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March 01, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.warwickartscentre.co.uk/events/id/2634

Just a quick advert for the next big show that Tech Crew are working on.


Sunday 5th March, 5pm or 8pm

Yes its the dance societies annual showcase event in the Warwick Arts Centre. Tickets are available from the linked webpage or the Arts Centre Box Office.
We held a dress rehearsal at the weekend and the costumes look amazing, the dances are polished and its going to be a really good show.

Get your tickets now!

February 28, 2006

Pirate Name

Writing about web page http://www.fidius.org/quiz/pirate/

My pirate name is:

Captain Tom Vane

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.

February 26, 2006

You Are What You Eat

Now this is a show I've never watched, but since 2 people I went to school with are going to be part of this Tuesdays show I've decided to watch it for once.

Back home the news of this has been in various local papers and local radio stations to drum up further interest.

In fact the guy on it ("the boyfriend") was the guy I used to sit next to in A-Level chemistry…

You Are What You Eat, Channel 4

Tuesday 28th Feb. 8pm

February 09, 2006

Someone Needs To Be Screamed At And Beaten With A Massive Stick….


So Abu Hamza is in prison for a bit.

And the BNP nazis walk free.

And their crimes are so totally different…. how?

The little faith I had left in our justice system has just been shat on.

Oh, but wait. The race hate from the BNP wasn't aimed at the British people. So it's perfectly acceptable. Silly me.

January 24, 2006

Login Trouble

Well, what a crap day!

Firstly my account gets locked over the weekend because ITS in there wisdom setup this two strikes and your out system without telling anyone! Ah well never mind. Spent about 40minutes in the end waiting for the helpdesk to have someone helpful to answer my call, in the end I gave up! As for closing at 5pm on Sunday when all this was just kicking off…Unbelievable!

Then the union email system nearly crashes my email server by sending me 65 "delayed email" notifications for a society email that was sent out….

And I managed to fail to attend a single lecture all day. Oh well, at least ITS have now relented and allowed me to change my password in my.Insite without having to queue outside the computer centre as everyone did today!

Anyway, I believe that they have now unlocked the majority of accounts and you have one or two more logins before they get locked. everyone should login to My.Insite immediately and change there password before they get locked out again!

January 19, 2006

Fashion Show

Writing about web page http://www.oneworldweek.net

Well, we did it, 470 performers in the Butterworth Hall to a packed out crowd. Well done to everyone who was involved.

Special thanks to all my techie crew and the WTV lot for all of their hard work during the three days we have worked on it. It look spectacular. Personally, I didn't leave the arts centre at all yesterday between 8:30am and 11pm so thank you to Chloe for buying me my sandwich as my only food for the day!

Hope everyone who came to watch enjoyed it and you still have your ear drums intact from the confetti cannon!

And this be the end of my OWW Fashion Show Tech Manager shift. Good luck to whoever takes it on next year!!! Roll on WSAF!

January 17, 2006

If you don't like Man Utd – Support Burton!!! FA Cup 3rd Round Replay

Continuing with my love of the FA cup 3rd round, tomorrow night see's the replay of my home town, Burton, against Manchester United. Now I can't stand Man Utd at all, I know a lot of football fans can't, so why not become a Burton fan for the night!!

January 11, 2006

The birds and the trees

In one of those random thoughts moods again, so here goes (thought about it last night on the atomic pub crawl).

Has anyone ever seen a partridge in a pear tree? In fact, come to think of it, I don't even know what a partridge looks like (according to Penny it's smaller than a pheasant).
I'm not even sure if I've seen a pear tree either (Stefan reckons that pears could even grow from the ground!)

My point is, I think the "12 days of christmas song" gets our hopes up about wonderful birds in trees (that might not even exist).
Also, when was the last time anyone got 5 gold rings on the fifth day- or any day for that matter! I'm tempted to try and sue the songwriters for false advertising. Does anyone know who wrote it?

Anyway, if anyone sees either a partridge (10 points), a pear tree (5 points) or a partridge in a pear tree (100 points) then take a picture and let me know! (P.S. no pics from google U cheats!)

December 27, 2005

Mountain High

Do you ever find that you're spending all your time trying to achieve something or to get through a difficult time, and think that when its all over, you won't have anything else to worry about?

I mean, look at exams and education, do we ever get to the end of "achieving" and don't have anything else to do to become successful?

Its like going up a mountain and the peak seems to be just a bit further, but you get there and find that there's a higher peak.

Just when old problems seem to be sorting themselves out and life seems to be settling down, something else pops up and you then have to deal with new challenges.

I don't want to seem like I'm complaining to God, cos there's sooo much that he's done that I'm really thankful for.
I know over the past couple of years, he has really been watching over me and my family, and the one lesson I've learnt is that things happen only in God's time, not my own. So being patient is one of the many virtues I know I should pursue, but being honest, have not achieved yet!

I think I'm still struggling with the idea that I can't do things without God's strength. When things don't go my way, I feel that I've failed. But maybe this wasn't part of his plan, and fighting for the things I think will make me happy, aren't the things that would make me happy after all.

