June 05, 2008


Dear all,

I’m moving from Warwick Blogs over to wordpress, because this blog will expire by the end of summer. It’s sad to leave these comfortable pages for the confusion of a new platform, but change is good and I think my new blog looks quite dashing. It’s where I’ll be posting from now on.

New Blog: http://wolvesandlovers.wordpress.com

See you there!

June 02, 2008

Chris de Burgh with Aryan – East/West pop fusion!

Came across this collaboration between Chris De Burgh and Iranian pop band Aryan. Now, I’m not a pop-lover, and have never listened much to Chris, but this video made me happy. It’s a rare fusion between an established Western musician with an Iran-based group. Though western influences have been used and fused with Iranian styles of music for decades now, it is seldom the case that within Iran east and west come together physically, and with such good quality as this.

I hope to see more collaborations like this on in the future!

March 17, 2008


Pharmacology has a sense of humour, apparently!

This “wonder-drug” is in fact a lifestyle choice, cleverly packaged into a drug parody that had me chuckling for some time! Check out http://www.fukitol.com for more details!

And as for the inspiration of this drug, though I’m not entirely sure which one came first, check out this snippet from a Robin Williams stand-up show:

August 08, 2007

Here or There?

Writing about web page http://www.hereorthere.com/members/intotheflame


I’ve been writing travelogues again recently, this time for hereorthere.com and you can check out my stuff at the above link! There’s pictures and stuff about my USA, Sri Lanka and Europe trips so do have a gander…

It’s a tres cool site with lots of wonderful travel experiences to read about so you’ll enjoy browsing other members’ writing while your on there, if travel’s your thing!

Why not join up and make your own profile…I know loads of you have been/are currently traveling and it would be a cool way to show everyone what you’ve been up to…

Other than that I am finishing up the feature on Iranian contemporary literature and culture that I’m doing for The Warwick Review. The issue will be out in september so what ths space for more news on that…

I’m off to enjoy the sun, before it starts raining again!

ciao for now x

July 16, 2007

Just around the corner…

My fingertips touch the keys, apprehensive and impatient. They hover and suddenly begin jabbing random keys frantically, producing a string of nonsense: the DNA of a character that is always lingering mysteriously in the shadows of a summer’s night, laughing somewhere beyond white sheets blowing in a spring breeze, and running from my outstretched fingers as I try to pin her down. All I want to ask is her name. I’ve been exploring her neighbourhood for months. I know the grainy texture of the wooden door to her apartment. I know every cobble that paves her cul-de-sac. I know where she buys her morning bread and how long the smell of her coffee lingers in the place where she sits each morning to breakfast. I know her daily route, her shadow allows me that much, and I know she is unhappy, the city’s sighs tells me as much. Her state is one which naturally shuns others. She will not allow me to come any closer, not until she trusts me. She leaves me clues about her past, like breadcrumbs, scattered throughout the city streets that she wanders by day. The city contains these bites of memory in the places which she occupies, and has occupied: the worn patch of stone on the porch where she sits each morning; the scratched lamp post which bears one of many notches that, as a newcomer, she made to trace her very first exploration of the city; the curvaceous script carved onto the Eastern Quarter’s archway. She teases me with these slow discoveries. And, in chasing her, I am playing detective to my self. She knows me better than I know her, pre-empting my thoughts and motions, leading me blindly into the next paragraph, stringing scene to scene and mapping my intentions for me, as I attempt to create something new from what has already been alive for years.

April 18, 2007

Quote of the day

A day comes when we understand that tomorrow will be no different from today since of today will it be made.
~ Proust

March 17, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

This is an amazing shot of the lunar eclipse that occurred on 3rd march. It shows each phase of the eclipse as seen from the eiffel tower…NICE.

March 04, 2007

A "found" joke

Reading Incoherant Empire by Michael Mann and I came across this…have a chuckle:

Palestinians tell of an apocryphal UN world survey containing the question “What is your opinion about the food shortage in the rest of the world?” They say the survey failed because in Africa no one knew what “food” meant, in Wester Europe no one knew what “shortage” meant, in dictatorships no one knew what “opinion” meant, and in the United States no one knew wht “the rest of the world” meant.

February 28, 2007

Rageh Inside Iran

A few people have asked me about what Iran is like recently, especially as it’s in the news so much these days what with the nuclear crap. This is a great documentary by Rageh Omaar, BBC journalist, who spent some time in Tehran (Iranian capital) to find out more about the lives of ordinary, and extraordinary, Iranians.
I highly recommend it. Enjoy!


December 08, 2006

Complicated melody

I’m listening to India Arie’s song ‘Complicated Melody’. It’s beautiful. It’s also a good title for the past three months; it’s been chaotic, structured by the cycle of each week, evolving, sometimes repeating in fugic cycles, ending, beginning afresh and et cetera. I haven’t been blogging any of it, though, and it’s about time I got this old clock ticking again. The christmas holidays have just begun so I’ll have time to really give it a shot…


It’s Christmas


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