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January 15, 2019

The benefits of walking and cycling

Writing about web page https://janetpaskeblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/phe-physical-activity-team-understanding-the-evidence-webinar/

I thought there might be a wider audience for this webinar from PHE’s Physical Activity Team “Cycling and walking for individual, population and health system benefits: a rapid evidence review for health and care system decision-makers.”

When? 29 Jan 1 -2 pm – registration here discussing the recent brief evidence review on walking and cycling, especially to benefit those with disabilities or long term conditions.

UK National Survey of E–bike Use and Potential Use

Writing about web page https://uwe.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/survey-of-e-bike-users-copy

Do you live in the UK, and have you ever used, or considered using, an e-bike (an electrically-assisted cycle with pedals)? If so, this survey is for you.

The research is being carried out by the University of the West of England (UWE). It is part of a wider project (REPLICATE) with local trials of e-bikes and other modes of transport in Bristol, UK, and some other cities. If you would like any more information about the project please contact: steve.melia@uwe.ac.uk or caroline.bartle@uwe.ac.uk.

E-bike sales have been growing; we certainly see more on the roads nowadays, but who is riding them, and why, or why not? Can you help us to find out? This national survey is being conducted by the University of the West of England, as part of this project. The findings will be used to write a report, and a brief summary for everyone who takes part; the
individual data will be kept confidential and will not be passed to any other party.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Please email us if you want to know any more about the survey. Thank you for your interest.


We are interested in your responses even if you have not yet used an e-bike.

September 10, 2013

Cycle to work day

Writing about web page https://www.cycletoworkday.org

Thousands of people across the UK have already pledged to cycle on the 12th, will you join them?

September 09, 2013

Save a cyclist

Follow-up to Sustrans Route Planning Application from Cycling to and around Warwick University

These images show the position that a cyclist needs to adopt in the central reservation to wait while turning right. Several buses travelling at <20 mph came within 10 - 30 cm of the cyclist, note the bus wheel position relative to the central markings.


Now look at the position of these cars as they negotiate the corner.


white van




Other possibilities

Follow-up to Road design standards from Cycling to and around Warwick University

This is a very simple mock-up of how one BUG member thought this junction might be improved. I still have deep reservations and doubt the road is wide enough to accommodate this (buses will not be able to negotiate bollards on a corner safely and would risk hitting pedestrians or mounting the pavement).

September 08, 2013

Road design standards

The Sustrans Route has been designed to Transport for London and Sustrans guidelines, by Jaime Uriarte, Churchman Architects:




“Right-turning cyclists are exposed to danger when turning into or out of a minor road, both on the approach and when crossing. Turning movements both into and out of the junctions in all directions must be considered, not just on designated cycle routes. If satisfactory layouts cannot be achieved then small (cycle friendly) roundabouts or, as a last resort, signals, may be appropriate.”


“Acceptable solutions may include:

Central islands on the main road to assist cyclists turning in and out of side roads (can include short offside cycle lane)

Central refuges or entry treatments on side roads.

Junction tables to slow motor vehicles

Kerb realignment and build-outs to improve visibility, reduce motor traffic speeds and prevent parking close to the junction

Separate cycle approach lanes where there are high vehicle flows


Figure 4 suggests Cycle Lanes with traffic calming (i.e. raised table) might be viable.”


“Cycle lanes as such appear to have little impact on road safety targets, but *there is clear evidence of safety benefits in continuing lanes across junctions. *“


Gives min. traffic lane widths (I think the road fails here) and cycle lane widths (1.5 m, not marked currently, but really must be).

I have proposed making Uni Road one-way to traffic north-south which would allow provision of 1.5 m cycle lanes and help with problems at the Piazza entrance onto Uni Road, but it might have to be two-way again at Car Park 7 junction.

I have located the DFT Design Manual which must have some force and Vol 6 Sect 3 Part 5TA 90/05 states in 3.6:

“Any crossing of a trafficked road should be located such that drivers of vehicles have full visibility of NMUs wishing to use the crossing point. Desirable minimum SSD to TD 9 (DMRB 6.1.1) should be available for drivers on the highway approaching an NMU crossing point. “

Leaving aside the fact the road is not wide enough to accomodate two cars and a cyclist, never mind a bus on that bend, the lines of sight are obstructed by mature trees to the left and there is no visibility of approaching traffic for a cyclist until they are about 10 metres or so from the proposed junction.

Sustrans Route Planning Application

Writing about web page http://planning.coventry.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=747767

Planning application and documents here:


Architects drawings are here:


Please note the drawings of the right hand turn at Sports Centre corner are inaccurate in the dimensions of the traffic lanes, yet these have been interpreted literally in the version on the ground.

