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April 25, 2010

The board members and presenters

I feel like this presentation has the most significant impact on me among all the ones I have done recently, for I learnt and experienced how to conduct a quite professional presentation that can be used in the future career. In the professional presentation, I think, the most important elements are plan and data, which include the specific method to collect the data as well as the reliability of these data. Besides, the bargain part in this presentation is quite interesting which I enjoyed a lot.

Acting as a broader, it is vital to precisely define what this presentation show present. Another paralleled importance is to understand what the customers really want to get from it. When Paul asked the questions, I was astonished by the well-rounded questions and the very specific ones .Because when we saw the data (some percentage) on the journal at first, we were just considering whether it can be used on the case of Waverider or not. After the comparison, we deemed that they are quite suitable. However, we miss the point that how much we spent on the case to reach the result of JIT. But from the point of the customers, it is the essential part that how much they may cost to gain that return. We have learnt that the business can only be successful when the merchants stand on the customers' view points, yet I found that I only did so when I was a real customer, for many times. All this appreciation seems a little bit late for this presentation, but I am convinced that this will bring me a lot of broaden thinking ways in the future and coming career.

Create culture for sharing knowledge

I think the difficulty is how to motivate everyone. If employees realized share knowledge may gain more benefit for now and future, the culture of share knowledge may have been created already. But how long may spend on creating a culture for an organization? ''Toyota set up factory in USA, which has the same management strategy and same managers from Japan, but the performance only achieve about 70%(yet even 70% was not worse than other competitors), 'but to gain same performance as Japanese TOYOTA factory may take about 10 years'Said by Toyota's manager  -from<< the machine changed the world>> Wolmack, J'' it is not easy to create or change culture from my point. For SMEs it will be more difficult, since this kind of organizations concentrate on more finance performance than other long-term profit, even though sharing knowledge may assist to increase performance, which has been proved as a right viewpoint. Setting up information system (use hardware and software) for stuffs to find useful information may be more helpful than a working handbook, but is that what share knowledge really means?

In my mind, sharing knowledge creates a vision about people have willing to help each other when they are trapped in problem during the daily work. Because when people meet the problems that may be the best time to push or lead them to learn. However, training and meeting helps to gain knowledge and working information is also useful. But the most effective approach to share knowledge may be people. Hence, creating a culture based on people may long term strategy while Peter Senge¡'s definition of learning organization is a vision or philosophy, which I don't think it may bring benefit in a short period of time.

April 23, 2010

Share knowledge– who is going takes advantages

Everyone understands the benefit of sharing knowledge, but the question is: does every one easy to share knowledge with each other? I do not think so, some ideas may be shared if you don't know the information may hurt others profits or they have same/parts of responsibilities. But what If some knowledge keep a person has strong competitive force in a particular area? Will he share, or not?

In an organization, sometimes the workmates or same level managers may competitor or protensail competitors. Someone has skills can solve more problems in his job he may keep advantages and secure his job. Sometimes he may gain more profits from it. If he shares the experiences and knowledge with others then he may same with others. If he still wants to keep advantages he needs to learn more for that. That means doing more works and keep them for not to share. So how to create an environment for people to share knowledge without these considerations is a real problem?

If share knowledge he will get bonuses, then how to measure?

If everyone does the same thing and get same salary then who dose the extra work?

One example to implement KM

There is an example to implement the KM into an organization. A leader trained their stuffs in an training center, at beginning the stuffs are very happy to be trained. But after one month, the training center informed the leader that his stuffs do not like to come, for only few people come this week. When the leader asked the stuffs why they don't like to learn the new things, The stuff said: they have go there 4 days a week after job, when they come from training center they have to cook and serve the family which is so tried. But the leader still wants them to learn. Therefore if they don't go there, the staffs will have penalty such as some money from salary. The result is that the stuffs want to leave the company after three mouths.

Going to a consultant company, the ideas they gave is stop training and give bonus. But the bonuses only give to people who passed the tests, the contents of the tests is about training. And training only set up once a month. After 3 months, the stuffs demands for more lessons to learn. And the profits of the company increased.

