October 21, 2005

Academics enter international transfer market

As of coffee break this morning the Academics are delighted to have made a major new signing to their 5-a-side team.

Alessandro Troisi, from Bologna, joins us after a 2-year spell in the States.

He is disappointed however not to be playing on grass in the tournament, since this was one of the things that attracted him to English football!

October 20, 2005

Staff 5–a–side team ready for the new season

Well for some reason the Academics have entered the Atomic footy league again.

In addition to last year's squad of

Stuart Mackenzie (star striker but never seen in defence)
Rob Deeth (rumoured to have been a star striker before he did his back in)
Pat Unwin (midfield dynamo but too often on international duty)
Stefan (Bonaldo) Bon
Guy Clarkson (rock solid defender)
Chris McConville (ringer from Physics)
and myself

the academics have entered into the transfer market and bought Andrew Dove for a fellowship and a couple of pints.

We're not quite sure where Andrew will fit into the team but apparently he has in the past been able to run and to kick a ball so that has to be a good thing.

Please do feel free to challenge us to games and we'll do our best to show up. Early morning (eg. 9.00) slots are usually best for the Academics, though for some reason the students are not usually so keen.

And who knows we might get Haddleton back in the squad this year.

See you there, Paul.

February 18, 2005

Staff ready for 5–a–side Challenges (sort of)

Well the staff team seems to be emerging from a period of exceptional business (I can here you chortling from here) and is ready to take on allcomers, AS LONG…..

….as you are prepared to play at 9.00 AM on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays!!

We're playing the first years next Friday (don't forget to book the hall Ian), so anyone fancy a game the week after?

And the sort of? Well Pat U is in Spain and I crocked my knee in a friendly kickabout last night, but apart from that…...

Have a good weekend all, Paul.

January 06, 2005

Are car accidents really accidents?

I've seen quite a few car accidents over the holidays, mainly on the motorways but also at home when a Phillipino woman and her son crashed into our house on Christmas afternoon (they really did and I'll post a photo here if you don't believe me).

I think the use of the word "accident" for pranging a car is really unfortunate. Accidents are things that just happen, whereas most car accidents are the result of someone driving carelessly I reckon. Calling them accidents somehow helps these events to become unavoidable parts of everyday life and we can ignore the resulting cost, inconvenience, injury and even death.

What would be a better word? If I recall correctly, the French is also accident, but Italians say incident, which seems better to me. Mind you they still have plenty of them….

And, by the way, a happy and incident free New Year to everyone.

October 29, 2004

Half way through term

Unbelievable we're half way through this term already and somehow or other everything seems to be going OK. All my four modules are up and running – in fact year 3 organic finishes next week. The three new research students in the group (one PhD, one MChem and one exchange student from Barcelona) seem to be doing good things, though it's been really tedious having to wait so long for chemicals to arrive, and my first year personal tutees seem to be passing their tests without much trouble.

At home we've just arranged for a nanny to look after Sam (9 months) on Saturday mornings for 4 hours. So, I'm looking forward to my first sleep in since 21 January soon!
Tomorrow night we're having friends round for fireworks and drinks. I'm in charge of the explosives so I'd better make sure the drinks do come after the fireworks.

Hope everyone out there has a top weekend and fingers crossed for the right result in that American sports match (baseball?) that Stu keeps going on about.

October 13, 2004

Well it's about time…..

...since I've been encouraging everyone to use blogs that I wrote something here!

13 days into term and already four of my modules are under way – so bear with me if I'm looking a little frayed!

Anyway time to relax later watching England thrash (?) Azerbaijan (sp?) followed by a research group trip to the dogs. Assuming I have my usual luck don't ask me for a drink later on!!

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