Bike route wrongsThis is where the road markings (as painted on Friday 6 September 2013) place a cyclist turning right. Whilst observing traffic on this corner (buses, taxis and cars) the cyclist looked extremely vulnerable and within touching distance of buses. Before cyclist took up this position we observed that 9 out of 10 vehicles cornering here cut across the white hatching markings on this bend.

September 07, 2013

Making it happen!

Follow-up to Developing effective alternatives to car commuting from Cycling to and around Warwick University

Some previous posts to the BUG blog are a great place to start for inspiration on how to continue attracting more people if you have little experience of cycling.


There some very positive suggestions that make it clear the biggest impediment to people not getting the car day after day is largely about perceptions, not civil engineering projects How do recent developments at Warwick fit into the big picture locally and nationally?

Sustrans Route and Cycle Coventry

Writing about web page http://www.coventry.gov.uk/info/200123/cycling/1798/cycle_coventry

Sustrans and Cycle Coventry have received significant funding to improve cycling provision in all sorts so ways around the City and Campus.

Additions to Sustrans Route 52 are under construction on campus and there are plans for extending the route to Canley and the A45 crossing at Canley Ford.

I will try and post more here as the details emerge – I do not currently have maps of what is being proposed and implemented.


Is only partially correct and the maps at


conflict with what I have seen elsewhere.

February 10, 2012

Cities fit for Cycling

Writing about web page http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/cyclesafety/contact/

This looks a very worthwhile campaign being run by The Times newspaper.

The Times Cities fit for cycling

October 25, 2011

News for cyclists

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/about/environment/transport/cycling

Cycle registration: free ‘D’ locks
Staff and students who register their bicycle during November can get one of a limited number of free ‘D’ locks to secure their bicycle. Constable Mick Parkes, the campus police officer, will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in November from 12-1pm outside the library to register bicycles.
See http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/insite/news/intnews2/dlocks_nov11

Resurfacing: 24 October to 1 November
There will be a series of resurfacing-related works on campus from Monday 24 October to Wednesday 2 November. The works will affect the cycle path connecting main campus and Gibbet Hill, Health Centre Road and the Sports Centre car park (8a).
See http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/insite/news/intnews2/resurfacing_oct-2011

November 02, 2010

Connect2 Kenilworth to be completed

Writing about web page http://goo.gl/fb/P2iQV

Petition seems to have made an impact :)

The Connect2 Kenilworth scheme, the joint project between Warwickshire County Council and Sustrans, is to be completed as planned, including the pedestrian and cycling bridge over the A429 Coventry Road.

Cllr John Whitehouse, chair of the Connect2 Kenilworth Steering Group, said:

the recent mass petition to WCC demonstrated the strength of on-going public support.

October 05, 2010

Online petition

Follow-up to Connect to Kenilworth Petition from Cycling to and around Warwick University

This is the link to the online petition

http://www.gopetition.com/petition/39139.html .

September 15, 2010

Connect to Kenilworth Petition

Warwick County Council will cancel the proposed Connect to Kenilworth Sustrans route unless discussed and voted positively.

Please print and sign the attached petition if you feel able to support a motion to encourage WCC to discuss this and take the positive action required to build a bridge over A429.  It is apparently cash-neutral for WCC with most funds being found by Sustrans.

PDF of petition to print and sign connect_2_kenilworthpetitiongreenway.pdf.

January 22, 2010

Bike BUDi

Writing about web page https://bikebudi.liftshare.com/started.asp

The University is partnered with a Car / Bike / Walkshare scheme that helps people to make the transition to using something other than 4 wheels to get to work.



and sign up to see if you might be able to encourage someone to change their ways!

November 22, 2009

Bicycle User Group

Dear Bicycle User Group member

As part of the evolving Transport Strategy at the University, it has
been suggested that ‘formalising’ the Bicycle User Group (along the
lines of Warwick Car Share for example) and adding benefits such as…

- reduced cost of Warwick Sport membership to enable access to shower
- reduced cost purchase of accessories
- links to Car Share scheme to assist occasional cyclists
- access to on-site cycle repair facilities
- regular free cyclists ‘breakfasts’ (apparently an employer can
provide these as a tax-free benefit up to 6 times per year)
- commitment from the University to meet with Users and take account
of needs in new and existing works to campus.
- cycle training scheme

...would be desirable.

