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October 30, 2005

Teacher Paul's 24th

Well, its the end of a good, unusual night out, but a very funny one. It was TP's B'day, and we all met up at The Old Orleans for some drinks and then ppl went onto Jumpin' Jacks. I went back with Tara and watched Halloween H20 in the dark, most jumpy bit was when Sarah rang us- nearly had a heart attack.

Highlights of the evening:

  • the overwhelming smell of womens perfume in my car
  • when asked my age by the barman I said 19
  • Tara's squeal "Oooh my skirt" when the wind blew in an unfortunate direction
  • getting to Hearsal Lane, and Tara realising she had no key, so was locked out

October 29, 2005

Fancy a shower?

Today our shower's been converted to "au naturel" thanks to our landlord. We just have to wait till it rains. He was trying to fix a hole, sort of made a bigger one in the process. So this morning, Ai Vy and I have to go round to Penny's for a shower!

October 27, 2005

Photos– update

Follow-up to Photos from The Little Blog of Chav

Well, some of summer's photo's R up in my gallery now. Apologies to Tara, but U didn't bribe me, so the bin pic is up.
Oh, and sorry to Miche, but the pic is too good NOT to put up!

The momentumites

My first entry

I thought i'd finally start my blog, i signed up for one at the begining of last yeah and just never got round to putting anything on it.

I cant beleive its the end of week 5 already, it cant be half way through term! I feel like i havent done anything yet, its been a blur of early mornings and lectures with way too little going out.

I have M.E, so am somewhat limited in what i can do. I'm getting pretty frustrated with how little i've been able to do so far. I want to be able to stay in just cos i feel like a lazy evening rather than having to, and i even want to get more work done.

This saturday i will be at the halloween ball, i've decided that i need to get out, and I'm even going to dance for a bit. I need to let off some steam and I cant wait :) Some of my friends and I are going in matching costumes, its going to be brilliant!


In keeping up with Alex & his blog (which is far inferior than this), thought I'd start updating my photo galleries. I've started a Singapore gallery, which will have more soon. I'll be putting up some other ones from the summer- so watch out for such photos as "Tara in a bin" and "The virgin Jenny"!

47 on the net

Finally, we have both our phoneline and internet connection at our house, in sunny Bristol road. Now I can sit back and blog till my hearts content, or until I get bored and start pestering Alex. (tho well done to him, cos he's the reason we're on the net)

October 26, 2005

Sharky and George

After the leaking goldfish tank saga and getting rather lost trying to find pet shops in Coventry I've now had my 2 goldfish Sharkey and George for 2 weeks and they're still alive and well after surviving a weekend left alone with some dodgy looking starfish shaped weekend goldfish food! My only concern now is driving them home at christmas and having to spend the xmas hols trying to pursuade my cat not to eat them!

Here's a picture of the original Sharky and George and then when we get the internet at home tomorrow I can add one of the new Sharky and George!

There's nothing wrong with pop music!

The majority of people reading this will probably thing I'm very sad and have got crap taste in music but last night I went to see the Backstreet Boys in Birmingham with Amy and it was great and I'm sure Ian would agree! It made a nice change being at a concert and not feeling like one of the oldest people there as last night the NEC seemed to be full of middle aged woman! The only down side of the night was someone on the row in front of us being sick!

October 25, 2005

Rev Rocks!

Keeping up with my new resolution to start blogging, thought I better actually mention rev for the 1st time!

If U haven't heard of Revelation (where have U been?) its the warwick's rock gospel choir. Its really good fun, singing, swaying, clapping, funny warm ups and don't forget HARIBO!

Anyway, its on tuesdays at 7:30 in the chaplaincy on campus, anyone can join, even if U R tone deaf(no joke!) cos the aim of rev is to have fun! Tonight we are all wearing some item of pink clothing, in aid of breast cancer awareness, not really a pink-kind-of-person myself, but Miche is gonna lend me her top. Hope there ain't no cameras tonight!

Finally…... come to rev!

I hate labs

Lab yesterday was really short, which was good… but this report is soooooooooo long.
Anyway, Ali- have U been checking my blog everyday for the last 9 months? Otherwise, what are the chances of U reading it the very day I decide to start blogging again.
Plus, I think its quite funny that U R regarded as the "chav" of Brass Soc!

