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October 05, 2008

My summer vacation

   Generally, this summer is as usual as before, because I enjoyed most of the time in my hometown. However, this summer is quite different from others, because I enjoyed it as a chance to challenge myself from body and spirit.

    To make my life busy and do something I haven¡¯t experienced is my choice in this long vacation, so I joined in the fitness club learning yoga, belly dance, and setting-up exercise. Moreover, I undertook housework including cleaning and cooking which are also big jobs for me. Because every day I should do all of these, my life became full and fast-moving.

    My yoga class began 12:00am every day, so I should prepare the launch earlier. Every morning, I got up early and washed vegetables. I am a person who cares cleanness a little bit more; I spent lots of time on washing. Then I cooked, usually with four dishes, for example, fried bean curd with vegetables, beef with fragrant cumin seeds, fried pork shreds with beans, and Chinese mushrooms with Chinese leaves. After a busy cooking, I had to arrive at the club in hurry, because of my yoga class. Finished the class, I was back home about half past two. Then I prepared the dinner promptly, because 5:00pm I had a class of belly dance. I was so busy that it seems no time for me to seat comfortably until finished the last class of setting-up exercise about 9:00pm.

    At the beginning, I was so excited about my new busy life. I enjoyed all the classes in fitness club and housework. However, after a week, I felt a little tired, especially during the belly dance class in which some actions were difficult for me and I exercised quite a lot. When my mother saw my situation, she suggested that she could do the housework, but I rejected. The reason was that I want to challenge myself, especially not giving up if I have made a reasonable plan and decided to do. I wanted to let my parents could have more time to take a rest while I was at home, and this was the other reason for me to carry on doing housework. Luckily, I held my rich life till the last day. I am so happy that I challenged myself successfully.

    In this summer vacation, I not only did so much healthy physical exercise, but also experienced how to encourage myself to overcome the difficulties and finish my goal. This summer is meaningful to me, because I think I have challenged myself and conquered myself.

My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

                                               My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

After I was back home, I decide to have a driving class during vacation in order to learn more skills and get a driving license for my future life. At that time, I haven't recognized that this issue would change me a lot.

Firstly, I need to pass an academic test about driving rules. After I paid the tuition fees, I only have a week to prepare for this. It is a whole book which full of multiple-choice test and judge test. Thank goodness! There is no more answer questions in it. There is no short cut for this, I can just remember question by question. I think this kind of study really improved my learning skill which is how to remember those long academic vocabulary and phrase.

Secondly, after I passed the test I began my driving lessons immediately at the following days. By the way, I've got a fantastic mark to pass the test finally that told me I can do it if I really work hard on it. I have to get up at 6 o'clock every morning to try to not be late because the driving school is far away from my home. The summer in my hometown Changsha in China means thirty-five or even upper air temperature and the diabolic sunshine bask your skin straightly. After this course, I have got three harvests: driving skill, healthy skin and body. It is meaningful for both my study and future life, because I have been taught that nothing is easy.

Finally and unfortunately, I failed in the last text and I need to do it again next summer vacation. Be honest, it is hard for me to accept this result but I have to. At that moment, I felt disappointment, dysphoria and pessimism. However, I considered that I should not and cannot give it up at last. If I did that, I was really a loser.

July 30, 2008

welcome to beijing—song

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June 18, 2008

Bring Back "old–style" Email Search!

I tried to find a mates warwick email address today.

Instead of getting the simple little email search page, I get the entire Warwick website search page with the ‘People’ tab selected. OK then, let’s see if it works…

I’m not sure if his “real name” is Nick or Nicholas (or any other spelling), so I search for “n surname”.

I then see that it’s not just searching for “People”, but also “Web”, “Blogs” and “Exam Papers”. Why on earth would I want to search for my mates email address in exam papers!?

Because the letter ‘n’ generated so many hits in exam papers, my browser cannot cope with the amount of data and promptly crashes.

I try again, using the “Refine Search” option. But can I find a link to email address or similar? No. Nothing remotely related to that.

Why have they changed something simple and useful to something complicated and useless?


May 03, 2008

Promotion for AFC Wimbledon :–D


They’ve just been promoted.

They are now in the “Conference South” division :-)

Which in the Football Pyramid is…

1. Premier League
2. Football League Championship
3. Football League One
4. Football League Two
5. Conference National
6. Conference North / Conference South
7. Northern Premier League Premier Division / Southern Football League Premier Division / Isthmian League Premier Division

Promoted from Isthmian League Premier Division to the Conference South.

Congrats :-D

April 28, 2008


Can this day get any better?

