November 01, 2009

Org learning: key value and process

Organizaiton learning

In my opinion, when generate a Learning Organizaiotn we should produce the key value and process as following;

Key value: continuous improvement

The reason for the organization to learn is that world is changing very fast and everyday there is now thing appear. The organization should keep the speed of improvement to suvive in such world. One key element to suvival to make the organizaition keep learning. Such learing ability is for the continous improvement.

Process: 1. facilitation the learning of both individual and organization

  2. integrated the knowledge to internal and external situation.

There two different level of leaning cycle: the individual learning cycle and the orgnizaiotn learing cycle. And this too cycle are related to each other. For an learning organizatoin, the first thing is to make sure the learning of individal and, then such individual learning can become organizaiontal learning through the integared of other cycle.

Just learn is not enough for a organization become an learning orgnizaiton. The organizaion should have the capability to transform the knowledge to outcome. For doing that, firstly, the organizaion need understad the extenal and internal situation of the organization. Based on the context, the transfomation of knowledge can be more practicle and realistic. By trait and error, we can more deeply analyse the result of such transformation to the orgnation. For example, the organization should understand the policy and regislation and then use the knowledge to design the product and service obey the law to change the strategy for the strategy is not in right direction when the policy changes.

an finance article

Do not ignore the need for financial reform

An answer to the crisis!

however, just in 30th, i went through another crazy in the ChiNext (so called Chinese  NASDAQ) which is just launched.

meaurement of result

In the mini-project, the criteria discussed is just the production volume. However, just product volume can not measure the reslut. There are still other things should be take into account.

First, the cost and qulity.

Second, more information: the interanl and external customer satisfaction, market survey. This information can help improve the production.

Third, the external benchmarking. Just comparied the performace within the organization is not enough. Your can learn more from the outside, your compatitor, your supplier, other organizations and even your customers.

So, the more cooperation should be set up among the department. The information should flow more easier to facilitate the measurement. The manager should give his/her staff more support when the staffs have some specific requirment about the informantion.

decision making without sufficient informaiton

That is possible that when a manager need to make a deciion, the manager find the informantion he/she have had is unsufficient to give a proper support. Under such condition, should the manager make decision or just delate until the manager get enough information?

I think the most important thing needed to consider is the risk. For example, in our meeting, it is obvious that our team member have no sufficient information with the climate change and politics. But the reason why we still make our decision quickly is that we do not take risk. Even the score we finally get is low, we are not punished.

But when the risk is too high, the decison-making is better be delated until the manager can have confidence. If it is urgent, the manager should totally understand the risk and the impact of his dicision and try to make some defence.

learning from team work

We also have some other learning point from the team work

1. leader emerged based on topic

2. leader needed when there was a hung decision

3. difficult to make an informed decision without sufficient infomation

4. distance emotion and facts

5. hear all view before dicussion and decision

6. seek to understand before seeking be be understood

7. provide reason/evidence to support your view

8. important to set objectives and monitor their achievement

  (track: what you do whether all you are doing for the objective)

9. solution-effective analysis - impact the target/objective

characteristics a personal leader should have?

I think that the most important characteristic is good listener. Personal leader should listen to others and learn from others. So the member will fully feel that their decision can be listened and understanded rather than be ignored.

Second, I think, is flexibilty. The personal leader should have the ability to analyse others idea and, then, compare to his/her own idea. For team member, it is not enough that they can express and discuss their ideas. They also want to know that if there is any conflict among them, the leader will consider all their ideas and views and, then make decision. The ability to balance is important.

Thirdly, in my mind, the personal leader should understand that what he or she have is not the power but the resposiblity. They are not the people who give a order. They must make themselve iin the same level with other member. By doing so, the leader will be believed by members.

But for the team member, they should understand that it is them give the authority to the personal leader. So it is the member¡¯s resposibility to support the leader¡¯s decision even when they don¡¯t like such decision.



