October 31, 2009


When you see these meeting, i will think we have a boring lecture. NO NO NO ! You are wrong, contrarily it is a very interesting discussion i love it. This case was from a hotel meeting and our team members personated different manager. For example, general manager, finance manager , food manager and so on. Every Monday there is meeting for all managers. Let’s them review last week and how can we improve sales for this week. How can we set up a party and try to do best. It looks like a game but not. I think this is very important in my future. When i did part time job in restaurant. i always see a meeting for our manager. This is why i said it is important for me. I can get some experience for this discussion. When i finished it, if i am a manager in the company, let ‘s me know how can i organize a meeting , what i need to consider, how to give each person point of view is consistent and what is going on?

I got too many experience from this meeting which i like it. I wish we may have more discussion like this as well. Why we are studying here we want to learn more experience, not only we know something’s concept what is that. We have to know how to use it in practise in the future. This meeting will be allowed i never forget. 

ISO9000 VS Excellence model presentation for me

I did a presentation last Wednesday. T hat was my first time to do it. It gives me too many ideas .let is me know how can study by myself. How can we organize team work? How can i get opinion from another team member. It gives me confidence to stand in front of everyone to present presentation. W hen i did presentation. I felt very nervous and my heart jumped to my body. And then i forgot everything that i prepared yesterday. I couldn’t say what i know. I had to talk about what i can say. It is very funny. Aslo from this time i got confidence for next time this is i need. I think our guys can real know what is excellence model and how caw we use the excellence model in the company and improving quality service. I just wrote some basic points to compare them. Actually we might use strength and weakness of approaches to compare.

For ISO 9000 strength

Prompt sales  when you get the result you can use it. It is recognized.

Easy to apply  1.All sizes company can apply .

                         2.only need to qualified once.

                         3.it has written standard to followed.

FOR Self-assessment

Identify the strength and areas for improvement of the company


For ISO 9000 weakness

Restricted to the ISO9000 requirement

Limited to evaluate the predetermined criteria

Not guarantee the product quality    so it is just system, it is not a real product.

For self-assessment

Longer time required    May be you have to take 2years 3 years.

Need to adjust to individual company

That is just a few points in my opinion.

October 24, 2009

what is Benchmarking?

> When we use the benchmarking to study how to make balance and surpass anther enterprise in the market environment.The first of all,we have to know what is the benchmarking that continuously looking for and research fellow leading the company's best practices, which provides a benchmark to compare with the company, analyze, judge, thus to continuously improve their own businesses to enter catch up with leading companies to create a virtuous cycle of good performance. Its core is to lay the best in the industry or enterprise learning. Through the study, companies rethink and improve business practices, to create their own best practices, which in fact is an imitation of the innovation process.
> The five-stage benchmarking process model:
> 1, decided to learn what the benchmarking process, the first phase of benchmarking is to confirm the information users and their needs, to define a clear theme of benchmarking study. Once you know the subject of benchmarking and needs to learn later, you can identify and fight for the resources needed (such as time, money, personnel), successfully completed the benchmarking study and investigation.
> 2, the composition of the team although the benchmarking study and individuals can benchmarking study, but most of the benchmarking study is a team action. Selection, training and management benchmarking study team, is the second phase of the process. Team members have clear roles and responsibilities. The team also introduced project management tools to ensure that every participant is aware of their tasks, but the team we can work out key milestones.
> 3, the selected benchmarking partners in the third phase of the process, the need to identify sources of information for benchmarking. These sources include the benchmarking organization's employees, management consultants, analysts, government sources, business and the industry literature, industry reports, and computerized database and so on. This phase also includes the selection of industries and organizations, industry best practices.
> 4, information collection and analysis phase of this process, the team must choose the specific information collection method, the person responsible for collecting information must be familiar with these methods. After the benchmarking partners in the contact group, according to the norms established to collect information, and then analyze the information summary. The next is based on the initial customer requirements, analyze benchmarking information, which made recommendations for action.
> 5, to take action to influence the reform of the factors at this stage is the customer's needs and the use of benchmarking information. The team may take the action there are many, from the production of a report or publish the results, to a set of recommendations, and even the survey collected information on the specific implementation of some changes. At this stage, but also to confirm whether it is necessary to take the next steps or appropriate follow-up activities, if necessary, may propose benchmarking learning activities to continue.



This is my first time to write something in warwick blogs. I have studied this module for two weeks. Before in this two weeks I always ask me why I choice this course and what is the management of business excellence.From this two weeks Paul Roberts explained and our studying team discussed and then I have a basic unstanding of MBE.I know what do I need?

I am happy I can choice this module and make a plan in my future if i can study very well.When I am working I could use it in a number of areas of including quality culture, quality strategy, quality systems, tools and techniques of total quality management and the implementation in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

I hope I can have a good studying time and good life with Paul and all of the MBE’ s classmates.Why not? This year will become the most of memorable year in my life.

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