Please do let me have feedback here or though bug[at]listserv.
I’ll take views back to the next Transport Strategy Group on Thurs 10

November 16, 2009

Free Bike Registration

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/insite/newsandevents/notices/bikeregistration

Resident PC Mick Parkes will be registering bikes for free on Monday 16 November between 12:30 – 14:00.

You can find PC Parkes out by Bike Racks at entrance to Bio Sci building. He will register your bike for free (normally this service costs £11.95) which will help protect your bike from theft. Campus Security as well as the local Police station will hold details of your bike.

Many bikes stolen on campus do get found by Campus Security or the local Police, but it is sometimes impossible to identify the owner. If your bike does get stolen then by registering it with PC Parkes you have a much better opportunity of it being reunited with you should it be recovered.

November 10, 2009

Developing effective alternatives to car commuting

Summary of some points to bring to Transport Strategy Group 11 November 2009

Publicising alternatives to car use is often more cost-effective and attitude-changing than civil engineering.

• Better web- and physical signage of routes for cyclists and pedestrians (some exists already).


• Webtools for personal cycleroute planning such as Google pedometer http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

• Advertise Cycle to Work scheme benefits + 20 p per mile expenses claimable if own cycle used for work-related travel versus real costs of motoring

• Regular updates on e.g. Sustrans’ cross-campus to Kenilworth route http://www.sustransconnect2.org.uk/schemes/project_detail.php?id=146

Small works bring big benefits

• Covered ‘Sheffield Stand’ parking close to building entrances

• Secure cycle parking across campus

Planning and implementation in consultation with user communities

• Improving cycle routes around campus would have a significant impact on safety of all campus users, on foot, cycle and car

e.g. entrance / exit to Gibbet Hill cycletrack behind SU; entrance / exit to shared use path between boilerhouse and University House.

• Unforeseen consequences of parking changes on campus – surrounding roads are more congested, more dangerous for cyclists.

Consider http://www.cycletoworkguarantee.org.uk/ The guarantee covers 5 areas:

• Cycle to work scheme – the University subscribes to this

• Cycle storage

• Changing facilities

• Repair/maintenance facilities

• Inspiring cycling – including cycle training)

Adoption of the full guarantee would be a good step towards encouraging more staff and students to take up cycle commuting to campus.

PDF version here cycleagenda.pdf

November 09, 2009

Items for TSG

Follow-up to TSG agenda from Cycling to and around Warwick University

I have had a flurry of large and small suggestions, all excellent, to bring to Weds Transport Strategy Group:

1. Small works to improve cycle routes around campus woudl have a significant impact on safety of all campus users, on foot, cycle and car.
e.g. entrance / exit to Gibbet Hill cycletrack behind SU;
entrance / exit to shared use path between boilerhouse and University House.

2. Better web- and physical signage of routes for cyclists and pedestrians (some exists already).

3. Webtool for personal cycleroute planning as for recent pedestrian initiative.
Google pedometer is useful for planning cycle routes http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

4. Consider http://www.cycletoworkguarantee.org.uk/
The guarantee covers 5 areas, one of which is buying, which is the cycle to work scheme. The others are cycle storage, changing facilities, repair/maintenance facilities and
inspiring (including cycle training). Adoption of the full guarantee would be a good step towards encouraging more staff and students to take up cycle commuting to campus.

5. Updates on Sustrans’ cross-campus to Kenilworth route http://www.sustransconnect2.org.uk/schemes/project_detail.php?id=146

6. Advertise 20 p per mile expenses claimable (or Cycle to Work scheme benefits) versus real costs of motoring.

7. Secure cycle parking still needs to be improved across campus.

8. Unforeseen consequences of the changes in campus car parking policy. Since the start of term (and the new parking policy) there has been a massive increase in on-road parking on Sir William Lyons Road and the residential roads leading from De Montfort Way. This has in turn lead to an increase in traffic and congestion on these roads and Lynchgate
Road during both rush hours (particularly the evening). As well as no doubt frustrating local residents, this makes these roads considerably less cycle friendly, which is particularly unfortunate as they form part of the most convenience cycle route between the campus and Coventry City Centre.

TSG agenda

Writing about web page /cyclingtowarwick/entry/transport_strategy_group/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

BUG has been invited to attend the Transport Strategy Group which will meet Weds 11th November and report by end December.

Terms of Reference are:

“To develop a coherent strategy for transport and travel designed to support increased use of alternative modes of transport to the car for journeys to and from the University for staff, students and visitors, particularly to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to campus and reduce congestion, in line with the University’s Green Travel Plan, Carbon Management Plan and other related responsibilities.”

I welcome any comments or specific suggestions from Bicycle User Group members to take to the meeting.