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March 20, 2006

Aber Zoo

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th of March 6 Chumps went to Wales, Aberystwyth to be precise…for a great weekend of frisbee related fun. I'll keep it short and sweet, it was awesome, we played well, gelling really well as a team. Other teams that were there: Mwnci See, Mwnci Do, Mwnci Ninja Pirates, Lords, Reservoir Discs, Reservoir Diskettes, Duracell, Jesters and one other team (to whom I really sorry I can't remember, despite giving one of their players a lift to the middle of nowhere on the way home.)

We came 3rd, pretty damn good, fun was had by all, many minor injuries were picked up as usual, and apologies go to the rest of my team for being a hungover waste of space for most of sunday ;)

March 01, 2006


Now why couldn't I have noticed somewhat (ie 20 years) earlier that asking your parents often provides useful advice, seen as they've usually been there and done it before (albeit usually in amazingly unfashionable clothes)...cue much banging of head against brick wall due to my own stupidity…

February 25, 2006


You don't realise how much value you put in someone else's opinion until they offer one that you feel is wrong, even worse if it is based on rubbish that you can't do anything to disprove because the other person isn't willing to look. So why do we still place importance on a completely irrelevant opinion, or rather one that is just inaccurate and you know it to be so? I guess no-one likes to be misjudged, in a negative way anyway. Random after-work rant over…bring on the weekend.

November 07, 2005

Indoor regionnals

The weekend of the 5th and 6th was time for the indoor regionnal qualifiers for the student national championship for ultimate frisbee. Warwick sent three teams, the 1sts and 2nds were picked teams with a 3rds team that was entered to let people get some tournament experience.

The long and the short of it:

(out of 24 teams)
Bears 1 came 5th, booking themselves a place in the Not The Nationals secondary competition.

Bears 2 (the team I was on) came 11th, ending up the 2nd best 2nd team there, and beating a few first teams as well, overall quite happy with the position, though a close result with Oxford was annoying and probably would have resulted in us finishing 9th and winning the plate competition, but that's the way things turned out.

Bears 3 improved massively over the course of the weekend, we always knew it was going to be a tough learning experience for them, and it was but hopefully their players will have learned a lot and be more confident for future tournaments. Finally placing 20th.

Now if only I can catch up on the sleep I didn't get over the weekend (two 6am starts, long days and working saturday night at the union until 2.40, probably not a good idea, oh well.

October 19, 2005

Bowling for Soup gig…

Was a good night out must be said, £10 to get in, 4 bands, Army of Freshmen, MC Lars, American Hi-Fi and Bowling for soup.

Army of Freshmen were good for the first act on, lively, lots of jumping around and some good sounding songs, the bad part being that you only realise that halfway through a good song because you've never heard them before. Bravery / Stupidity award to lead singer for diving into the crowd from the top of the speaker stack though.

MC Lars, in his own words a "Post-punk laptop rapper" I think it was, was certainly different, maybe too different for the majority of the audience who were there (A LOT of very young looking people, gotta love those gigs open to general public), but maybe not just the impression I got. Some of the songs dragged a bit but meh, most were fine.

American Hi-Fi, good band, good performance, but nothing that really stood out, some people there might disagree, but just ok. Might have helped if I had known more of theirs songs I admit, I only knew a couple beforehand.

Bowling for Soup, Good performance, but not as good as their one two years ago in my first year, might be something to do with the fact I prefer their older stuff which they didn't play much of, the newer stuff just isn't as catchy. Performance and banter was a bit strained at times, but an ok job done in the end, maybe they're just starting to show their age a bit, they are around 40 now apparently.

Probably one of the better nights out live music-wise for me this year, certainly that's going to happen in the main union and not associated with any of the societies, some of whom will prolly have awesome nights this year, just not in the marketplace. Well, the Subways are probably worth looking forward to anyway…I'm tired, sleep now.

October 17, 2005

A year's supply of cough syrup please

Surely fresher's flu / plague should have gone after four weeks? It's getting very boring waking up in the morning (ok….afternoon generally) and spending the rest of the day coughing…lots. It's not excessive drinking I promise, though working at the bars in the union might mean that I just catch every strain of nasty infectious thingy that passes through the place…that's why I'm being a miserable git so far this year, honest. (And if you believe that….)

