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December 18, 2006

Interested in an Advanced Arb Course?

Katrin Zwirglmaier is organising an advanaced ARB course to be held here around April next year. The course will be run by Frank-Oliver Gloeckner and Wolfgang Ludwig over a period of two days. While the committee are sorting out funding for the course it would be great to get some idea on the number of people interested in attending.

Not sure what Arb is?

The course is limited to ~12 people and funding is tight. In addition to the Roberts funding we may have to seek external funding which could mean that we will have to open 1/2 of the seats to external researchers. Please let me know, by email, if you have a firm interest in attending this course as soon as you possibly can. m.ostrowski@warwick.ac.uk

Best Wishes for the New Year, Martin

December 05, 2006

Make us better

Have your say! Between 4 and 18 December all researchers are invited to complete an anonymous on-line survey asking about their experiences of being a researcher at Warwick. This is the fourth time that the Career Researchers’ Online Survey (CROS), a nation-wide survey, has been run at Warwick. The purpose of the survey is to provide factual information on which Warwick can base decisions relating to career development, supervision and communication processes for research staff. It also gives us the opportunity to gather views on proposals for Roberts-funded skills development for research staff and to gain feedback on their implementation. The survey will be open from 4-18 December and is available here or via the Research Staff website.

December 03, 2006

Forever famous?

Want to be one of the most famous postdocs in the world? Naturejobs has organised a writing competition for postdocs, which would allow the winners to post monthly blurbs that describe the ups and downs of postdoc life. The blurbs will be published in issues of Nature over 2007. Interested? It’s not difficult to apply. Take a look here.

November 27, 2006

Why Should Contract Research Staff Join the Union?

From Ken Flint and Helen Bird, Union Reps presented at the Postdoc Meeting 31 May 2006.

UCU, the universities and college Union (formerly AUT, Association of University Teachers) is the only organisation recognised nationally and locally on behalf of contract research staff (CRS). The Union provides information, advice and representation.

What does the Union do for CRS? read more in the linked document

Minutes of Postdoc Meeting November 24

Please find the minutes of the latest discussion of the Roberts Funding and the Postdoc committee meeting held on November 24, 2006.

November 24, 2006

Welcome to the Postdoc Forum for Biological Sciences

This site is intended as a source of information for Postdocs in our department. The site is curated by current members of your Postdoc Committee, however this forum is open to the gripes and issues of all postdocs in the department.

Postdoc Committee
*Josh Neufeld (rep)
*Karine Masse (rep)
*Martin Ostrowski
*Will Gaze

The content posted here will include announcements, minutes of previous meetings as well as general issues raised by any member of the professional research staff.

Please subscribe to this site in your compatible browser to keep up to date with new content.

July 27, 2006

Thursday 27th July 2006

My day has involved installing and reinstalling programs on my computer so I can do some work. I blame ** services entriely for me not getting dressed before 4pm.

1. My computer has been set–up TERRIBLY by **. Today I have reinstalled both linux and windows twice
– windows is on /sda1 partition, linux on /sda6
– sda1 couldn't be mounted to /windows/C for some errors or other
– Windows currently not recognising network adaptor or ethernet
– gnome is much better than kde! and ssh works better with it
– suse 10.1 comes with not much. Emacs, kdvi &c. need to be added

2. This blog builder doesn't work properly with linux

3. xypic comes with teTeX, and the documentation that comes with xypic for installation is extremely un–normaluserfriendly.

4. A good website for configuaring suse 10.1:
The Jem Report

Hello to Ozgur, who wished not to be named on my blog nerd .

December 08, 2004

First entry

Being an Effective PhD Student
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