October 16, 2007

passing variables to subroutines in C

I always forget how to do it!

//declare variable globally
int TINF;

//in the subroutine use a * for a pointer, and then continue throughout
void epi_stats(int *TINF) {
*TINF = something;

//in the main program call the subroutine and assign the value using &
int main(int argc, char** argv) {

July 27, 2006

Thursday 27th July 2006

My day has involved installing and reinstalling programs on my computer so I can do some work. I blame ** services entriely for me not getting dressed before 4pm.

1. My computer has been set–up TERRIBLY by **. Today I have reinstalled both linux and windows twice
– windows is on /sda1 partition, linux on /sda6
– sda1 couldn't be mounted to /windows/C for some errors or other
– Windows currently not recognising network adaptor or ethernet
– gnome is much better than kde! and ssh works better with it
– suse 10.1 comes with not much. Emacs, kdvi &c. need to be added

2. This blog builder doesn't work properly with linux

3. xypic comes with teTeX, and the documentation that comes with xypic for installation is extremely un–normaluserfriendly.

4. A good website for configuaring suse 10.1:
The Jem Report

Hello to Ozgur, who wished not to be named on my blog nerd .

December 08, 2004

First entry

Being an Effective PhD Student
making an academic blog

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