January 24, 2007


I had nothing exciting to blog about so thought would talk ACDC….I am so so bored of waiting for a new album (7 years and counting)...been digging out some of the forgotten era (the 80s) and enjoying more than expected…tho in the overall ranking of liking…still a dodgy time:

1 Back in Black
2 Highway to Hell
3 Powerage
4 Let There Be Rock
5 Stiff Upper Lip
5 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
7 High Voltage
8 For Those About to Rock
9 Razor’s Edge
10 Flick of the Switch
11 Fly on The Wall
12 Ballbreaker
13 TNT
14 Blow Up Your Video

January 16, 2007

The wheels on the funbus…

go round and round…round and round…round and round…


January 09, 2007

An update

Follow-up to IMDb from Fundementally with stupid

My page is now a LOT more complete….http://imdb.com/name/nm2276566/

I feel all bad for not blogging for over 6 months…. Cannot believe it is now over 18 months since I finished at warwick. It is very weird…keep thinking am good friends with people, and then i realise I havent even spoken to them since, let alone seen. it is very disconcerting, and not entirely pleasent.

June 30, 2006



A new home page is in order I feel :)

April 12, 2006

a tale of two gigs

I hadnt realised it has been so long since my last blog entry…very odd….time just flies by out in the real world, away from the warwick bubble…oh for the long summer days…i was young and restless…and killing time, the summer seemed to last forever, those were the best days of my life…

I do apologise for that…so back to the point of this entry…

I went to see Depeche Mode recently at the newly opened Wembley Arena…I wasnt sure it woudl look any different despite being shut for over a year…but i was impressed…all looks very nice. Outside is SO much better and indoors is just really great. Gig itself was pretty good…Mr Gahan on good form as ever, and still lookign like he will die any second…New stuff sounded awesome. In particular Suffer Well was just…wow….and any gig with Personal Jesus and I Feel You is bound to be good

And then last night i went to see Placebo at Ally Pally…this had a much better crowd…but didnt think the band were even close. Yes there was more energy from the audience…but no banter…no sing alongs…nothing…and Placebo have a habit of havign a lot of songs sounding the same at times….and on the way out i feelyover…stumbled aroudn 15 metres before actually falling…and cut my hand…woooo me…

I am now officially hungry…message ends…

PS I think we should make all clocks metric…10 hours per day..obviously the new hour will have to be 2.4 old hours long…or 144 minutes…but minutes will be changed too

April 04, 2006

setting alarms ending in XX:X7

Does anyone else always end their alarm times with a 7? Or just me…

You see setting an alarm for like 7:07 feels like loads more sleep than 7:00 but doesnt make a difference to time to get ready. Where as 7:10 would be a big rush as instantly it is quarter past 7…and five past 7 is no extra time…

there is also the fact that 7 is a cool number….

Also…why is it that grated cheese tastes milder than thin slices…

these are the things that keep me up at night and make me tired

March 30, 2006

My first EVER blog review!!! ooooooo i can hear the indifference

4 out of 5 stars

It has taken me a very long to get around to getting any Dio albums. Been into early Rainbow far a fair while and always though Ronnie James Dio's vocals were top notch – sacriliage maybe, but i would even say there are better than Ian Gillian. However for me, the star was always Ritchie Blackmore. Rainbow's main strength in the early days I thought was his thunderous riffs and "frilly" bits…

So i wasnt sure what to expect here…was scarred it would feel like a very poor mans Rainbow and Black Sabbath…I was wrong…

OK it hasnt got some of the sheer woah factor Blackmore brought…but there are some really great grooves on here…some good heavy riffing and Dio's vocals shine throughout…Yes it is all a bit silly…but boy is it good fun.

I would write a longer review…but i cannot be bothered

March 29, 2006

bonus mini entry on minibars


and you best comment in agreement

So yes…as i was saying…

I notice claims around 7 or 8 months ago i was going to keep blogging have been distinctly not kept…So i decided to write a new entry…

now, just to prove no one cares i have decided i wont write a new entry until i have 25 comments to this entry….and whoever gets the 25th entry can have a special prize….which I cannot detail until later….

So whats new in life….

Last release to come out which i am credited on is the complete set of all the colour episodes of the Roger Moore years as The Saint….there is a documentary on there with a familiar name in the credits….Would love to say what working on now, but that is sadly not an option.

I always remember any good blog entry needed a rant…so for this entry i am going to have a mini rant about warm water….why is it that it just tastes NOWHERE near as good as really cold water? Is there a scientific reason? Someone must now….

oh and the funbus has sadly been cancelled..boo hisss

October 31, 2005

OK so it has been a while….

Following huge demand for a new blog entry (i saw huge..i mean one person made an offhand comment)

So here is a new exciting entry!

Work continues unabated…very busy month ahead….Flat is all sorted out…room actually fully furnished and tidy….

everyone go buy Upstairs Downstairs…the documentary on it is wonderful

ooo and in other news the fun bus was spotted over the horizon

rock on….


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