October 24, 2005

More Overtaking in F1??

Well that's what the experts are saying this wing design could well lead to;

Somehow it just doesn't seem like an F1 car to me, hmmm

I'm back

Finally decided to start blogging again, after 9 months!
Things R gonna start changing round here and its gonna get ugly.
I'm already talking rubbish, well gotta get to labs, chemistry is calling me.

The history of mmm–charlie…

For those of you unfortunate enough to not know the story behind the title of my blog here goes…
In what now feel like the distant days of first year (actually on last year but, anyway) when we were shown a list of who was in our personal tutor groups Simon (who is now a very dear friend-hey si if u read this!!) thought my surname which is McHale was pronounced mmm charlie, he claims this is because it was written in capitals as MCHALE, i will leave you to judge for yourself whether this is a reasonable enough excuse, i decided not and mock him for it regularl!!


Night xxx

October 23, 2005

Musical Talent, or lack thereof

I've been playing guitar for around 4 yrs now, have played in a band and done some fund raising, but I still pretty much suck at playing guitar (the other guitar player in my old band had some interesting names for my musical talent/lack thereof)

I'd love to be able to listen to song and just play it, but then having to work so hard makes it rewarding on the rare ocassions I get it spot on, I miss playing guitar during term time as it's back at home – it can be so relaxing when stressed.

October 22, 2005

Meeting Minutes and more shameless promotion of Atomic

Greetings all from the Atomic Secretary, just to note that meeting minutes (for all interested) are online here; minutes

And to add to the already shameless amounts of promotion by my fellow exec members I present you yet again with;

Socs Fed members - Join Atomic for free today!!

October 21, 2005


Not really a drunken entry this one I admit, but bear with me . . .

I'd like to announce to the world (from the comfort of Warwick's Learning Grid @ University House) that I have been alcohol free since Sunday 16th October, but even then I was just a bit tipsy, so realistically I haven't been drunk since Wednesday 12th (JD's birthday party, lets not go into that one . . .).

Whoever said detoxing was hard needs their heads slapped! And, due to commitments to saving countless lives (well, St. John Ambulance training over the weekend on campus, but I'm allowed some artistic licencing on my own blog!), I won't be flooding my veins of those lovely alcohol molecules until Wednesday 26th, Stewy's leaving party. I say party, it's basically gonna be the same old situation: Stew & Nat (his missus) looking after me whilst I get roaringly drunk and end up in tears. Ah, a good night to come!

And thanks to Lauren's "Over a week? That's just not right!" comment which led me to be proud of meself, bless you Lauren (who is also tee-total for a week!).

8 months later…

It's taken a little longer than expected to get round to writing a second entry on here (only about 8 months!), but if this year carries on being as interesting as the last few weeks have been then I should have plenty to write about! Once we get the internet sorted in our house I'll be able to put all the pics on from this term aswell (there's about 3 on here so far.)

October 19, 2005

I like you, you don't try and piss in my bedroom!

Well what a compliment for a lady to pay someone, dearest drunk Vicky can be such a sweetheart at times!

So much for my "go to bed early" plan, out the window with that! Although, I suppose in a way I did go to bed early last night; 5am being an early time in the day. But of course, you know me friends, I wasn't going to continue into Wednesday like nothing had ever happened, good god no. Missing Analysis III lecture (and Stars at 9am, yeah right; would have had to be up at 7:30am, 2.5 hours sleep? DONT THINK SO!), I am now sat in my room blogging to the world.

And my intentions for the day? Original plan was to go to Oxford to see DP (Jonathan Dupont, very good school friend of mine and a living legend), but that doesn't look to be happening either; so bring on note copying please!

And why 5am I hear you ask? Well, that was down to Clare, Mrs "I wasn't going out tonight, I was staying in" (who would repeat that same explanation to myself and Luke about every 15 mins, forgetting any and all previous mentionings), who went to Evolve (formerly Mirage for those not in the know, but then again, you probably wont know what Mirage is either – a club) and got rather drunk with the aforementioned Vicky. Not only did Luke and I stay up (well they woke him up, good on you girls), but due to my reaction when they said they were going to get off with each other, wanted me to come get them with Luke. So, back to mine to pick up some cushions (Vicky has a cushion thing going), then back to the girls' place.

