March 02, 2006

Unpaid work on the astros and chav/pikey prevention

Well, being on the Tarkett astro between half 12 and half 2 today, one may have noticed a light attack of snow. Hell, being outside anywhere on campus, I'm sure someone may have noticed this. What's interesting is that by about half 1, the whole place was covered in a fair dusting of snow and yet, by half 2, pretty much the whole area was snow-free. Now in part, this was caused by massive 5 metre slides by certain homicidal maniacs in my 11 aside team – especially one (who shall remain unnamed) who has been deserving of red cards in the last two games, only receiving one in the first of the two games.

The thing of contention here is the fact that basically we removed all the snow from the pitch and I feel we are deserving of some kind of reward for this. Also, by being on the pitch at this/any time, we kept the Cov Chavs off for an extra couple of hours. Certainly something not to be sniffed at.

November 21, 2005

Sporting Cliches

Something that I've always got time for: Sport. Something that sport alwasy has time for: Cliches.
So, with that in mind, I want ur best sporting cliches.

This kinda stems from a pre-match speech by the men's hockey 2nd team captain which lasted only a few minutes but managed to include at least 14 cliches (that we understood – and maybe more that we didn't [he's a scouser])

Is that a fat lady singing…?

November 06, 2005

Even more rubbish song lyrics

Follow-up to Rubbish song lyrics from Kiran's blog

Perhaps more galling than these plain bad lyrics is the problem of those songwriters (especially rappers) who delight in rhyming a word with itself in the next line. For this point I draw upon "Dreams" by The Game.
The first two lines go as follows:

I woke up out dat coma two thousand and one
Bout the same time Dre dropped two thousand and one

This is clearly plain lazy and in The Game's efforts to name-drop as many rap/rnb names throughout this song, it becomes almost like a list. More to the point anyway is that I doubt his english teacher would approve of this. Even I remember the first thing about rhyming lines is not to make them rhyme by using the same word twice because then it doesn't actually sound like a rhyme, just that the track jumped back a line.

Rubbish song lyrics

Just listening to the radio in recent times, I'm noticing numbers of songs with lyrics which not only don't make sense, but clearly haven't been thought through.
For example; the Darkness have a song out called "One Way Ticket" at the moment. One line goes something like: "I've got a one-way ticket to hell and back". Excuse me for being confused by this, but the last time I got a one-way ticket, it certainly didn't get me anywhere and back So does anyone have any other stupid lyrics?

November 04, 2005

Watering hole for man's best friend

Sited at Coventry Station. Apparently Virgin Trains are trying to expand their market…

October 10, 2005

Bare stuff to do

Well, it's been a long time…
Back at uni now, starting week 3 (that's crazy) and still have loads more stuff to sort.

A new year brings with it new hope of having interesting modules and lectures.

Of course it also brings hope for Spurs pushing on for Europe this year and some good sport to be played by moi, both at hockey and football. Speaking of which, this year sees the entry of "Ocean's Eleven" into the KPMG 11 a-side leagues which should be interesting, but requires decent amounts of work at the moment sorting a kit and sponsors and a team most importantly

Anyway, things to do…......

July 04, 2005

Maybe next year?

Follow-up to have Spurs favourites for the title! from Kiran's blog

With the start of pre-season comes renewed optimism apparently – Visiting on the off chance of something realistic being mentioned, I noticed that predictions for the winners of the 2005–06 Premiership Title are in favour of Spurs with over 20% of the vote. Now we know that any rumours on this site are bound to be true!

P.S. Apparently Callum Davenport has been arrested for alleged GBH in a nightclub in Bedford. We won't blame it on his Coventry roots…too much.

June 24, 2005

Just can't shift that nostalgic feeling…

A brilliant year, capped off with a brilliant game (ingeniously entitled "The Brilliance Game") [and a brilliant victory?]. Results come out next Wednesday, but I don't know when I'll get to see them. Home beckons tomorrow after tonite's Summer beach party thing which i'm sure will turn out great.

Being brilliant has come fairly naturally to me, it would appear, especially if Tuesday is anything to go by. (Unsure…ask someone who was there!)

May 22, 2005

Store Wars – a must–see very short film

Writing about web page

Rude food?!? Whatever next?

Writing about web page

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