[Well, they’ve also announced the Grad will be open til the end of Term :-)]


April 13, 2008

Doctor Who in Pompeii

Has anyone noticed that the family in this episode have the same names as a series of book characters used to teach Latin in schools?

EDIT: Oh, after watching “Confidential” my suspicion was confirmed. They are the character names from the Latin course taught to Russel T Davies himself! I remember this from my appalling record in Year 7-9 Latin. Those odd coloured books from the Cambridge Latin Course, pulished by the CUP

April 09, 2008

I Want To Eat Here!

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7335351.stm

This place looks so impressive!

Anyone fancy a trip to Germany?

March 13, 2008

It's been too long!

Hello World!

Well, I’ve finally got round to blogging again. It’s been a while, and so much has happened in my life. I could try to remember it all, but I would offend anyone if I forgot something. So how about some highlights…

  • Kept going with my Project
  • Conducted Wind Orch lots
  • Met some great new people, Freshers and Others
  • Started a relationship
  • Watched my first professional Ice Hockey match
  • Watched my first amateur Ice Hockery match
  • Spent lots of time away from my flat (Sorry housemates :-S)
  • Finished 3 modules worth of assessed work
  • Got through the Christmas Holidays
  • Finished a relationship
  • Didn’t drink much alcohol at all, until the Real Ale Festival, and Top B this week ;-)
  • Sat through my last EVER lecture
  • Had a GREAT time

So at the end of the Second Term, it has all got a bit serious

I have my last day in lab to actually DO some Chemistry; I have an essay to write for my last module; I have a WSAF application to do, and then I should be allowed to collapse.

Hopefully my last Term at this uni won’t completely kill me ;-)

Oh, and with exams in week 1, a Project deadline in week 6, and interview/presentation in week 8/9, it’s going to be busy!

January 28, 2008

Delayed LE PMA

Reflection on my first delayed PMA

At the beginning I thought it would be a funny process to make a rich story, as rich as i can. So I felt relax and put more time on the project and other PMAs. I was WRONG~~~~it is so hard~~~~I alway doubt that was off far away from the correction direcion indicated by Paul, but I only knew I was not on the way but didn't know how to go back to it .

my brain is totally stuck now. the PMA is stuck now. ....why time isn't stuck?!

January 27, 2008

shatter the glass ceiling

I noted a funny thing in this world, that is more and more women engaged in leading position for business. i thought, men lead people by power(exclusiveness) whereas women lead people by inclusiveness. 

As B.M.Bass and B.M.Avolio said that "women managers, on average, tend to be more transformational and more proactive in addressing problems. As a consequence, they are likely to be seen as more effective and satisfying as leaders by both their mail and female followers. ¡­.because they are characterized as being more open with colleagues and are consensus builders who encourage wider participation in decision-making. " (1994, Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Women May Make Better Managers, Human Resource Managerment, 33/4,549-60)

hehe,,it might be a good factor to secceed, caz modern perople already willing to consider the unique charasterictics of women or men when chosing a appropriate leader.

January 25, 2008

what is your leadership style?

By accident, I searched a website provided a funny test on leadership


My result:

Delegative Leadership

Delegative leaders allow group members to make decisions. This style is best used in situations where the leader needs to rely on qualified employees. The leader cannot be an expert in all situations, which is why it is important to delegate certain tasks out to knowledgeable and trustworthy group members.


During the struggle PMA work, I believe I have no chance to be a leader...My previous colleagues called me "superman", actually the reason was not I was super for work, it was because I imitated a behavior from Superman....I am not at all....especially after the leadership course. So I told  my bf, now I had only one vision left----to be your housewife for the rest of my life. 

January 24, 2008



January 22, 2008

art vs leadership

i had a conversation with my housemate on leadership...hehe

he said leadership was too abstract. do i agree? terribly, i don't know...it always feel bad when i don't know yes or no....

it is said leadership is an art not a science...no matter how many theory/traits leadership possesses, a successful leader alway has his/her own way to be different from others. the only same thing is they all could be successful or great!

like an artist who imitates others art-style could only make his/her works sold. but people say it looks like Vango/Picasso's style. ... not all the people understand art but they all appreciate the unique artist who creats his/her own style. ....that's probablly the same characteristic between art and leadership.

Two key factors of Variation

The common causes and special causes arose my interest on them...

i always thought the common causes could be predicted. coz people know the what and where and when could happen if estimate the process with sound experience....like people know it could be roadblock at rush hour from monday to friday. and they cant predict if there would be a terriable jam...

actually, i m still confused.....

and the common causes could become the specical causes without performing good control on common causes...although the special causes usually transient, it could be vital to the whole process.

if these causes need improvment activities. which would be conducted as normal continuous improvement and which would be conducted as breakthrough?