Maybe the answer is to just pursue God, and the other things in life will just happen the way they're meant to happen.

I think I spend too much time worrying about things. Anyway, I've rambled on about stupid things enough already, think it's time to stop.

December 07, 2005

The Joys of the FA Cup

FA Cup 3rd Round Draw


Fantastic draw, exactly the kind of draw non-league teams dream of, after last nights 4–1 beating of Burscough, Cloughie's (Nigel that is) boys will go on to face Man Utd in the 3rd round in January, hopefully at the Pirelli.

Come on Burton!!!

Also hopefully Derby will fare well against Burnley, at least it's a home tie for us, and good luck to Tamworth in the Staffs derby with Stoke

December 06, 2005

Merry Christmas

Well it's the end of term 1 and I think it's safe to say it's been the most eventful term of uni so far, so here's to 4 weeks at home relaxing to recover!

Hope that you all have a fabulous christmas and a brilliant new year and santa brings you everything you're wishing for. See you all in the new year!

December 04, 2005

Fire at my old 6th Form

Well I get a phone call Friday afternoon, just before setting off for home, from my younger brother telling me about a fire at the 6th form. He's pretty pissed off as he has most likely lost all his work and notes as his bag was in the common room at the time.

Local news has suggested that the police are treating it as arson – 3 people have been arrested in connection with Friday's events, with eyewitnesses commenting on yr9/10s spraying an aerosol into an air vent outside the 6th form study area and then lighting it, the fire then spreading throughout the 6th form block – blowing the windows clean out of the common room, leaving a good proportion of the 6th block ruined, including 8/9 classrooms, with suspected damage totalling millions (according to the Burton Mail). Staff attempted to extinguish the fire themselves initially but, eventually it took around 7 fire crews and many hours for the fire to be put out completely.
Thankfully no-one was hurt, though one person did suffer an epiletic fit.

More images of the fire

In a strange way, myself and many of my friends back home, when we were talking about it found it rather sad, as the 6th form was the best part of our 7 years there and the parts that burnt down are the location of so many amusing memories.

November 29, 2005

Sink or swim?

Random thought I had in Varsity last week-
do chickens float, or do they sink?

I reckon if they can't fly, then they'd have to swim, otherwise God's given them the short straw…
…unless they can dance, cos that would make up for it.

A test should be held to crack this thought provoking enigma out before its too late… who's with me?

(no chickens or other animals were harmed in the making of this blog entry)

November 22, 2005

Atomic Party

What do U get if U mix a load of chemistry geeks, a pubs' back room and some stupid costumes? – the atomic party of course!

It was a top night at the Jug and Jester in Leamington, although not everyone dressed up! I think my favouite was Dan as the hulk, he was so angry he broke my gun!
Alex and I went as the 70's duo, Starsky and Hutch, although we didn't know who was who. Anyone know?

My birthday!

It's a little past it now, seen as it was on friday but i wanted to leave a comment saying thankyou to everybody who celebrated my birthday with me i got lots of cards and presents and well wishers and it meant alot that people really made an effort so ..thankyou!!!!

High lights!: Fake That CD, Green Cake, yummy choccie cake!, cushion, ring, lots of cards!, Masks!, dinner the next day with jack yum yum yum and getting knocked back from Lloyds in the middle of the day for having no ID!! lol

All round cool birthday so cool at times i forgot that i wasnt a teenager anymore :(

Photos will be up soon along with phtotos of the atomic fancy dress party which was muchos fun!

mwah xxxx

November 15, 2005

The Bell is ringing

This morning I woke up to the sweet sight of my Delirious album. Not only do I have the new album "Mission Bell", I am now the proud owner of a signed copy! Well, thats all my childhood dreams fulfilled, well except becoming the next James Bond, but there's still time yet.

Watch this space for a review…

New Union Policies… Hmmm…

I got an email through this morning about voting for some Union policies, and a couple of things seemed off to me – if I've got any facts wrong, please let me know, and if you're gonna comment with your views, please be respectful of the fact that people will believe differently to you.

The first point being the smoking ban in the union. I'm personally against this to start with, but then I saw this included in what the Union will resolve to do with this new policy:

_"4.That cuts to Union services, as a result of this policy, will begin with the following: –
· The least commercially successful events (possibly including Vapour, Crash, Pressure, Coalition, Heat and live music events);

· Society funding;

· Opening hours;

· Computing and support facilities for clubs and societies."_

Crash and Pressure to be closed due to them being "less commercially successful"?! The times I've been, they have been extremely successful! And Crash is one of the few, if not only, alternative nights the Union holds! Plus all this crap about cutting down on society funding. Societies are the best way for people to meet others with the same views/tastes/interestes/etc; a great way of making friends and making the most of your time at uni. Are they fuckin' crazy?!

The other point was that they want to adopt a policy of ‘No Stance’ on the issue of abortion.

At the moment, the Union is Pro-Choice – this means that it fully supports any member if they decide to have an abortion, and they also fully support those who think abortion is wrong and want to keept their little sprog.

