November 01, 2009

The end of CBE mobule

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Hello everyone, I guess this will be the last blog that I will write for the CBE module (apart from the PMA that I will starting from tomorrow). It has been a pleasure week this week, with a very different approach from I used to, culture differences, study background as well as different timetable system!!  I like the fact that we get different exercises to explore ourselves through different areas of learning activities.  Also for the fact that we get excellence key learning points and see how different people would use different approach to an exercise.

I can say that this week has been the highlight of my learning since my primary stage of learning.  My high school and college were a little bit miserable.  It was only lectures, seminars and lectures and seminars all the way. With this course we get to interact with different coursemates, getting together to produce mini-projects as well as learning how to work as a team. 

Working as a team is very important in our later life. We will need to work as a team when we work. It can teaches as how to communicate, co-operate as well as giving other people the respect that they should have when contributing to the others. It teaches us that when you work as a team, very single of us are equal to each other, if a leader is picked, then we should respect the leader and whatever decision he/she makes, we should get together and support.  This is what a teamwork should be.

I need to thank my teammates for they have done in these 3 weeks.  We are worked as a team and be success in a team.  Although there are times that we lacked time management, we overly spent time on working for the presentations and not have enough time for drafting the reports, which I think is the most upsetting from what we have achieved so far.  But I believe this is our team's learning point for the future, we should learn by mistakes and also we need to learn from other teams as well. I also believe that team 2 has done an excellence job on their presentation, especially with William's presenation skills, I like the way that he interacted with the class during his presenation.  As I can this is a very important skill to have when trying to get people's attention and really listen to what you are saying.

Alright, I guess this is the end of the CBE. This week starting from tomorrow I will have my elective module; Product design and Development Management module.  Hope I will enjoy as much as I did in my CBE module.

Cheers guys!

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