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October 06, 2016

Blog or News roll on Omeka

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Having not found anything on Omeka sites that looks like it gives us what this project wants 'out of the box', here is a recipe using available materials. We're looking for a Blog-like setup or News feed with the following features:

  • entries ordered by date on a listing page
  • pull a feed of 'teasers' through to other pages
  • enable embedding tweets

The solution looks like:

  • Created two new Item Types. One called 'News', which has just one box 'Text' in the Item Type Metadata. The other is 'Tweet' which has 'Embed Code'.
  • Create a Collection called 'News and Events' to hold all entries whether tweet or news item
  • Use shortcodes to pull a feed ordered by date [items num=5 collection=5 sort="Dublin Core,Date" order=d] which works well, but the display isn't quite there, so some manipulation is needed. A little plugin coding later and we have a new template-able shortcode [itemspartial template=teaser num=5 collection=5 sort="Dublin Core,Date" order=d]
  • To add an entry do the following:
  • Create new item
  • If you want a title, enter it in the DC Title field
  • Fill in the description if you want to customise the way the post appears in the teaser text
  • Scroll down to Date, and enter today's date
  • Add to the 'News and Events' Collection
  • Tick the 'public' button if you want to publish right away
  • Change to the Item Type tab and select 'News' or 'Tweet' from this list
  • Change to the Files tab to add a photo or other media
  • Add the content for this specific type
  • Save your entry and check it has come out right

The shortcode plugin is here:

See this implemented in the wild at

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