January 14, 2008

Poor score

  This morning, I got my translation mark. This is the worsest mark till now for me. 

  I thought that it would be a good result, because I have tried to find appropriate expressions to translate the Chinese words. However, how frustrated the result is!

  I looked though my paper carefully, lots of blanks which seems quite good in my mind missed the mark. I asked Miss Zhou, but her answer still made me feel confused. For example, I gave the answer of a blank " French", but she said the correct answer must be " French people". There are many other expressions which we can't have the same evaluation to judge what is correct. Because of the limitation of the time, I can't tell her my thinking. And in fact,  I am not confident to let her accept my way of thinking.

 Why? Maybe the point is this is a subject named translation. That means when a person read a passage, he can have a feeling and retell it by his way in another language. One word in source language may have some different expressions in target language in my opinion. However, it seems impossible to be shown in our translation text, in that there is only one correct answer.

 I admit that I can't translate a passage evey well now because I am not good enough to understand different languages through different cultures. That is why I am studying here to improve myself. But I still wonder, even if  I acquired the knowledge very well, is it sure that I can have the same answer with the correct answer that a teacher gives?

Is this way of examing ability appropriate?  Is this style of learning necessary to be improved?

I can not have an answer, like the answer in our translation text.  I don't know how to make myself confident, and the only thing what I can do is keep trying to be better.

One Click from Danger

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b008nkp7.shtml?filter=azgroup%3Aopq&scope=iplayeratoz&start=3&version_pid=b008nkmc

Nowadays, internet became more and more widespread in our daily life. On one hand, it made our life more and more convenient; but on the other hand, it brought on the danger as well.

In this small essay, I want to talk about how to avoid teenagers suffer from the internet crime. First, teenagers need to be careful when they putting all their details in the public website because the criminal such like the paedophile would use these information. Second, the guardians need to lead their children use internet in a safe way.

In a nutshell, we can¡¯t stop the development of internet but at least try to use this tool in a safe way.

January 13, 2008

Panorama One click from danger

Jeremy Vine investigates how the children can be kept safe on the internet. There is an example to show how dangerous for children to put their private information on the nets and talk to strangers on the internet. The bad situation happened to two girls who knew the ¡®my space¡¯ through their classmates in school. When they met the character who they talked on the internet, they were scared because of his age and behavior. Then the policemen arrested this paedophile, finding out thousands of pornographic pictures in his house. This investigation tells us how paedophiles are using the internet as a tool to make contact with teenagers and prompts parents to pay attention to their children when they are on the internet.

One Click from Danger

As the social networks become more and more popular, teenagers and kids which as young as six use those kind of websites more and more often without awareness of the danger which comes too. Their pages are browsed by their friends, classmates and strangers who also include predatory pedophiles. Ellie and Olivia¡¯s experience is the typical example and fortunately they are lucky than those victims. Putting your personal details like address, school and hobits are just like standing on the streets to deliver your diaries, photographs which can be read by anybodies. More shockingly, only 10 per cent of parents thought their children chat with people they don¡¯t know and only 13 per cent of parents know what their children have done on the Internet. To avoid the tragedies happens on teenagers, there are some ways. First, do not put the personal details on the internet and second, when somebody have some sexual request on the MSN, just say no. The last thing is that never let children get on internet in their own bedroom because these kind of children can easily attract those ¡®predatory pedophiles¡¯.

January 11, 2008

One Click from Danger

Internet provides convenience to people¡¯s living, but also takes dangerous to them, especially to teenagers.

Nowadays personal space, where personal information can be found, is very popular among teenagers. Teenagers make new friends with their space meanwhile attract pervert take advantages of them.

Most of parents do not know what their children do on internet, and children themselves cannot judge good or bad, thus they are easily suborned by predators, even get hurt.

Teenagers now need to learn how to protect themselves. Do not give personal information to strangers is the most important method to protect children, and parents should help their children form a good habit of using internet.

December 29, 2007

Essay got me headache—publish in my comment

December 26, 2007

my fantastic experience

I thought it is all right for my last essay which the first 2000 words long essay I written in English. I had experienced many difficulties, new points about academic writing and totally different academic style after I had written this essay. When I did this, I felt lost, agonizing and depressed. But after I won this challenge, I thought I have learned so much from this experience.

The first, I want to talk about difficulties. It has two main aspects: one is how to pick up the useful and truthful information from hundreds of books, the other is as a non-native speaker how to write my essay in an academic way. When I writing this essay, the first problem is after I chose the main topic then where I can find the useful information I need. I try to read the textbooks, do the research in the library and search for information through internet. After I finished my first draft, the second significant work was try to change the way I wrote into the academic and native way. It¡¯s really hard for me because of the way I thinking is totally different from the way of native speaker.

