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March 02, 2006

Unpaid work on the astros and chav/pikey prevention

Well, being on the Tarkett astro between half 12 and half 2 today, one may have noticed a light attack of snow. Hell, being outside anywhere on campus, I'm sure someone may have noticed this. What's interesting is that by about half 1, the whole place was covered in a fair dusting of snow and yet, by half 2, pretty much the whole area was snow-free. Now in part, this was caused by massive 5 metre slides by certain homicidal maniacs in my 11 aside team – especially one (who shall remain unnamed) who has been deserving of red cards in the last two games, only receiving one in the first of the two games.

The thing of contention here is the fact that basically we removed all the snow from the pitch and I feel we are deserving of some kind of reward for this. Also, by being on the pitch at this/any time, we kept the Cov Chavs off for an extra couple of hours. Certainly something not to be sniffed at.

November 21, 2005

Sporting Cliches

Something that I've always got time for: Sport. Something that sport alwasy has time for: Cliches.
So, with that in mind, I want ur best sporting cliches.

This kinda stems from a pre-match speech by the men's hockey 2nd team captain which lasted only a few minutes but managed to include at least 14 cliches (that we understood – and maybe more that we didn't [he's a scouser])

Is that a fat lady singing…?

November 06, 2005

Even more rubbish song lyrics

Follow-up to Rubbish song lyrics from Kiran's blog

Perhaps more galling than these plain bad lyrics is the problem of those songwriters (especially rappers) who delight in rhyming a word with itself in the next line. For this point I draw upon "Dreams" by The Game.
The first two lines go as follows:

I woke up out dat coma two thousand and one
Bout the same time Dre dropped two thousand and one

This is clearly plain lazy and in The Game's efforts to name-drop as many rap/rnb names throughout this song, it becomes almost like a list. More to the point anyway is that I doubt his english teacher would approve of this. Even I remember the first thing about rhyming lines is not to make them rhyme by using the same word twice because then it doesn't actually sound like a rhyme, just that the track jumped back a line.

Rubbish song lyrics

Just listening to the radio in recent times, I'm noticing numbers of songs with lyrics which not only don't make sense, but clearly haven't been thought through.
For example; the Darkness have a song out called "One Way Ticket" at the moment. One line goes something like: "I've got a one-way ticket to hell and back". Excuse me for being confused by this, but the last time I got a one-way ticket, it certainly didn't get me anywhere and back So does anyone have any other stupid lyrics?

November 04, 2005

Watering hole for man's best friend

Sited at Coventry Station. Apparently Virgin Trains are trying to expand their market…

October 10, 2005

Bare stuff to do

Well, it's been a long time…
Back at uni now, starting week 3 (that's crazy) and still have loads more stuff to sort.

A new year brings with it new hope of having interesting modules and lectures.

Of course it also brings hope for Spurs pushing on for Europe this year and some good sport to be played by moi, both at hockey and football. Speaking of which, this year sees the entry of "Ocean's Eleven" into the KPMG 11 a-side leagues which should be interesting, but requires decent amounts of work at the moment sorting a kit and sponsors and a team most importantly

Anyway, things to do…......

July 04, 2005

Maybe next year?

Follow-up to FansFC.com have Spurs favourites for the title! from Kiran's blog

With the start of pre-season comes renewed optimism apparently – Visiting fansfc.com on the off chance of something realistic being mentioned, I noticed that predictions for the winners of the 2005–06 Premiership Title are in favour of Spurs with over 20% of the vote. Now we know that any rumours on this site are bound to be true!

P.S. Apparently Callum Davenport has been arrested for alleged GBH in a nightclub in Bedford. We won't blame it on his Coventry roots…too much.

June 24, 2005

Just can't shift that nostalgic feeling…

A brilliant year, capped off with a brilliant game (ingeniously entitled "The Brilliance Game") [and a brilliant victory?]. Results come out next Wednesday, but I don't know when I'll get to see them. Home beckons tomorrow after tonite's Summer beach party thing which i'm sure will turn out great.

Being brilliant has come fairly naturally to me, it would appear, especially if Tuesday is anything to go by. (Unsure…ask someone who was there!)

May 22, 2005

Store Wars – a must–see very short film

Writing about web page http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html

Rude food?!? Whatever next?

Writing about web page http://www.rudefood.org

April 27, 2005

Work–avoidance. Come on, you know you want to as well.

