December 14, 2007

My Essay Hell

The essay about discussing the changes in Britain since 1945 was my fist essay in the University of Warwick. And it was a 2000-words essay. I have never written an essay before as long as this one in English. Certainly, it made me nervous at the beginning. Because there are so many differences between Chinese essay and English essay, I have to transfer my Chinese thinking into English.

In my opinion, organization and structure are the most difficult aspects for me. It is attribute to that the topic refers to such wide areas, there are too many changes; hence it confused me to pick up the main points to analyse. For example the changes of families and gender overlapped, so I found it was hard to separate them clearly. Then I took a long time to organize what aspects of changes I plan to cover and what are the detailed problems I want to concentrate on. In terms of structure, when I wrote essays in China I alwaye put the evidence and examples before idears; while in English the idears are required to advance at the beginning, which makes the readers clear about the theme of this paragragh. I can¡¯t be suitable this way of thinking immediately.

However, though this experience of writing an essay I have learned how to classify the knowledge and to select the useful imformation. I made a habit of writing an outline before the essay. In addition, I have learned how to use reference to make the essay more convinced. And I have learned how to write the references which I never did in China.

If I could go back to when I started writing the essay, I will pay more attention to my first part which is discussing the changes about political. Because I have not read much enough books or imformation I did not use many evidence to prove my pointview.

In a word, however the essay is successful or faild it is also a valuable experience to me because I have seen my shortages and I am seeking an effectable way improve myself.

October 19, 2007

Learning English Through Reading

I have been learning English for a long time, but I am still looking for the most suitable learning style for me. And I felt the more I learnt the more I need to complete my learning style; in another word, I improve my learning style while I am learning English.

My learning style in the university is that I first read the text book before classes in order to get a greneral impression about the content of the text. At the same time I underline the complex sentences which are difficult to understand; so I will pay more attention to these sentences in class. Secondly, after classe I will review the text to understand deeply. Thirdly, before the exams I always check with the text book and combine with my notes to remember the tenor; and the more significant thing is that I will try my best to retell the content to myself to make sure that I really understand it.

During my study I found learning vocabulary through reading was a very good way. Because in the text book there are many words that I never encountered and most of them will be repeated several times; it is easy for me to remember a word which appears so many times. It is also the reason why I'd like to read the text several times.

However, I think my worst skill is listening, I really need a lot of practices to improve it, so I think I have gotten a good environment in UK, and I hope I could get more chance to communicate with the local people.

In conclusion, according to my experence reading is useful; it not only helps me to understand the context but also expends my lexis and reading is beneficial for my academic writing. I will try my best to read.

October 05, 2007

First Impressions of Britian

After 2 years' study in Renmin University of China I came to University of Warwick to continue my study. It is known that the faculty of Warwick are professional and the facilities are advanced, which is more important, I live in the environment that is filled with English.

I arrived at Britain on Sep.29th. After 11 hours' journey I felt tired, but when I was on the National Express to Coventry I saw the green grasses, big and fantastic tree, and several groups of sheep and horses. All of them made my mind clearer. The contryside looked very quiet and natural, which also made me peaceful.

It was nearly 9:00pm. when I got Warwick, so I couldn't see the view of my school clear. However, my first impression of the campus is big and quiet. I'm sure it will be a  ideal place to study.

During the following days, I recognized that it was not so easy to adapt to the life in UK. I registered  with Health Centre, opened an account in the bank, bought a SIM card, and went to Tesco for many times. I found I can't quite follow the local people, sometimes I understood them several seconds later, it usually made me embarrassed. In addition, the traffic rules are different from China; people walk by the left.

In a word, I have a long way to run both on study and life, but I believe it is a good choose to come to Britain.

October 02, 2007

I am coming

On Sep.29th I came to the UK. On the way from Heathrow to Coventry, the most thing I can see is grasses, trees which is very big but alone on the grasses; sometimes I saw several groups of sheep, horses, and cows. In a word, in my first impression England is a beautifulful clean and peaceful place.

I felt very sorry, when I got Warwick it was about 21:00, so I can't see the view of the whole campus clearly, my only feeling was cold and tired. But the next morning I found Warwick is beautiful, too, there were some ducks in the lake, and sometimes the squirrel jumpped here and there beside me. Then my friend took me to the Students'Union, Sports Centre, Arts Centre, and so on. Maybe it will still take me several days to be familiar with the campus but I am sure I like to study in Warwick.

June 13, 2007

Answer 1

1. What do like to do in your spare time? Have you gathered with a group people who have similar interests, and shared your feelings or idears?

Answer: I like watching movie in my spare time. I am a member of Movie Society of Renmin University. We always share our ideas of every kind of movie, and sometimes we have dinner together to communicate with each other about our feeling of movies.

2. Have you joyed any society of Renmin University? What was it and what activities did you do in that society. Are you charge of any dipartment of that society? What do you like and dislike in your society and why?

Answer: I have been in Movie Society of Renmin University for two years. Movie Society is a club in which people can enjoy movies. There is a movie in the evening every Saterday, and the movies are from many different countries and directors. For instance, the movies of Spanish director Almodowar, Korean director Kim Jide, and so on. Furthermore, we also shared Frech movie of "Amelie From Montmartre", German movie of "Run Rola Run", and so on.

In addition, we watch self-producted DV every Sunday which is made by students or people love movie. After watching we give comments and share his or her experience of filming.

Moveover, because Renmin University is one of the hosts of Film Festival of Beijing University Students, I attended both opening ceremony and closing ceremony twice. At that time I was not only exposed to many superstars, but also I chatted about the movies with them face to face. I think I was very lucky!

I love movies, I love my society! All the activities enriched my experience, and I believe it is useful in my future life.

Finally, we don't have any department in our society.

June 09, 2007

Shinao Mount

Today, I went to Shinao Mount with Panpan.

There are too many steps so that Panpan was very tired, haha~ please do more phisical exerices yo!

After we arrived at the top of the mount my sweat had wetted my clothes, however, the cool breeze made me cool immediately.

We took photoes with the monument of  Baituan Battle. Looking at the monument I felt the soldiers were so brave and great, and I admire them!

Due to our experience of climbing up we decided to ask a car to take us down. We waited waited waited...

Finally, there coming a car, I ran after it and appealed to the driver to stop, but he just said:"bye bye" ruthless     so we were a little angery.

However, at that time a very kind and lovely uncle appeared, and he took us back.

Thanks, lovely uncle!

In fact, lovely uncle is Panpan's father, and we called him ......

June 06, 2007

I'm coming

JoJo's blog has opened!



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