Weird evening I grant you, funny, but one thing I wasn't used to: having to control drunk people whilst being sober. They do say Universtiy provides all new experiences, I guess 18th October was a day for one.

Oh, and as for the title, my good friend Luke was a bit intoxicated when he went to Clare's the other day, and drunkely went up into Vicky's room, woke her up, and said he wanted to have a piss. Nice!

October 18, 2005

Quotes from the house

Writing about quotes from the house.. from Two beds and a coffee machine

My dear friend Grad and myself (well, we call her grad, i think her parents dubbed her "Marlene" or something), have started compiling a list of hilarious Yantraisms (basically, things that Yantra, another housemate of ours, come up with). Click the link to view, there's no point me putting it on here too!

Hello, I'm pissed . . .

Alex (housemate, and a very decent bloke I must add) came up with a fantastic idea; instead of having to face sending the entire Orange staff to Barbados for a week at the end of each month, why not write drunken things on here?

Man, you are a genius! So, now this part of my blog is devoted to things that happen whilst I'm drunk, and what I say. I would do it now, but I'm not drunk (hmm, I have a car outside and a credit card to hand!).

Just use the "Drunken Entries" tag to see what shit, if any, I come up with.

Welcome friends!

Well here it is, day one of Roopey's blog. Would have been day 2 if the site admin peeps had allowed my original name, but there we go, live and let live!

Stay tuned for boring, weird and uneventful events of my days at Warwick and beyond . . .

October 12, 2005

Tech Crew Meet & Greet

Thank you to everyone that came to our meet and greet yesterday in the Butterworth Room. I hope everyone signed up for what they wanted to do and emails will be sent out when I have managed to sort through all the pieces of paper.

If anyone missed it but want to sign up for shows / training, then email exec@warwicktechcrew.co.uk and let us know.

Finally, our next social will be Wednesday Week 4, Bowling at Mega Bowl (or whatever its called now!) in Leamington. People on Campus meet at 6:30 the Arts Centre Bus stop. Hope to see you all there then!

October 08, 2005

Start of a new Blog

Yes, I've finally taken the Plunge and signed up for a Blog, I'm hoping that I'll leave myself lots of helpful messages on here but it will probably not happen!

Anyway, I've cut down on my hours with TSG now which means that I might do better than the third I got last year :S, did my first shift (4 – 10pm) today for Time Tunnel, the set looks great, although I'm a bit concerned that it is going to need a room the size of Resources to fit it in between events!

On a seperate note, Tech Crew are covering 8 shows this term alone, which is averaging one a week between now and Week 10! Thats just crazy, hopefully we will get lots of enthusiastic freshers to help us out!

September 13, 2005

Meet Lucifer, the 3 yr–old lion…

I don't think I can fully express to anyone what it feels like to stroke a male lion.

I did voluntary work at London Zoo, helping out with the monkeys (my absolute dream job, it turns out!). I formed a bond with the tiny tamarin monkeys (now an endangered species, and the zoo are breeding them well). I was also feeding other types of monkeys, as well as gorillas. But the tamarins were my favourite – they were eating millworms from my hand by the end. :D

I miss my monkeys….

August 17, 2005

I Need Your Help For Making Poverty History

My friend Louise is trying to play an important part in the White Band Day 2 for Make Poverty History.

The G8 summit has not done everything it could have to help the third world debt. There is still a lot more to be achieved for its 3 main aims:
1) for fair trade and justice.
2) for more and better aid.
3) for cancelling the debt.

Louise's idea is to get as many people as possible to donate whatever they can, as well as send us their dream for the future. It can be anything – personal or general – and will be written on a hand, which will be stuck up on a huge white banner. The idea is to have loads of hands from all ethnic backgrounds on one white banner (she's arty!) to symbolise everyone making this particular dream come true.

If you would like to help, leave a comment here and I will organise a letter explaining everything, and a form for your dream and donation to be sent to you. My MSN address is in my user info bit, so if I have no contact details for you, please email them to me.

We aim to have this banner up and completed in time for September 10th (White Band Day 2), so replies are needed ASAP.


Note: more info can be found on www.makepovertyhistory.org and www.eljc.org.uk (Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community)