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April 26, 2019

Friday 26th April

It’s that time again, Easter Holiday Scheme has come to an end!

While it’s always sad when the end arrives, we still made sure we all had a fantastic last day. Our visitor today was Jim, an artist and puppet maker. He worked with all of the children showing them how to make bird puppets out of paper plates and egg-head puppets out of card. There were some amazing creations as the children let their imaginations run wild.

We also had some outside time today where the children took the jumbo chalks outside to make colourful pictures and messages on the floor. We all managed to finish our pictures before the rain came. The pavement has never looked so colourful!

We managed to get our usual dose of outside games in today as well with some great dodgeball skills and lots of exciting parachute games.

So the fun is over for this Holiday Scheme, but don’t forget that the Holiday Scheme returns in the May half-term and there are still spaces remaining if you would like to book onto it.

April 25, 2019

Thursday 25th April

Today we had three very special visitors to the Holiday Scheme. Puck, Bottom and Fen (three beautiful owls) came in with Becky to meet the children. Everybody had a turn at holding each owl on a special leather glove on their left hand (we learnt that we use the left hand for holding so that the right hand is free for other tasks). Some children were even brave enough to stroke their faces against the owls' faces, which the owls really enjoy. Everybody learnt lots of interesting owl facts and had a great time.

The other half of the day was a visit to the Forest School near the nursery building. In between the rain storms, we managed to walk over to the Forest School and spend some time making dens for different kinds of animals. We had insect houses with flowers for decorations; mouse houses made from tree bark; and a larger den made from branches and tarpaulin which was big enough for some of the children to climb into.

Another fun-filled day at the Holiday Scheme; we can't believe there's only one day left!

April 24, 2019

Wednesday 24th April

There was a musical theme to today’s holiday scheme. Our older group were very creative making pan pipes out of straws and lollipop sticks, while our younger children made shakers from cups and a variety of noisy fillings. The children had great fun working out which food made the best noise in their shakers with the winner definitely being cornflakes!

The morning also saw some very enthusiastic game playing outside. Our older group learnt how to play Red Rover and by the end of the session were all experts in tactics, while our younger group had a fantastic time playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’

In the afternoon we had a visit from Chris who had the children creating interesting rhymes and making some great clapping rhythms.

We also created some interesting wildlife art outside using natural objects such as leaves and sticks, along with some beautiful metallic paints.

April 23, 2019

Tuesday 23rd April

Today was a day of Easter-themed fun. We had a find the egg challenge and some great teamwork creating protective covers for our protect the egg challenge. The teams did so well that only one team's egg broke!

We also had a great time making delicious Cookie Monster treats out of cookies, dough, icing and much more, before finishing the day with some outdoor games.

April 18, 2019

Thursday 18th April


What a fantastic day we have had today at the Holiday Scheme! The day started off with some outdoor games of Capture the Flag and Hula Blockers and then we got creative by making our own sports accessories and superhero capes.

After lunch we had more outside fun with themed games and created our own Bow and Arrows.

Well what a great first week back at the Holiday Scheme it has been!

Happy Easter!

With best wishes,

Katy, Maria, Estie and the Holiday Scheme Team

April 17, 2019

Wednesday 17th April


We’ve had a fantastic time at the Holiday Scheme today! Everyone used their Spidey Senses this morning to take part in outdoor blindfolded games, also testing out our other senses with our ‘I’m a celeb’ touch test challenge and had our nose’s working hard in ‘guess the scent’.

We got squishy with it in the squishy workshops using lots of paints and colours and ended the afternoon with lots of outside games whilst enjoying the sun!

A great day 3 at the Holiday Scheme!

With best wishes,

Katy, Maria, Estie and the Holiday Scheme Team

April 16, 2019

Tuesday 16th April


Well what a great Tuesday it was been at the Holiday Scheme, with today being WARRIOR day.

Everyone had great fun with Chief Dan completing the Unlim8 Warrior course, with medals and laughing faces all round.

We also got creative with some Warrior Fancy Dress making as well as making our own catapults and slingshots. We also found time to have a Marble Run race down the corridors, with great teamwork skills being shown!

A great day full of winning Holiday Scheme warriors!

With best wishes

Katy, Maria, Estie and the Holiday Scheme Team

April 15, 2019

Monday 15th April 2019


Welcome back to Easter Camp!

This morning was fidgety and mind blowing with our fab fidget spinning and perception quiz.

Grace’s team took first place in the quiz, not being tricked by any of the illusions.

The illusions continued into the afternoon with some fantastic VR workshops and human ispy.

Followed by some fantastic team work in our orienteering tasks and exceptional parachute skills, enjoyed by all.

A great first day to our Easter Holiday Scheme, much more fun to come!

With best wishes,

Katy, Maria, Estie and the Holiday Scheme Team

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