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November 27, 2007

How web–authoring technology can get in the way.

Writing about web page

The CCM team are recruiting transitional companles according to the EC postcode lottery. I helped a company on a small trading estate and noted more firms with the same postcode.

I followed up three, all with websites, some showing considerable investment but all three failed to work as a business tool. Their websites were positively search engine hostile with combinations of the usual culprits, below:
  • Flash landing pages.
  • Frames.
  • Complex database generated pages with many parameters.
  • Confusion of domain names and masking.

One of my project students last year evaluated simple checklists for websites and used 5 or more functional checks. All three of these websites failed my simpler 2 step test (see Web Poster ).

  1. Copy a unique extract of text from the site, add quotes & search.
    This can include their brand.
  2. If the words can be found check for links to the rest of the site.

When the words CAN be found and the pages act as a site then you can improve the titles, write better copy and build good links. All this is a waste of effort if hidden by the technology.

December 11, 2006

Yahoo!'s Siteexplorer gives controllable Inbound Link results.

Writing about web page

I have found the most accurate Inbound Link tool is the Yahoo! Site Explorer. It also gives a clear indication of the pages from a site that are cached on Yahoo!’s databases.

Inbound link numbers are not as critical these days with quality and relevance being more important than quantity. All the search engines need to find a link or be notiified to be able to discover your page.

The site explorer allows you to select “except from this domain” to reject links from your own site and links to the whole domain or to a subdomain.

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