Writing about web page http://www.bored.com

Just been realising recently that there are so many random websites to aid with this most honourable past-time. Starting at bored.com is a good a place as any i reckon. Also, try www.nuttie.com and link for random links.

Finally, for musings of a fairly recent Warwick graduate (who got a 1st in Economics no less), go to link
all of which were actually said out loud to a classroom of sixth formers – cos they're not gonna reproduce it in all its glory…

March 01, 2005

Weather decides whether to play

A potentially devastating week in the life of the WW9's was prevented by yours truly and my persuasive techniques. The titles still on, if we can win not only one match, but in fact, two in a rwo, given that we are able to challenge first place before the 2nd placed team if we win this week.

Hockey agm and elections tomorrow – looking forward, but fingers crossed…let's also hope it's not another 4-hour affair like last years'.

Well, 1 test down, 2 more to go and micro's getting worse by the hour, just wehn i thought it might be a chance to catch up from last time!


February 23, 2005

FansFC.com have Spurs favourites for the title!

Writing about web page http://www.fansfc.com

Just checkin out fromtheterrace.com and it linked me to fansfc.com ( i think) and seeing a vote for who's gonna win the premiership, i thought i'd have a look. To my astonishment i find that spurs are ahead with almost 24% and no-one else has over 20%.

I'm thinkin this may be because Spurs fans are always checking for gossip on who we're signing/selling next, since last summer, or maybe just cos they're more hardcore and proper fans unlike sum other teams…ahem.

February 22, 2005

Form is temporary, class is permanent

Well, well, well, its been a long time and much has happened, but finally I have set aside a few minutes to write some random BS on here. Since last I wrote, things have been mixed.
On a sporting front, Spurs have had mixed results, so I won't say things are looking up again, cos I'm not convinced about the defensive strength of the team.
Hockey's going great guns and promotion is now in our own hands, though Sikh Union's number 57 (the biggest knob ever) tried to cheat his way to the title. And he called me a cheat!!!
The WW9's attempts to qualify for at least the plate competition fell flat as we failed to win any of our matches before the week 6 deadline, tho to be fair, we did play a couple of very good teams and on the horrible Tarkett astros. We're currently lusting after the remaining Ladder C top spot to qualify for the playoffs and are currently sitting in third. Had an enjoyable game last week, involving another well-taken hat-trick by me, even if i do say so myself! Thats me onto lucky 13 now!

Workwise, I've actually done some in recent weeks , but am not looking forward to weeks 9 and 10, which involve 3 tests, of which Monday week 10 will be rather testing, and Friday week 10 will be (or has been since the start of term) rather annoying.

Thats pretty much it for now – oh yeh, and Easter's gonna be fun, what with the finance, metrics and macro assignments/essays. Tho the 17th March may involve me going to Vicarage Road to see Watford vs Spurs in the FA Youth Cup. (For 3 quid u can't go wrong).

February 01, 2005

Random rememberances

Do you ever find you remember parts of dreams at random times and pretty much find urself unable to remember the rest/any of it at a later time?
Well to remedy this, I think I may try to keep tabs of it on here. It's not really a very regular occurrence for me and a lot of the time it just seems like sum messed-up deja-vu, but on this occasion I'm pretty sure its not.

Basically I remember scoring a goal – not sure if it was hockey or football (the two "goal" sports I play) – and basically going on sum mental celebration for no apparent reason and everyone thinking I'd kinda over-reacted. I do seem to remember throwing sumthin in the air (perhaps a hockey stick?) and then sum random mix of running around a lot, doing the old Robbie Keane "gun-shooting" celebration (maybe even with sum form of forward role too?!?).

Anyway, potentially very disturbing, but if it's a sign that I'll score a goal at 5 a side this week, it can only be a positive for the WW9s, especially as I haven't scored in a competitive match in a while.

January 31, 2005

Legendary German Job Centre

Flicking thro the Metro this morning, I found a rather worrying piece of news for unemployed German women.
The basis of the story is that a jobless waitress is set to lose her unemployment benefit because she refused to take a job offered to her. Thats fair enough, I hear you say.

Well, no, it's not really, as the job she turned down was as a prostitute in a brothel.
Apparently she considered suing the job centre in Berlin, but a court told her the centre had not broken the law. Basically, since Germany made prostitution legal 2 years ago, job centres "must treat employers looking for a prostitute in the same way as those looking for a dental nurse".