September 14, 2005

What a waste…

Cookie crisp, a brilliant idea for a breakfast cereal, chocolate cookie shaped chunks, it could have been soooo nice, sadly it tastes like plastic, feels like plastic and has a load of ridiculously hard chunks in it that hurt your teeth, but it's stil nicer than the super-duper-econo-brand cornflakes or that I'll end up eating when I start buying my own stuff again. The sacrifices I make to go to uni…

The art of blogging…

Right, the art of blogging. Now here's one to ponder, what are the rules of blogging?

Should blogging be spontaneous? Should it be planned in advance? Should you only blog the things that you want people to know or should you blog everything and let people see what you really are? (Yes this article really is a rip-off of the conversation in the comments of the article below but hey…I'm sure I can expand on it.

I'm sure I could drone on for a while trying to answer the question of "what is the point of blogging?". There are many answers that many people will give, but I suppose that it boils down to one thing, wanting to have people read about your thoughts, observations and actions and comment on them. But why do people want to have people comment on their articles? To prove how funny / interlectual / observant or whatever else they are? I suppose it differs from person to person.

Anyway, this article is not "why blog?"...it's "how blog?" What are the rules of blogging?(and I write this mainly for my own benefit because I don't blog all that much and I'm not up on the latest blogging etiquette.)

The Questions

1. Should blogging be spontaneous or should it be planned?
2. To blog everything or not to blog everything?

The Answers (as I see them)

1. Surely blogging should be a spontaneous thing? I do know people that comment on if they miss a day of blogging, but surely if you didn't blog then you couldn't think of something worth blogging…or you were doing something sooooo interesting it'll make good reading in a later blog? The only reason to adhere to a rigid schedule is if you are being paid to blog or something? Could be a nice gig if you have a life that's interesting enough to manage that…

2. Not sure where to stand on this one, I can see both points of view, though personally I prefer to only blog what I want people to see, causes less problems this way, although I admire the courage of some people who are brave enough to post everything and let people judge them for what they are, though in my opinion it can seem like seeking sympathy in some cases although it may not be what they intended. Another sub-question is whether or not to flame bait, should articles that you will provoke a strong reaction be posted just to gain a reaction, I suppose it depends on the seriousness of the material in the end, it's down to personal judgement in the end, where to draw the line between humourous / stimulating conversation and the plain offensive (though I'm sure there are some official guidelines laid down somewhere regarding this).

Anyway, that was far too weighty and serious for my liking (but still quite short, I'm just lazy, I know), and probably makes no sense in the end…nuff said for now.

September 13, 2005

Ideas please people….

Ok, I know this is a bit cheeky seen as it's supposed to be my job, but I'm out to see what ideas people have for socials, how to get people interested, and how to keep it varied to keep them interested.

I'm just after any and all ideas anyone has, because I don't particularly want to make a horrific mess of things. If anyone (and I don't mean just frisbee people) has been to a social that they enjoyed a lot, a social they absolutely hated, anything, what to do, what not to do, things you've done that weren't socials but that might work as socials let me know please. I'll accept any ideas (within reason for those complete weirdos out there…you know who you are)...not that I don't have any of my own…honest ;)

September 09, 2005


It's nearly time to pack up pretty much everything I own and cart it all back to uni, a few more days… I wish I could say I've done something interesting with the time I've had off, sadly working at Burger King to try and earn off my overdraft doesn't really qualify as interesting.

Apolgies now for random sidetrack / rant
It is funny to watch the attitude of people when they have to talk to me at work. I know it's not a respected job but just a little bit of courtesy to people that have to do the menial jobs would be nice. Having someone complain that it was my personal fault that we had no veggie burgers was amusing for a bit, as was having two blokes push their way past me to get in when we were closing, you wouldn't do it anywhere else I'm sure…anyway, enough of the whinging.

Looking forward to coming back, getting back into some sort of routine, and seeing people I've missed while I've been away, roll on the 19th.

