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March 05, 2017

VMware Horizon Client and The Installation Was Unsuccessful

Are you trying to install the VMware Horizon Client for Linux, having previously uninstalled it, and are finding that the installer exits immediately after asking you questions with the utterly useless error "The Installation Was Unsuccessful" and no clue at all as to why? If so check to see if you have a directory called /usr/lib/vmware-installer-horizon and if you do, delete it. Deleting that directory is what made the installer work for me. It figured it out all by myself y'know. I found absolutely nothing of any use online, hence this blog post which might one day mean someone finds the aforedescribed scenario less utterly infuriating than I did.

I encountered the problem with VMware-Horizon-Client-4.3.0-4710754.x64.bundle on Fedora 25. Fedora 25 isn't supported, the installation works but vmware-view then doesn't run. I got it to run by doing

[root@boy ~]# cd /usr/lib64/
[root@boy lib64]# ln -s

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