January 11, 2008

One Click from Danger

Internet provides convenience to people¡¯s living, but also takes dangerous to them, especially to teenagers.

Nowadays personal space, where personal information can be found, is very popular among teenagers. Teenagers make new friends with their space meanwhile attract pervert take advantages of them.

Most of parents do not know what their children do on internet, and children themselves cannot judge good or bad, thus they are easily suborned by predators, even get hurt.

Teenagers now need to learn how to protect themselves. Do not give personal information to strangers is the most important method to protect children, and parents should help their children form a good habit of using internet.

December 21, 2007

My Essays Hell

Gone through several difficult days and nights, I finally finished my first two essays in the new term. I never thought I will meet so many difficulties when I write an essay with a given topic, the essay here is quite different from what I did in China, but it is really a challenge.

Vocabulary is still the most difficulty aspect when I write essays, especially the synonym. I tried to find some equivalence for the words that I have used in the paragraphs before but I failed, so there are always some words especially the conjunctions appear in my essays, I should continue the plan of enlarge my vocabulary for the coming times.

How to write reference is another problem when I write the essay. I do not mean the form of reference, I mean sometimes I cannot tell which part of essay I should mark it as a quote. Before I came to UK, I have learnt some theory of translation and part of English cultural. One of topics this term is Discuss the problems and advantages created by change in Britain since 1945. In this essay I wanted to write about the changes in policies of politics and economy and influences of these policies. I touched some of the information about this topic when I have the cultural class, for instance the change of parties in UK and their policies in politics and economy, but there are also some information I have learnt when I was in high school in the history and politics course. When I write this essay, I use the message that I learnt before naturally, and how to write the reference of this part became a problem for me, and finally I have to found some equivalence for them.

According to the essays in the first term, I found the reference is a crucial part of essay, even if some of the knowledge I have learnt before, I should use them carefully, and read more current message is better.


October 19, 2007

practice and practice and practice

Most of my friends told me that they think English is difficult for them to learn because they do not know how to learn the vocabularies and how to improve their English listening and speaking, but English study is a nice job to me for I feel it is really interesting when I study English.

It was junior middle school when I first touched the English, and I found it is a little bit difficult for me to remember the new words at first because I was just repeat them to help me learning vocabulary. It was really helped at the first few days when I learnt a new word, but with time went on; I forgot the words which I just learnt little by little. Later I found a new way to learning the vocabulary, that is to learn how to pronounce the word first, and I think it is really a good method, and after I knew how to pronounce a word and also the pronunciation of the letters or the letter combination, I can easily write the word and it also helped me to remember the meaning easier.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four main skills of the English study, and I think listening is my best skill, and the opposite is writing. I can easily follow the people who speak a Standard English, and I think it is due to my practice in the English listening. As far as my bad writing, obviously it is because I am short of practice. I had got the way to improve my writing, and I will work on it.

I think chat with local people is the best way to help me to learn English and it is also the most effective way that I had experienced. I knew my flatmates very well after we had a Chinese dinner together, and all of us got other¡'s MSN, and then we chat on the internet. When I chat with them, they would correct my mistake as well as told me some common use phrase: people say sweet dream instead of have a good dream, and also some symbols, for example lol used to means lots of love but now means laugh out loudly.

In a word, English study is not as difficult as people thought, the only thing what people need to do if they want to learn English well is practice, and be brave to communicate with others, that is really helpful.