This certainly raises issues over legalising prostitution in this country – as I think is being considered in (Leeds/Liverpool?).

Whatever happens lets hope it remains restricted to women.

January 18, 2005

Work, work and more work.

Well, it's been a busy start to term and is getting any easier yet.
One essay handed in, a test this afternoon, another assignment due on Monday and hen more internship applications to finish/do. But on a brighter note, its good to be back playing hockey, 5-a-side and going to celebrate every time one task is completed.

Spurs are currently flying fairly high of course, tho Roy Carroll's shocker is so blatantly gonna cost us at the end of the season. (I mean Europe obviously). Got Palace again this weekend, then WBA in the cup the following, so lest hope to get back to winning ways and maintain our charge up the table.

Hopefully out tonite to Holla featuring not Estelle (now she's pulled out), but instead, Montell Jordan, Shola Ama and DJ Diggz and of course Kenny Jordan. I'm sure it'll be good.

Anyway, got a seminar to get to.

December 15, 2004

New Manager Syndrome…(with time lags?!?)

Too much time for contemplation leads to interesting thoughts (well in my opinion). I was recently pondering the potential for Spurs to add to their three league wins on the trot against Southampton this Sunday and began to worry about the well-known 'New Manager Syndrome'.
But then I had a thought: that is that the 'new manager syndrome' has been not as strong as expected so far this season. Take for example, Spurs themselves. Granted, Santini, a new manager, started well (though that could be attritbuted to new season, new start syndrome), but Spurs didn't really play amazing. Then when Jol was appointed, there was a lack of a turn around in the clubs fortunes for the first couple of weeks. Obviously now, things are diffrent with three on the spin and hopes for wins in the potentially 'easy' games over christmas.

For Southampton, last week saw the appointment of a new manager and a failure to win the match. Now to be fair, Harry did get them playing decently, and Middlesborough did play well and are a good side, but in the past if I'm not mistaken, an appointment of a new manager seems to have the effect of installing belief in the team. Now I'm thinking that Harry's Southampton don't really have confidence or belief in themselves at the moment.

Thirdly, West Brom appointed Bryan Robson in mid-September. Since then their form has been: DLLWDLLDLDLLL. And the 2nd result in that was an away loss to Colchester in the Carling Cup!
I'm thinking that West Brom are just so bad and have so little belief, that they are beyond help, but in general, I'm thinking that there may be a new form of the 'New Manager Syndrome'.

I think there exists a new manager syndrome with time lags. West Brom even managed to beat Bolton at home a copuple of weeks after Robson's appointment (tho I think the case of West Brom isn't a good one because aside from what I've already mentioned, Robson's not a very good motivator, or mangaer in general for that matter). Spurs of course have turned it around and this season have managed to accumulate more points away than at home due to the determination and steel about how they're playing now. Which brings me on to Southampton. Lets hope that the syndrome does face time lags…at least lasting a couple of weeks!

December 09, 2004

Now the hard work begins…

It's quiet, maybe too quiet.
No-one's around yet, which clearly has both benefits and disadvantages. Aside from the fact that there's not much to do in terms of entertaining myself, except for driving, PS2 and computer usage, it does mean that I can actually use the above things as Ronal's not around yet. On the negative side tho, there's no-one to argue with and, more to the point, no-one to go anywhere with.
But all that aside, I'm having fun with my online internship applications (not – they're long!) and sorting out some books so I can get involved with my macro essay.
Investigations into a new hockey stick are under way and I'm gonna c what happens.
Thats all for now.

December 03, 2004

Defeat, but heads held high

Follow-up to Come on WW9's! from Kiran's blog

Well, it wasn't to be on Tuesday. The WW9's failed to take a hold on the match and despite fashioning probably 3 pretty good chances, not to mention one sitter, we remain in 3rd place. Some dodgy refereeing (possibly an unfair description of referees) got a few tempers going, but it wasn't to be our day anyway.
At the mid-point of the season, I'm still sitting pretty at the top of the top scorers chart for the WW9's with 10 goals, with Carl and Rob tied on 4 each methinks. Almost scored an own-goal, but some good work by Mr Jon Smith got me out of trouble.

On another low note, the cup tie is gonna go down to a coin toss as Dr Butters' sumthin or other couldn't play the only time we booked the pitch.
Here's to fluking it!

Thats all for that anyway.
Now on with some packing. (No, not of fudge)