This is in the current Union policy:

_"This Union Believes:
1. That no individual group has the right to impose pressure on a woman to choose whether or not to have an abortion.
2. That the violent and distressing tactics of anti-abortion groups such as Operation Rescue, who have stormed clinics whilst abortions were taking place, should be condemned.
3. That the tactics of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC), such as taking out an injunction to stop a woman having an abortion in 1996, should be condemned.
4. That Life provides biased counselling and information, which emotionally blackmails women and does not provide them with any necessary information which they could not have got from pro-Choice organisations such as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.
5. That having a pro-Choice policy does not dictate what individual students’ views should be on abortion, but simply reaffirms freedom of choice."_

Now, I'm having a lot of trouble seeing what the trouble with this is. The argument from a lot of people is that as the Union are Pro-Choice, they are forcing those who believe abortion is wrong to look elsewhere for support. What bullshit! That's not what Pro-Choice is about. It's about respecting an individual's views and giving them the advice and support they need for whatever action they choose to take. Had the Union adopted a Pro-Life policy, you can bet your arse the same coutesy would not have been shown to those who believe women have the right to choose! (As can be seen in point 4 above).

And with the past actions of SPUC (1996: taking out an injunction to stop a woman having an abortion) and Operation Rescue (stormed an abortion clinic whilst the abortions were taking place), is it any wonder they are going to opt for taking the stance they have where people are encouraged to make decisions based on their own morals?

When will people learn that their views aren't the correct ones just because they're theirs?

November 11, 2005

Atomic Hoodies

Atomic Hoodies will be available for order starting Monday of week 8, between 1–2pm in the 5th floor coffee room for £20 including your own personalisation.

As Sharon kindly pointed out on the e-mail for me, Wednesday is Admissions day so the coffee room is out of use then

See the below images for more details;

And a larger image of what the hoodie shall look like;

November 05, 2005


I've finally got round to putting some photos from this year in my gallery now that we've got the internet in our house. Not managed to take a good picuture of Sharky and George yet though, they seem to be abit camera shy!

November 03, 2005

The Tests

Writing about web page http://www.jengajam.com/r/chav-test

I've just done a few tests, here are my results:

50% chav (whats wrong with taking the free shampoo from a hotel?)

50% geek (whats wrong with knowing pi to 9 decimal places?)

30% posh

Not really sure how that works, but I really can't believe that I'm more of a geek than Alex!(he got 45%)

Find these tests on:

Try them, and let me know what U get!

November 02, 2005

Halloween ball and Labs..

I got to the halloween ball!! it was great, I needed to get out so much!

I didnt go for the whole thing, and didnt dance for long at all, but it was a really good release. I was going a bit mad just going to lectures and then being stuck in the house most of the time.

I did pay for going outthough, yesterday my neck and head were agony by the time i got home from lectures. Thats just the way it is, my body seems to react to stuf 3 days after the event. I cant complain though, todays been an alright day :)

We had our first labs on monday, thankfully mine was short, we got out at 1:30!!! Amazing! Its really geeky i know but i kind of enjoyed getting back into the lab. I'm a bit worried about the longer lab sessions, if they go on til 5 i'm going to struggle to cope, i know i can leave early if i have to, but i hate having to do that. I feel like I'm skiving, even though i know i'm not.

Any ideas what fireworks to go to??

Tyre Changing in F1

With the news that tyre changing is to be reintroduced into Formula 1 for the 2006 season, I believe Michelin have a point a being somewhat pissed off about it. The point of the one tyre rule was cutting costs and better racing as tyres had to be managed – Kimi at the Nurimburgring wouldn't have happened without that flat-spotted tyre, and Michelin excelled at producing an excellent one tyre race compound and deservedly won all the races bar the Indy fiasco.

I can't help but be skeptical and wonder if there wasn't some pressure from Ferrari to get tyre stops back for next season. The Ferrari / Bridgestone combo had won all titles since Michelin returned to the sport several years, and of course Ferrari, practically sitting in the FIA/Bernies pocket on most issues will have pushed for situations to help get back that dominance.

I just seriously hope next year its not a case of a Ferrari pulling away and the rest battling on behind, granted I am not a Ferrari or a Schumacher fan, but surely true F1 fans want great racing, and all these rule reg changes season after season can not always be helping the cause.

October 31, 2005

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

To the guy at the kebab van who called me a wanna be emo girl, it is teenage mutant hero turtles, it was ninja in america and the newer screenings on tv are now ninja but when they were first screened in England they were called teenage mutant hero turtles, i know this as a fact now bcoz u annoyed me soo much i looked it up so there!

"They were known as Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles in the USA, but in the UK they were the Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles."

http:// 80'scartoons.co.uk/

Nothing Unusual

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

The Halloween Ball

This was my first time to the halloween ball because I couldnt go last year and it was a great night (the bits I can remember that is!) After drinking wine and some very green homemade cocktails from 6 you know you're in for a good night and then when you wake up the next morning with a big bruise on your knee and no recolection of how you got it you know you had fun! The only down side of the night was some evil guy stealing my devil horns about 5 mins before the end of the night. If I can find anyone with photos of what Amy and Alex got upto (not together though before rumours start spreading!) I'll put them on but if not check out the other photos on Amy's blog!