October 05, 2007

warwick in my eyes

I have been in warwick for about a week, but thinking back the 1st day when we got UK, the tiredness but not the exciting is the main feeling on my 14-hours-way to come here.
Although my friends and I felt really tired because long distance flight and the examines in the CIQ, when we met ours fellow members who came to pick us, we felt moved and happy because we will stare a new life together in a different country. What made me more touched was that the delicious dinner which cooked by the boys in my class, and also lovely Dolly. When we were in China, most of the boys can not cook, but on 29th, they cooked us such a delicious dinner which I never expected before, and that really made feel like we are a family.
With the help of my classmates, I enrolled the accommodation, eating card and bank account, and today I went to enroll the health central and put into ¡¡ãpink¡¡À practice. And also today, I bought a SIM card and learn to top-up by myself. My new life is become ordered little by little.
During the 6 days in warwick, I found that the life style here is quite different from the study life in Renmin. For example, when I was in Renmin, the plan of the new term is announced by the tutor who in charge of ours study, and if there is some new plans, the tutor would come to the class to tell us or to call us to make sure that all of the students are know about the new plan, but in Warwick, all of the plans are announced by the e-mail, and I have to make a booking if I want meet the tutor, that is really a little bit difficult for me to get used to this way because I was not used to check my email box everyday and sometimes I would miss the news and  delay. I do not think this is a big problem, and I think I can managed a few days later.
What impressed me a lot is traffic in warwick. There are many cars in the university, and the road for the car is narrow, but I did not see any trafic jam by now and I feel safe when I want to cross the road, all the vehicles, no matter cars, buses or something else, they would slow down to let the people to cross the road first when they saw the people on the sidewalk. That is really impressed me, think back when I was in Beijing, I would be very careful when I want to cross the road if there is not overbridge, it seems that the vehicles are always in a great hurry and they can not wait for a few second to let the walkers pass.
Before I come to UK, I thought that what I can not get used would be the food in UK because there are too many butter and cheese, but after I get warwick I know that the food is not the problem to me, the food in the university are ok, and I even found a delicious chicken wings in the supermarket, it is the finished product and just need to be put in the microwave oven for a few minutes, and then, I can enjoy the good chicken wings. I like this chicken wings very much.
The time difference stare to effect, and I go to bed now, I will update some day later.
Wish every have a nice dream.
Good night.

July 28, 2007


I change the appearance of my blog, this one looks better than the black one if i write much on the page, it looks much Comfortable~~~

I am tired now~~this morning i had some Chinese native medicine because my mum think i need to nuese my health before i go to UK, so ......

you can not imagine the tast of the medicine.

OMG, i have have this medecine for another 3days......

btw, i find if you add some links in this appearance, it can put the link in a separate line itself, so nice...

it is 1:30 a.m. in China now, i need to go to sleep, 8 a.m. this morning, i have to get up to have the medicine.


PS: i am a little bit hungry now...... 

TASK4 is a little bit difficult~HELP

1.Library: What you can do in library? How many books can you get and how long can you keep them? How to renew or request a book? What kind of resources you can find in library? Can you bring food and drinks in some place? Does Coventry has any library and how do get there?

I think i can borrow the materials in the libaray and also do the self syudy there. I can borrow 10 books and keep them for about 2weeks for i am the Undergraduate student, and i can click the Library Catalogueto renew the books. As to the food, the sules tell me that Food and drink may not be consumed in the Library and may be confiscated. Smoking is forbidden. And  mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbance may not be used in the Library, unless their use is silent. Portable computers may be used only in designated areas.

2.Teachers: What can a personal tutor do and what kind of questions you can ask her/him? How can you get contact with a lecture by e-mail or phone? Do teachers have blogs and can you get any help from that?

I am not quite sure whether the personal tuter is the tutor is the tutor who teach me in the class or the tutor who i find to help me after class. but i think that both of these two tutors are expose me to the space that i never touched before, and maybe i can ask them some suggestion on my study and also the future plan, and in my opinion the e-mail is a good way to get contract with a lecture.

3.Colleagues: Can you get in touch with any colleagues with the same major as you? And what advice can you get from them? (assignment? Module selection? Etc.) Do they have blogs and what can you learn from that?

NO, i don't think i can get in touch with other colleagues easily ......

4.Study opportunities out of class: Any conference? Any cooperated project with people from other university? Any speech in city center? How can you find the information about all those opportunities?

