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January 13, 2013

Useless visualisation of data – logins.

Sometimes I like to see if I turn a bunch of data in to some sort of image. Not an image that's in any way useful for comprehending the data though. Just because.

Each square is one of 100000 instances of someone logging in to a computer (click to embiggen):

100000 logins

The position on the x axis represents the hour and minute at which the login occurred. Position on y axis is the seconds. The colour of each square is a function of the date, month and the IP address of the computer.

Each square is added to the image individually, placed over the top of whatever is already there. The opacity of each square is 50% and the blending method is Imagemagick's ModulusAdd. (The very first run I used 'Plus' and was briefly puzzled by the result being all white :) )

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