 games undefeated and, having just moved up to Division 1A and played their first game of the season last week (thrashing Staffordshire Surge 39–0 away) they now face the best team in the Division, local rivals Birmingham. Although you might be unaware of it there's a lot of rivalry between Birmingham and Coventry teams so this game is a really important one for the Jets. If they can beat the Bulls they can look forward to more wins this season.

So with that in mind it's important that they get the support they deserve. They should be able to pack out the Butts Arena but they need your help. You may not understand the game, you may not care about American Football, you may think it's Rugby with pads on but don't knock it til you've tried it. This is a game that's making a big comeback in this country and it's your chance to see two of the best teams in the country battle it out. It promises to be a good game, possibly very high scoring and without doubt it's going to be a game that comes right down to the wire, every play is going to matter.

So even if you've never even seen American Football before, if you don't think you could understand it but if you need to get out for a few hours on Sunday, escaping revision or maybe your exams are over get in touch!! You can buy tickets on the Jets website Coventry Cassidy Jets but hopefully there will also be tickets available on the day. Get in touch with me by email if you fancy giving this a try, I'll be getting the bus from Leam and can meet people on Campus or in Cov and I'll explain the rules as we go along if needed.

Tell everyone!!! It's going to be awesome!!! GO JETS!!!

May 18, 2006

Soooo, this whole failure thing….

With every exam I sit the possibility of me getting the thing I've been working for for ages gets slimmer and slimmer. After getting kicked off the Masters course last year the thing that comforted me was the possibility of getting a 2.1 at the end of the 3 years. Now that seems to be disappearing. I'm so close to the end and so close to my goal, just a couple of percentage points here, the odd mark there would do, and yet it seems like I'm running uphill and with every single exam that I take, every day I cross off the wall planner the hill keeps getting steeper.

The biggest problem I have is that my exams (and I guess my degree) is all over in 4days. If I stopped working now and just did a half hour blitz before each of the remaining 4 exams I'd get a 2.2 because I'm confident that I know enough to get the marks I need to get that. The problem is that I could work my arse off this week and still get a 2.2. Why should I bother? If I get 50% or if I get 57% it's still a 2.2. I know employers sometimes probe to find out whether you were just off a 2.1 or if you scraped your way out of a 3rd with a lot of hard work at the end but at the end of the day it still goes down as the same thing. Fucking annoying.

Failure fucking sucks. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that getting a 2.2 from Warwick is a bad thing, hell no. Any degree from Warwick is not something to be scoffed at. I just know I'm better than that and I'm not even going to achieve my second best now. If anyone has anything that could make me much much happier I would appreciate it, whether it be a hug or a slap and some good advice.

Even Kerrang! ads aren't making me smile as much as they used to. I can now listen to the sarcy–voiced woman say hilarious lines such as "About as welcome as a call from an ex telling you to get down the clinic" and "Would you ask your mum for advice on how to please your partner? Really?" without even so much as smirking. It is a sad day.

May 10, 2006

Clinging to my sanity

Panic! At the Disco are my new Gods, solely because their two singles that I have on my PC are the only things keeping me sane.

I hate summer, why won't it just go away, it's just making my life miserable. I'm sat in my room hot and bothered, sweating like a complete pig, sneezing and sniffing like a revolting snot machine and tweaking due to my pro plus dependency trying to make myself do work without breaking down in tears.

Ho Hum.

In other news….oh no, wait, I have no other news, my life is ridiculous at the moment, it's virtually non–existent.

2 down 5 to go…

12 more days…


DISCLAIMER: I am not as depressed as my Blog implies, I am merely losing my sanity and subsequently making no sense. My A-level maths teacher told me I'd never work harder than I did for my A-levels. HA! When I have completed my exams I am going to hunt her down and beat her with my Mathematical Economics textbook until she admits that she told me a barefaced lie.

April 21, 2006


One down, six to go.

It didn't go that badly either!! YAY!!! After feeling nauseous for a whole day and getting about 3 hours sleep due to my boyfriend coming over before he went off to Italy (he's just going on a trip to train with one of the best teams in all of Europe all paid for by the sponsors, you know, the usual…) I feel much better than I have for a while. I am just looking forward to getting this over and done with. I will probably have to accept the fact that I will not be having a social life for the next month and my next phone bill may well be as big as the last one. Oh well. It's all about getting a job in July and buying the pretty skirt and those peep toe shoes I want. Think positive.

So, how's everyone else?

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