A new meeting is arranged today. For our meeting, the biggest problem may be that we don¡¯t have a leader. Before the meeting starting, we just started to dicuss the topic. If there was any conflict, we just vote to the choice. We think that the majority choice would be better reflecting our opinion.

However, the problem emerged. We five have totally different idea in two of the topic. Each one had their own reason. None of us can persuaded others. The result is that we choosed to have no actoin in that topic. But we all understand no action is not a good choice. If we have choose a leader that time, the leader should make a decision for us.

I think any decisoin would be better than no action. But another reason for us did not have a leader is that one of us have the backgroud or experience about the climate change (the main topic). If there were one, he/she would naturally become a leader.

So, the first thing we learned from the meeting leader needed when there was a hung decisoin. However, by that way, another question emerge: How to decide which one of us can become the leader? Where his/her authority come from?

First situaction is that the leader is decided by the boss. The authority for such kind of leader comes from the position power. It means that the leader is in higher level than other members.

Second situation is that the leader¡¯s authority is not coming from the position power. They have the same level and power with other member. Their power is just for the decision making when too much conflict in the team. Team members give the power to them to be resposible to make decision. This kind of leader called personal leader.

I think the second one may be better for a organizaiotn based on team work. For any team, a personal leader mean more fair and equality, because the member think leader is the same to them, and the only difference is he/she take more resposibility. Such resposiblity and authority is coming for the members. by doing so, team can get more idea from members, for member will try to pursuade others rather than to see the face of leader. Just when no one specific point of veiw is outstanding, the personal leader make a decision for the team. As a result, the topic will be fully discussed and the decision will be made efficiently.

October 29, 2009

The Paired Comparison

Using paired comparison to measure the result may cause the misunderstanding of the situation. The paried comparison just give a up or down line to see trend. In fact, this up and down can not gives the manager a right view. The reason is that such change can just coming from a systematic random rather than a true improvement or downturn.

When the manager see a series of data and link them in a line. it is possible that the line just have one direction. It can be going up for some while, and going down for some while. Such random of change can be the variation of data. Variation give us a view to see the performance data as a system rather than separate point. If the system is up and dowm in certain range, the system is stable and, can be said under control.

So, the trend showed by the paired comparison may fall into the variation range. Such trend means nothing about the change of performance.

For the mini-project, the production volume comparisons are two paird comparison. In our production meeting measurement. All types of data should not be in one point of time. They should be a series of data in a longer period.


The meeting give us some great experience.

Key piont I have learned:

The purpose of meeting is decision making!!!

Leader should help to get the concensus.

Time management


Janet is a good general manager in the meeting. communication, exchanging information, coorpration, negotiation and  decision making, all of this may need good leadership of the manager.

thought about Do the customer want

Do the customer want

It is a good piont. In the marketing test book I have read it. This is important point listed in the first chapter. One of the best ways to become the leader is creation of a new market by creating a wanted product that is never seen before. (iphone?)

But, why not all managers buy it. I am sure they know and understant the importance of that. They just choose do not to do it. They copy other¡¯s idea and become the followers. One way they compete in the market is to reduce the price by cutting cost even reducing the qulity. When the profit is reduced to a level, they choose to switch to other products. However, this process may can not make the company to be the top one. But it works for suvival.

The charicteristics of such conduction: quick change, quick money and low risk.

All said the world change quickly. Such speed is a force and motivation for innovation. At the same time, such fast change also make the manager worrys about the innovation. One reason is the change may make the what or need of customer change fast. Once the company choose the wrong direction for the new products, the high cost of innovation may kill the company. It is a risky journey.

I do not appreciate the conduction. It is more like short-term thinking. And "Do the customer want" is a method to be a bigger winner. But if I am a manager of a company which I will choose?

A new product that you don¡¯t certain how much you need to invested in and don¡¯t certain how much time you need to develop and even the market don't certain when developed VS a existing products that everything about it is certain.

yes, there is so much other things need to take into account. Change is still the core of the concept. The problem is where to change and what way to change. Future is not certain.

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