June 18, 2005

Sports Fed Ball

It's that time of year again, I get to dress up in a ridiculous suit, roast in stupidly hot weather, listen to a speaker I really don't want to, and at the same time hopefully have one of the best nights of the year…not too much to ask I hope.

PS I'm soooo upset I missed the last Soul Nation ever (for those of you who are drunk or not able to judge from my drunk typing style, that was a tad on the sarcastic side), though I suppose next year it'll be "Re-Hash it's not Soul Nation with Cov ppl let back in honest".

June 13, 2005

I'm not going to do it…

I'm not going to write a self-pitying entry on how I've still got exams left when it seems everyone and their dog (and possibly goldfish and pet iguana too) have finished their exams and are dossing around in the sunshine…I'm not…I'm not…(and yes I know about MORSE and engineering ppl, and you too Dave whatever your degree is actually called) but the temptation to write one is very strong. Two exams left, fun.

So here are some random points:

Music shops in Leam – Check the price on all the copies of the albums they sell (especially the shop beginng with "F" and ending with "opp". Found an ablum there, 5 copies, all different prices, and no they weren't different versions / special editions etc.)

Why do the automatic doors at the top of the ramp at the union open so slowly sometimes? Is it just to annoy me when I'm in a hurry? (and no it wasn't near closing time)

Time Crisis 2 machine – Evil ppl took it away, thereby saving me money, should be grateful I suppose, but it would be nice if the Time Crisis 3 machine even worked…by all means get rid of the one that doesn't work…not the one that does…

South Central – Nice food, served with a smile, being up on Gibbet Hill I don't eat there often, but during revision have eaten there a lot, cheerful ppl working there it seems.

The Library – Seen far too much of it…far too much

Skool Days – Was busy wasn't it?

Soul Nation – Will be missed, not by me.

Purple – Since when was it £2 a pint? I'll really miss amassing huge piles of 5p coins…

The ramps in the union – Very slippery when covered in alcohol (see Skool Days)

I-pods – Can ppl using them in the library please use them at a sensible volume level…especially if they happen to be listening to that stupid frog song, which I would've thought is masochism taken to the extreme, revising and listening to that?...the temptation to strangle them with their very stylish white headfone cable is hard to resist.

Lucozade Sport mixed with Sugarfree Red Bull – Enough to keep me awake while revising Plant Molecular Development, BioSci ppl will know what that means.

People having loud conversations on mobile phones in public areas (like the person opposite me in the group-work room in the library as I type) – The rest of the world REALLY doesn't care what you're doing this weekend, no really.

Bus Journeys – Very boring at any time of day.

Bus Journeys at 7.20am – Very worrying when they get you to the library before it opens…that's just wrong..plain wrong.

Pool tables with the cue balls missing – Quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world (although that person opposite me with the loud phone conversation is running a close second) will people please stop losing / nicking the cue balls… :(

Frisbee – Fun

Ice Cream vans – have always just sold out of whatever it is I just spent 5 minutes deciding on.

Annoying housemates who wake you up at 4am – Should be hurt, repeatedly.

People who steal Fruit corners you've just bought out of the fridge in the period of time between you putting them in there, watching Neighbours and then going back to the fridge – See above.

GroupWise going down when you really don't want it to – Mildly annoying.

People who know I do Biology asking "Do you know what this rash is?" – No…and I really don't want to know, as long as it isn't contagious.

The person sitting opposite me – I really don't care what you just told Rob about a game of pool, I'm currently plotting where I can throw that phone of yours.

That'll do for now, was fun to get that lot off of my chest randomly…and I didn't whinge too much about exams…ok everything else in the world, but still.

June 10, 2005

The week of hell…

My week of 7 exams in 4 days (aka the week of exam stress from hell) is over, now I get a whole 3 days till the next one, what a nice feeling.

June 06, 2005


I get the feeling I'm not the only person that thinks that having 7 exams in 4 days is a bit daft…though still not quite as bad as the poor "people" who managed to end up with 9 exams in 3 days…

Seriously, is this the only way that these exams can be scheduled? (Yes I know it probably is, doesn't make it any less annoying, and yes I know it is what I get for choosing this course / modules) 10 exams total, done in 12 days doesn't sound amazingly awful, until you get to the 7 in 4 part…and to think that certain people I know are worried about having 4 exams. In at least one of which they have to choose to do 2 essays out of 13…better than 1 out of 2 I would've thought.*

*These two points are for personal amusement purposes only, no offense is meant by them, just made me laugh the first time I heard it, I know they're different etc etc.

