December 20, 2012

Webcam timelapse – Monday 10th December 2012 – Sunday 16th December 2012

Follow-up to Webcam timelapse – Friday 7th December 2012. from Mike's blag

Same deal as before but this time it's of an entire week and they've been optimised for streaming, so they'll start playing back straight away rather than you having to wait for your web browser to download the whole thing. Depending on your patience there's three versions, presented here in decreasing duration.

10 images per second, duration approx 16:38

24 images per second, duration approx 6:56

48 images per second (y'know, like Peter Jackson did for The Hobbit. Only without being anything like that at all), duration approx 3:28

I've just realised these videos don't play in Firefox on my Linux machine. I can play the videos on my Linux machine, (I made them on my Linux machine), just not in Firefox. Lack of H264 decoding capability I guess, which I would guess means they won't work on Firefox on Windows either. I'm not curious enough to boot Windows and find out. The day long video was made on and posted from my Mac, on which Firefox happily plays back the videos, but my Mac is old and ffmpeg only manages to encode the videos at about 2fps. So I built ffmpeg with libx264 support on my not-as-old Linux machine to encode the week long ones in a sensible time. I guess I could upload an flv fallback video. But that would mean making such a thing and I can't be bothered, at least not right now.

Edit: They do play on another Linux machine of mine with Firefox and Totem plugin. Totem uses gstreamer and on the machine in question there's a gstreamer plugin that supports H264.

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    They don’t appear to play back in Chrome on a Mac either, although Safari is fine.

    21 Dec 2012, 09:22

  2. John Rawnsley

    They play on Firefox 12 on Windows 7 running on VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro.

    23 Dec 2012, 23:12

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