June 18, 2008

Bring Back "old–style" Email Search!

I tried to find a mates warwick email address today.

Instead of getting the simple little email search page, I get the entire Warwick website search page with the ‘People’ tab selected. OK then, let’s see if it works…

I’m not sure if his “real name” is Nick or Nicholas (or any other spelling), so I search for “n surname”.

I then see that it’s not just searching for “People”, but also “Web”, “Blogs” and “Exam Papers”. Why on earth would I want to search for my mates email address in exam papers!?

Because the letter ‘n’ generated so many hits in exam papers, my browser cannot cope with the amount of data and promptly crashes.

I try again, using the “Refine Search” option. But can I find a link to email address or similar? No. Nothing remotely related to that.

Why have they changed something simple and useful to something complicated and useless?


May 03, 2008

Promotion for AFC Wimbledon :–D


They’ve just been promoted.

They are now in the “Conference South” division :-)

Which in the Football Pyramid is…

1. Premier League
2. Football League Championship
3. Football League One
4. Football League Two
5. Conference National
6. Conference North / Conference South
7. Northern Premier League Premier Division / Southern Football League Premier Division / Isthmian League Premier Division

Promoted from Isthmian League Premier Division to the Conference South.

Congrats :-D

April 28, 2008


Can this day get any better?

[Well, they’ve also announced the Grad will be open til the end of Term :-)]


April 13, 2008

Doctor Who in Pompeii

Has anyone noticed that the family in this episode have the same names as a series of book characters used to teach Latin in schools?

EDIT: Oh, after watching “Confidential” my suspicion was confirmed. They are the character names from the Latin course taught to Russel T Davies himself! I remember this from my appalling record in Year 7-9 Latin. Those odd coloured books from the Cambridge Latin Course, pulished by the CUP

April 09, 2008

I Want To Eat Here!

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7335351.stm

This place looks so impressive!

Anyone fancy a trip to Germany?

March 13, 2008

It's been too long!

Hello World!

Well, I’ve finally got round to blogging again. It’s been a while, and so much has happened in my life. I could try to remember it all, but I would offend anyone if I forgot something. So how about some highlights…

  • Kept going with my Project
  • Conducted Wind Orch lots
  • Met some great new people, Freshers and Others
  • Started a relationship
  • Watched my first professional Ice Hockey match
  • Watched my first amateur Ice Hockery match
  • Spent lots of time away from my flat (Sorry housemates :-S)
  • Finished 3 modules worth of assessed work
  • Got through the Christmas Holidays
  • Finished a relationship
  • Didn’t drink much alcohol at all, until the Real Ale Festival, and Top B this week ;-)
  • Sat through my last EVER lecture
  • Had a GREAT time

So at the end of the Second Term, it has all got a bit serious

I have my last day in lab to actually DO some Chemistry; I have an essay to write for my last module; I have a WSAF application to do, and then I should be allowed to collapse.

Hopefully my last Term at this uni won’t completely kill me ;-)

Oh, and with exams in week 1, a Project deadline in week 6, and interview/presentation in week 8/9, it’s going to be busy!

October 12, 2007

I guess I'm an Oldie

Well, I’m back. Now in my 4th year, and still doing too much that probably isn’t Chemistry :-S Ah well.

I got my campus accommodation (Redfern) with my group of mates from my course, which is a good laugh. Shame I’m not there enough.

I’m one of the conductors of Wind Orchestra for the next year, which is bloody scary. Just did 20mins in the Free Concert on Tuesday in front of a Butterworth Hall audience. ARGH!! I’m also their Concert Manager, so have to remember all of my exec duties too.

So I started way back in 2004, and am STILL an undergrad. It’s slightly worrying when I can go out with mates who live in the local area, and realise that I’m the only undergrad there. (Thank god Laura was at Juicy’s 25th!)

Now I’ve just got to hope my 20-week research project with Guy Clarkson goes well. I’ve already managed to make some stupid errors. I’m going to blame a summer without labs and a lack of engaging my brain. Though it all sounds interesting (Getting a ring-like molecule to stay on an axle) and am quite looking forward to it.

So, I’m still here. I wonder if I want to leave in June 2008.

August 03, 2007

Foot and Mouth is Back!!!

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/6930684.stm

Bugger :S

July 22, 2007

Comical Graduation Week Moments

I sat through every graduation ceremony last week as part of the brass quintet. Here are the best moments.

  • Monday (am)
    A student on crutches doesn’t want to bend his degree certificate on said crutches, so leaves the crutches with an usher and hops across stage on 1 leg!
  • Wednesday (all day)
    The WGA speaker – Roy Cheung – was great. Really passionate speaker; sounded like he really wanted to be there. Also had a comical accent!
  • Thursday (pm) (?)
    A girl lost a flip-flop on the ramp up to the shake the DVC’s hand, but left it behind. He went and got it for her after the handshakle and she had to come back to reclaim it from him.
  • Friday (pm)
    A Theatre student “trips” on the way to shake the DVC’s hand. I Found out later this was a stunt and he had asked his parents persmission to do this.

Currently all I can remember. All suggestions welcome!

July 18, 2007

It’s Graduation Week…

...and I’m on campus for the duration.

I’m playing in the Brass Quintet1 that entertains the masses before and after each degree congregation. This means we get to play the same set of music ten times over the course of the week. Fun (!)

We’ve got campus accommodation (International House), free breakfast (Rootes Restaurant), free lunch (Buffet) and even a small amount of pay! Not bad for just over an hours playing each day. The slight downside is that we have to sit through the entirety of each ceremony, and it can get a bit tiresome hearing the same speech from the VC (or C if he’s shown up). Though it can be quite fun finding someone you know in the list of names and remembering to “Whoop!”

With us in halls are the Jazz Band (TUB2), the Arts Centre Stewards and the Chamber Choir, who are all working throughout the week. TUB are out on the Piazza (if it’s dry) and the Chamber Choir are in the Butterworth Hall with us.

Even though we are getting all this food and stuff, I still don’t know if I’ll come out of the week with a profit. What with all these evenings socialising with either the Quintet or the Choir (I seem to be the only person crossing over between these 2 groups!) I think my bank balance (or lack of one) is going to take a slight hit :S

Tonight is a Bengal Curry organised by Tebay (and Lu who created by the Facebook group) and the last I heard it seems we will be taking over a large portion of the curry house. Ah well, they love us really! It’ll be great to see lots of mates, some of who are leaving Warwick this year. It’s yet another opportunity to say goodbye. We’ve had end-of-term, tour, and now graduation week, so it’s all getting a bit repetitive!

Right, time to choose some music for Wind Orchestra for next term.


1 Joe Cooney (Trumpet), Bruce Davies (Trumpet), Tom Middleton (French Horn), Ed Kent (Trombone) and me (Tuba).
2 Sam Hancock (Drums), Joe Davison (Keyboard), Matt Shields (Bass Guitar) and Warren Frenandez (Alto Sax/Vocal).


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