I don' know......555555555555555......who can help me

N.B. useful website
Warwick library: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/library/
Warwick blogs: http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/ *

TASK3 haha~

1.Where will you live? (On or off campus? If you need to apply for your dormitory, how and when? What facilities will be offered, in kitchen? In bathroom? In bedroom? ) which accommodation do you prefer?
Why do you choose this one? price?facilities?location?
where did you investigate and apply for your residence? online? asking previous students?

In the middle of june after I got my offer, i was told that i can appaly my dormitory online with my student number. Finally i choose Tocil after i got the suggestions from the previous students, they told me that tocil is in a really good location, it is near to the supermarket and students union, and it sound really good. Also the price of tocil is OK to me.

2.The accommodation fee. (When and how should you pay it, any deposit? What kind of contract will you take? Do you need pay any tax if living off campus? What should you do if you want change your room or you have some special needs such as single sex or no smoking?)

It seems i can pay the fee when i get UK, and i did not get any contract. As to living off campus, i will think about it when i get UK, maybe i will rent a house with my close friends. And if i have special needs i can listed them in the application form.

3.Diet: What kind of food English people usually have? The difference between English and Chinese associated with cultures? What kind of food you can not or very difficult find in England?

I think the english people are willing to eat the bread, beef , chicken and fresh vegetables, but the chinese are prefer the rice, noodles and some traditional dishes.

4.Eating in Warwick: Where can you find nice food in or around Warwick? Where can you refill your fridge? Where can you buy Chinese food and seasoning?

the previous students told me that i can buy everything that i want in the supermarket, and i think there will be some CHINA TOWN in UK, and i can go there to look around.

5.Add any other findings when you are doing this investigation and share with your friends.

You can get some help by following website
Accommodation: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/accommodation/
Supermarket :http://www.tesco.com/storelocator/
Eating in Warwick http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/hospitality/

Did you check out this page ?http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/accommodation/studentaccommodation/all/videos/
I checked this page, the vidios are good, but there is not picture of the dormitory, so it has a little sense~

July 25, 2007


I am really  sorry about my blog , i promised that  i would update my blog, but it seems that  it is about one month  since i updaded last time.

So I would continue my task first.

I did find a blogger who seems interested in music and vidio, and there are many interesting vidios in his blog. It seems that he find the vidios from YOUtube.

He write a little, and just some introductions or his own feelings about the vidio. Most of the vidios are about the music and sounds good . I left a comment to show my interesting and I really like his blog.

June 10, 2007

Answers ~

I went to look for a societies that i am interested in, and i found there is a Eastern Food Society sounds good, it introduced many eastern food and also afford the chance to DIY, it seems if i become  a member of this society, i can get discounts in some restaurant. There is also a football fans society which can help the members much easier to go to matches, share transport etc for games where a full Society trip isn't viable.

I think the societies in English university are much more various, students have more opportunity 
to choose their favourite society and also the society provide many condition to help the members to do whatever interested in, while the societies in Chinese university are a liitle bit formed and have less new innovate.

June 07, 2007

Answers^^(to be continued~~)

Time is so limited, today i just finished half of the task, and i will do the rest later ~~~^^ 

1.   What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you gathered with a group people who have similar interests, and shared your feeling or ideas?

I like singing in the KTV with my friends or see the film by myself.

Yes, so many times and i can not tell all of them, and I remember that last Christmas i went to skiing with a group of students who like sport too, but later, I had to focused on the WELT and did not attend many  parties. 

2.   Have you joined any society in Renmin University? What was it and what activities did you do in that society. Are you in charge of any department of that society? What do you like and dislike in your society and why?

Yes, I joined the HI-Club, which connected with the foreign students.

I did not in charge of any department.

I join in the club because it can provides me many opptunities to contact the culture from different countries, but I think this club did not orgnized very well, each department did not manage their job and made the club a little bit chaotic.

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