Secondly, after I finished this essay I thought I had learned a lot. The most significant point is how to pick up the information you need. In one thing, different people surely have different attitude. And so much information you could found easily because of the information technical development. But after finished this essay, I think I can do the research much simple in my next essay that because of I think I have got the right method in this work.

Last but not least, if I have a chance to change something when I was writing this essay, it must be waste time in doing the research through internet. Everyone can write anything they like in websites, no one help you to identify which is good or bad.

In a nutshell, it is a fantastic experience in my life because of it teaches me a lot.

December 21, 2007

My Essays Hell

Gone through several difficult days and nights, I finally finished my first two essays in the new term. I never thought I will meet so many difficulties when I write an essay with a given topic, the essay here is quite different from what I did in China, but it is really a challenge.

Vocabulary is still the most difficulty aspect when I write essays, especially the synonym. I tried to find some equivalence for the words that I have used in the paragraphs before but I failed, so there are always some words especially the conjunctions appear in my essays, I should continue the plan of enlarge my vocabulary for the coming times.

How to write reference is another problem when I write the essay. I do not mean the form of reference, I mean sometimes I cannot tell which part of essay I should mark it as a quote. Before I came to UK, I have learnt some theory of translation and part of English cultural. One of topics this term is Discuss the problems and advantages created by change in Britain since 1945. In this essay I wanted to write about the changes in policies of politics and economy and influences of these policies. I touched some of the information about this topic when I have the cultural class, for instance the change of parties in UK and their policies in politics and economy, but there are also some information I have learnt when I was in high school in the history and politics course. When I write this essay, I use the message that I learnt before naturally, and how to write the reference of this part became a problem for me, and finally I have to found some equivalence for them.

According to the essays in the first term, I found the reference is a crucial part of essay, even if some of the knowledge I have learnt before, I should use them carefully, and read more current message is better.


essay makes me mad

To be honest, this essay makes me mad; in order to finish this essay, I sat front of the computer two whole nights, and a whole week's daylights.

In term of the feeling about the essay, until now, I still feel unconfident and unsatisfied.

Above of all, I can't balance the evidence and own statement. In my first draft, I found all most evidence from Abercombie's book, and I used his quotation to be my evidence; however, the feedback is I shouldn't repeat the fact but discuss. Here, I feel confused what the discussion is. I tried to talk to the tutor, then this discussion should be objective, and the evidence should be objective, and without my own opinion.

Therefore, I met another problem-- how to give my own statement but without my own opinion. 

For solving this problem, I almost spent all my lunch time in library. I read 11 books, of course, not all the books, just the useful context. Finally, I found that my own statement should base on the objective quotation which should be some famous person's books or some published books. What I need to do is to understand their opinion, and then narrate in my own understanding and my own statement, and also use the objective figure to support those ideas, for example, tutor recommended to me some very useful statistical books, which help me a lot. For this point, I know what the objective evidence is.

I just complained my problems and difficulties of this essay; however, actually, this essay made me improve a lot.

For example, I know how to quote someone's statement; I know how the academic way working; I understand that there is not right or wrong with my opinion, the most important thing is how to make the evidence supports my view logically, coherently, and forcefully.

I insist that I am on the way of being an academic and professional student with my more reading and practice.

In a word, essay makes me progress~~~

December 20, 2007

My difficult essay

   This is harder one for me than other two essays I have handled earlier. I think the reason is that it was marked by two subjects, which means I should be careful about the content that I talk about and the language that I use. These two aspects are not easy.

   Firstly, I want to talk about the content which made me exhausted. I can understand that it is necessary to give examples explaining important points, but I didn¡¯t know that I should show the evidence of the example and the explanation. This resulted in my limited time in which I must finish finding the evidence and writing, because I just did drifting reading. Therefore, I know how to write an analytical essay after I have written this one. If I could go back to write this essay, I think I would read lots of aspects related to the topic and get more useful information.

   Secondly, I want to talk about the language. The aim about language of this essay is written in academic language. Although I have learned how to write academic essay in China and in advanced language class, it can not be used skillfully for me. I am quite satisfied with my knowledge that I have learned from the advanced language class, but I need time to digest it and use it skillfully. After writing this essay, I learned that I should take more exercises about writing academic essay. Next time, I will prepare more time to check my academic language.

   In conclusion, this essay gives a bad feeling to me. At least, I am not satisfied with the process of writing this essay. From this experience, I have learned that I need read more chapters related to the essay topic, get more useful information, take more exercises about academic writing and check the language of my essay after I have finished my writing.