That is a good example to think how to implements KM or other strategy in the organization. Same times need more "reasonable and just"

Leadership influences implementation knowledge management

Leadership in my opinion is just like a car: it can drive you fast but also can drive you to a wrong direction. A leader's influence may be huge. Like the sentence of "The science and technology is the primary productive force."----Xiao ping. Deng: same as any other famous person, some words people can remember from them. Some ideas and knowledge can easily share. But if the leader wants to prohibit to share the knowledge or even influence people to do worth things (when them doing it, they may think that is right), it still works, like "Hitler".

In an organization or company, only "influences" may not enough, strategy and policy have to set up for it. But the importance is that the leader of an organization has to know whether the knowledge management can bring benefit.

Knowledge is wealth.

I remember I learned Marxist philosophy in my university before coming UK. About what is "productivities" that include 3 main parts: human labor/workers, means of labor/tools, subject of labor/Waverider

Workers have right to produce and use the tools, choose and exploit the subject of labor. The human labor/workers are the key factor of productivities. There have two elements in human labor/ workers, one is body power and other one is brains. In nowadays, the machines are instead of simple tools, therefore the power of human labor mainly come from the brains and knowledge.

As we all know that, "The science and technology is the primary productive force."----Xiao ping. Deng

February 11, 2010

Another insight of leadership

I do not want to express myself as a person who values the human's feeling highly. But undeniably, the art of leading indeed involves a lot of elements of feelings. How to affect individuals and enable them to follow your aim and patterns of thinking? Firstly, I insist, influence a person's behavior can be done by influencing this person's emotional feeling, or we can call it psychological influence, which are the fundamental and the most effective method.

More specifically, if we want to change an urban terrorist in a team, the most effective and fundamental way is to affect this person via his inner feeling ,which is the vulnerable and sensitive corner that hard to control by sensibility. Besides ,vision can be regard as another pattern of emotional stimulation,(even though sometimes it could be pure profitable stimulation , when robbers rob the bank in the film ,their vision could be the visual happiness life only if they got money without catching by the policemen)

In my point of view, personal power is mental power whilst position power is physical one. So a good lead first have to be an easy-going person, thus can have potential impact on his employees' behavior emotionally and psychologically.

Meanwhile, language as well as body language is by no means of trivial significance for it easily to draw a negative influence if the expression is not appropriate. One should carefully pay attention to stimulating people via emotional level.

The most difficult part is to make a decision. Although it is unavoidable for human beings to make mistake, but when it comes to leaders, they should better have the capacity to make right decision, or, the days of being called"leader" will not last long. Let's say, if a leader can always make right decisions only with position power, I will wonder whether I should work for him or not even though I know he can lead many successful cases. However, if a leader possessed with strong personal power but always decides on wrong direction, no doubt that nobody wishes to work with him for a long time including me.

Anyway, leadership never fails to be a complex topic for it involves much elements including human's feeling and psychological perspectives.

How to be a successful brand?

The key factors for a brand to be successful, in my opinion, are just as the essential elements to win in a war. The weapon is the advanced products, meanwhile, the outstanding management strategies are the pin point as the tactics and the strategies in the battlefront, which is a decisive factor of "sink or swim". For external perspective, an organization, is compared to one side of a war, cannot survive without a team that full of experience and passion. Besides, there is one point we cannot ignore: the environment of the business, just as the weather on the day when setting up a war, although it sounds a little bit relying on the luck.

However, the real problems are how we can achieve these elements of success.

Products: the quality of a series of products, along with their usability and stability are decided by the process of producing. Which means that the company must know that the customers' real expectation before putting on stream , meanwhile the guarantee the quality. Admittedly, the satisfaction of customers and quality are combining to be the premise of a success.

Yet, the profit must be arising as well, or it is more a charity rather than a business, needless to say the brand successful.

The theory of Six sigma or lean management can perform its maximum for it use to apply in an organization to save cost while optimize producing according to manage the process by cutting the waste and so on. The theory can reach the goal of fulfill the customers while gain maximum profit, which can contributed to establish outstanding products.

Strategy: It all relates to the issue that how to use advanced weapon to optimize its strengths. The basic principles are concentrating on the service. More specifically, establish the service model as customer-centered. The details on strategies are variable depending on the different situations.

