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July 25, 2011

Now trading as PPC Promotion Ltd.

Writing about web page

PPC Promotion Ltd Site Heading

We received a letter from an impressive sounding LLP, with expensive looking name and headed paper on behalf of their client Google last week.
This objected to the name Adwords in our domain name and registered company name. I did not believe that the old site was designed to confuse anyone but this was never worth going to court about. So the A**** Limited has to been changed to PPC Promotion Ltd and the website metamorphosed to .

I had been thinking of changing the brand and, since I have been working on 6 other website porting projects with clients (two of which included domain changes) this summer, I just did it. The two domain changes were adding or losing the www. but this can cause as many problems as this complete switch.

A couple of simple tips resulted in these cutting-over without dropping a beat. I will try to blog about this soon.

December 03, 2008

Why does pay–per–click bidding on your own brand work so well?

Writing about web page

Location of Frost Electroplating in Birmingham

I have recently been reviewing a series of Adwords groups that bid on my client’s brands and company names. Some of these are common names, there are a lot of Nova Engineerings out there. But 25% of them were looking for an engineering company in Coventry. Others had changed brands so N.T. Frost became Frost Electroplating and the Adwords have been slowly educating their customers and has faded.

Other results were remarkable; 30% click-through-rate for slightly shorter versions of company names. ‘Simmons Epoxy’ at 66% was the highest return. Simmons Mouldings are synonymous with epoxy resin sinks and lab benchtops so people just search for the name and the material!

Many of these companies have good websites that are top of Google’s results for their brands. So why the high click-through-rate for the little text ads? The main reason is that the page title does not echo the search. Good page titles will emphasise the company’s products and services and add the brand to the end but there should be one that puts the company name first and one that has location in the title.

Examples from Frost Electroplating’s new titles:

Contact Frost Electroplating for Specialist, Technical Service
Find Frost Electroplating in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

The rest of the site puts the products and services first:

Plating Services using Gold, Silver etc. | Frost Electroplating | UK
Plating to TS16949 Quality using XRF, AAS | Frost Electroplating.

Perry Marshalls Definitive GuideI have been asking around as to why we search more for information we already have? When the buyer is in another building at the request of the MD or board he will use the local PC to find the phone number. But mostly two words in your Search Toolbar is quicker than the filing cabinet, telephone book etc.

You can see my guide to bidding your own brand over at .

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