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July 25, 2011

Now trading as PPC Promotion Ltd.

Writing about web page

PPC Promotion Ltd Site Heading

We received a letter from an impressive sounding LLP, with expensive looking name and headed paper on behalf of their client Google last week.
This objected to the name Adwords in our domain name and registered company name. I did not believe that the old site was designed to confuse anyone but this was never worth going to court about. So the A**** Limited has to been changed to PPC Promotion Ltd and the website metamorphosed to .

I had been thinking of changing the brand and, since I have been working on 6 other website porting projects with clients (two of which included domain changes) this summer, I just did it. The two domain changes were adding or losing the www. but this can cause as many problems as this complete switch.

A couple of simple tips resulted in these cutting-over without dropping a beat. I will try to blog about this soon.

November 20, 2006

To research the use of Google Adwords as a market intelligence gathering tool

Writing about web page

Pay-per-click, search targeted, advertising such as Google Adwords has become an effective, responsive and controllable route to market.

Some recent examples have seen Google Adwords where there was no product to sell. That is to guaranteed a loss on the exercise but the loss can be limited and can test ideas for a lot less than traditional market research methods.

You can test market a product that does not exist yet. If it existed would anyone be interested? Here a white paper can be presented with the solution. How many people click, download, and get in touch?

You can test different title ideas for a book. This is very analogous to the act of browsing a bookstore. Does the Adwords headline attract a click, would the reader look at the flysheet?

One idea you can test for a real business, Vintage Paints, would be test the demand for thirties to fifties cracked or marbled paint finishes. This company is developing these traditional materials but inproved to comply with 21st century environmental and safety standards.

The questions, above, are taken from one of my WMG MSc projects and will be tackled by Szu-Ting Tseng, a student from Taiwan.

The WMCCM students will all have access to project spaces on our portal, and this can be an opportunity for them to network with fellow students following related projects.

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