Anyway, roll on tomorrow and the first 2 of the 7. 2 – 2 – 1 – 2 in four days, what fun, at least 1 is done already…

DISCLAIMER: This was written solely as a way of taking my mind off of the Structure and Function of Eukaryotic Genomes revision…which I find as intersting as it sounds.

May 19, 2005

Tick, tock..

Too much revision makes for a very boring way of spending time…lack of blogging due to lack of free brain cells to think of anything interesting to say and not wanting to turn this into a revision whinge fest, diary of my currently boring life or a succession of inane internet quizes. Will do something interesting on here at some point though.

April 25, 2005

Oh I forgot…

I'm now 20…and officially old according to a few ppl…oh great.

BA or BSc I wonder….

Now seem as I seem to spend my entire time here procrastinating my way out of doing work, a random thought just occurred to me…if my actually degree title was Procrastinating (or faffing or anything else you want to call it..) would it be a BA or a BSc? Is it a science? Or is it an art?

Oh and BusFest was a fairly good night …certainly memorable for those of us who didn't drink that much of the punch…certainly a blur for those people that did drink too much of it. (What did they expect with 15 litres of spirits / wine / cider in a 65 litre punch? :) )

April 13, 2005


Ok, just got back to Kent today after spending Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with some of the usual suspects from frisbee in Dublin. In theory it was for a tournament and, yes, we did play in a tournament (finished 14th out of 16). We also had an amazing time visiting the city.

Our host Dark Horse (I never did find out his real name) was one of the frendliest people I've met on my travels with frisbee (tbh anyone who can put up with 16 people sleeping on their floor in a 3 bedroom house for three nights HAS to be amazingly patient).

All in all a great time was had (despite me managing as usual to injure myself…knee this time, just for variety and deciding with the help of a few of the bears that I must be one of the unluckiest peoeple ever as far as small annoying incidents go) and I really hope I can get back there again at some point.

Hopefully Link will at some point edit all the video he shot into a coherent form that we can all admire at some point, tbh I've got got a bit of a vested interest in it seen as I did a bit of the shooting while limping around on the sideline after injuring my knee.

March 26, 2005

Johnny Cash

I've been listening to a fair bit of the music of the late great Johnny Cash recently. Don't really know why, but I find most of it quite relevant, despite the fact that it's completely different to the majority of the music I listen.

I challenge anyone to listen to "Hurt" and not feel moved in the smallest way. One of the few songs that makes people think about their own mortality I think. On the other hand I might be miles off the mark, but it's my opinion, so I'm right as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone else got any songs they were particularly affected / moved by recently?

March 23, 2005

Reading Festival 2005

Writing about web page http://www.readingfestival.co.uk

Well, just had a look at the lineup announced for the Reading festival this year (already got my ticket).


Pixies….good good, about time I got to see them.
The Killers…so we didn't get them for Final Fling, oh diddums, at least I get to see them here.
Queens of The Stone Age…Seen them before, not a big deal, but an ok filler
The Coral / Elbow…good filler

Kasabian…not a fanatical fan, but probably worth seeing, interesting decision
BRMC…not a great fan, so probably won't be watching them.


Foo Fighters…All the albums are starting to sound the same, but be interesting to see what they're like live..
Kings of Leon..not an avid fan, but will watch them anyway, probably be good.
Razorlight…Some good songs, but most of the album was so-so, here's hoping they're good live.
Jimmy Eat World…Very happy to see them on the bill, will be watching this set I think.


Iron Maiden…What can you say about this lot? Not entirely sure tbh..
Marilyn Manson…Is the live set really as "interesting" as ppl make out, looks like I'll have to see.
Incubus…Ok, but somewhat of a filler for me, they all seem the same.

All in all a good line up, not sure if it'll be as good as last year's awesome sunday, but looks like I'll just have to go and find out.

Feel free to comment on the bands, be interesting to see what ppl say about them.