February 04, 2010

Google Adwords Broad Matching finds wide new meanings for 'vehicle sell'

I have blogged before about how Google’s AdWords algorithms can find matches for poor searches where the usual Google search completely fails.

Google matching; broad, phrase & exact matchingThis week I found some more amazing, creative, matches for the keyword ‘vehicle sell’. This was in the campaign of a “scrap car removals” business and they had success using a number of wide terms such as this.

My filters show the broad matched term then the real search term after the comma, below.
vehicle sell, lend+money+on+your+car
vehicle sell, sell+my+tyre
vehicle sell, car+trailer+for+sale
vehicle sell, car+sealler
So ‘vehicle sell’ can mean a search for a pawn broker with a yard, vehicle can be a tyre and sell a typo for sealer!

I always recommend using all matching types, see picture, right; broad without any annotation, “phrase matching” in quotes and [exact matching] in square brackets. What is the point of phrase matching a single word, you ask? Well in our example Adwords would use synonyms for google and we all know ‘to google’ is to search so this could be matched to search, seek or even look!

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  1. Robert McGonigle

    When the old Vectra died and I came to scrap my car I called Paul at Car Removals UK.

    01 May 2013, 18:55

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