A wonderful team: The rule of thumb to consider this issue as a leader is first to be a good leader, then to establish a dreaming team. To deeply understand each individual's features, and then optimize these features to enable members to contribute their effort, this is the essential way to organize a team and set up a common vision.

"weather forecast": That means to forecast the whole business environment even there may include some factors that beyond control and foreseeable.

It is indispensible to analyze the marketplace and the trend of financial development, as well as the risk forecasting and avoidance. Otherwise there may be a waste of effort of previous job.

An appropriate analysis and plan can make the maximum use of the current surrounding even if the surrounding is not very positive or optimistic.

I've run out of my mind till now about this topic.

To be continue

January 31, 2010

leader experience from class practice

when i acted as a leader not a group member on exercise i felt a lot of pressure , even I know it's just an exercise which the result does not mean anything the moment we step out of the classroom. 

To be honest,I didn't have clear idea what we should do to complete the task ,but I think it's better to start with my team as soon as possible cause it can save a lot of time spending on reading the background (loans of information and professional weird words!).

Luckily,I can choose the members of the team ,which makes me feel relax,although i know it rarely happened in real business world.(But i may not be a leader in real world as well:)) These guys are really clever that they can save my words can understand each other deeply without monotenoous explaination.I'm sure they would be helpful and indeed everyone contributed so much!

What I tried to do is doubling my effort to establish an friendly working surroundings and get every individual invovled.My team is really full of passion,meanwhile has some sensible guys with calm thinking.All these are combing together to lead a wonderful group work.I worked with them, focused on the macro logical progress of the task and tried to encourage every person although it seems no nessasary! I feel more like a passinate member to engage in every step rather than a leader ,I know in real world its values held by lots of leader in famous organisations.

It turns out the result is pretty good ,we almost win the game!(just several seconds left!)and we really enjoyed in this games while learning a lot.

but in the real world, if a single project result may infulence the whole business to some extent , what  will an outstanding leader perform??

He may be have the same pressure and nervious,can't be less.The a matual leader may have the confidence to overcome this negtive feelings.this kind of  confidence,is the self-esteem of the abilities ,the trust of his team and employees,the intellegence to manage the whole situation and the calm personnel to control.

November 01, 2009

Mr W. Edwards Deming

In nowadays, the capitalism or socialism are not the main issue in the world economic, even war. Productivity over shines Ideology in this world, the GFC (financial crisis) from 2008 is a vivid example.

In this times, all over the world take effective to survive from world economic recession. A lot of evidence proved that the world economic situation are destroyed the previous financial condition in people's mind. 

Here, I am thinking about how to get out from the crisis as everyone, from economic experts to normal people. 20 years ago Mr. W. Edwards Deming answered this question in the book: Out of the crisis.

Customer focus, Low costs, controllable management, PDSA circle, 14 point philosophy all are the tools to help us out of the crisis, improve the management quality, but the book was published about 20 years, still have crisis and many, most companies, organizations, don't know how to faced the crisis, Mr. Deming's ideas are helpful, but how to applicable to the real world, how to acting in company is more important, and difficult in the real world.

Two heads are better than one.

In this module team work skills are the vital aspect to improve. First class was the "build giraffe", in which process we shared the ideas, contributed knowledge, and made it as a team

that has been divided into the several parts for each one. I was grateful, because everyone was working so hard, and kindly, then I was so grateful, because we were the winner in this game. I felt we are interacted by each other, and full of confidence for next two weeks.

In the game process, communication, leadership of one or two individuals, clear task distribution, mutual honour, serious time control are involved. all of above elements are basic but essential in team work, the important is all of us have strong willing to be the winner.

Those days, sometimes, we have different arguments; each of us insisted firmly and even quarrelled. But we have the same aim, which is to be the best. From here we are looking the future, instead of looking back.

I am here to thanks you guys: William, Jiance Guo ,Ivan, Umar, Ali.

We are learning from each other, and be happy as friends.

It¡¯s just a game, however, in the real world; the team work is everywhere, no matter what you want to do so.