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March 11, 2005

Congrats Y'all

Big up to everyone today. I thought both of them were proper bo. And jack and zoe kissed. Hahahaha! Anyways watch this space peops…. Will delving into the weird and wonderful world of doing actual work on blogs is mere days away! Cheerio foolios

February 15, 2005

Top B v Score

Can someone please explain why top b closes at 1 when crap nights like score go on til 2? It is perplexing myself and chums. thank ye

January 29, 2005

New Actington Signing!

Actington Stanley, the greatest five a side team ever to grace Theatre and Performance Studies, have an exciting announcement. I am priveleged to unveil the diminutive Rhys William as the new member of our world-beaters. Position and particular skills are not known yet although fitness is known to be a worry, having done no sport for over a year! However I ask that our wonderful supporters/players take him in and prepare to be amazed by his prowess on the pitch. UP THE STANLEY!

November 20, 2004

Banned… Jules… What?!!

Yep thats right-jules has had her blog closed down due to offensive material. Anyone that knows her won't be surprised… she dirty! So unite with me and laugh at her!!

November 13, 2004

Meet Owen…

I'd just like to apologise blogly for the things i said about him last week

the thing is i was only upset cos he said he likes brad pitt, whereas i prefer sean connery

shaken not stirred

November 05, 2004

All Ye Theatre People…

I've spent bloody ages on doing a gallery of all y'all (my computer's slow!) on our crazy theatre trips. So show some appreciation! Go on… 30 magical pictures await your viewing.

October 19, 2004

Our Lecturer's Younger Days?

Was this Graham in his youth? Google seems to think so( last picture on right-red shirt). YOU DECIDE!

What Became Of Ian

Please don't kill us.

Scarfy Scarfless


Owen in disguise

No explanations necessary. http://www.pakautomation.ie/Pictures/Owen_Hughes.jpg

October 15, 2004

ACTINGton Stanley

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr (since 1997) Hugh Denard as Director Of Football of our venerable football club. He will undoubtedly lead us onwards and upwards

Hugh's crew

Myself and Holly found that there was a good range of intellectual and not so intellectual reading material encompassed within the entries of Hugh's crew. In a general sense, the characteristics that epitomised a good entry included those with photo documentation, a clear writing style, a defined sense of purpose coursing through the piece and last but by no means least a firm grasp of the matter in hand. In conclusion this entry however puts them all to shame. However, nice try.

October 11, 2004

The Great Midget Hunt

If you, like myself and Gethin have noticed an unusually high number of people on the small side, join our hunt. Pics appreciated