October 20, 2004

Feminine in Greek Ts

'functionally women are never an end for themselves' Zeitlin 1996:347 "these highly visible, powerful female figures constantly function as catalysts for the action, helpers and adversaries of the often weaker males. 'even when female characters struggle with the conflicts with the generated by the particulars of their subordinate social position, their demans for identity and self esteem are still designed primarily for exploring the male project of selfhood in the larger world.

'women are thus abmonished to stay in their proper place within their house (Foley 1981: 135)

In Agamemnom, the queen Clytaemnestra exerts a huge strength of will to manipulate the king to walk on the tapestries- mark him as effeminate and barbarian. The king refers to his wife, aftre hearing her thoughts baout the battle of troy- "Woman, you speak in a well- ordered way, like a wise man." Sense of having the qualities of a shrewd political negotiator.

New emphasis on the personal, which we postulated as a necessary consequence of changing politcal structures and a possible cause for relative freedoms accorded to women- new interest: the every day, focus on romantic love. Far from being mutual feeling between equals- portrayed generally as a medium through which eroic impulses could be played out, resulting in rape….

exploration of the darker side to the female sexuality"violent rage and a desire for revenge" this is evident in clytaemnestra

October 15, 2004


What makes a good evaluation?

The evaluations which were good, were those which expressed the advantages and disadvantages of the site in a clear and logical way. Evaluations need to explore how easy and efficient the site is to use, so that theatre historians do not waste time searching for releant information.

The successful entries, explained why the sites were useful in terms of the course, and started to explore the links in order to obtain information about society and theatre and plays in the 5th century. Some of the evaluations provided links to a particular web page and used photos as example, people can therefore go straight to certain parts of the site, rather than spending time looking at useless material.

October 12, 2004


Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

just giving this pdp thing a go! Im enjoying the course so far, the plays on the whole that we have to read are good, and its fun to watch them at the art centre, and criticise the shit out of them afterwards. The lectures dont seem too difficult, its a shame that we cant discuss the plays we read in more detail- as thats going to be the basis for some of the essays- i guess its up to us to do extra reading or research- hate that word, it just means extra work!!!!!!! but thats what uni is about so we'd better get used to it.

All these big words, some in your lectures Hugh, a little confusing and daunting, not always sure how they are relating to the play we'v read and in its social, political context, and do we need to go and research them on the interent!

At the moment all im doing is taking notes, sifting through the themes in my head, putting them at the front of my mind when i next read a play. I havent typed them up or even thought about reading them again, yet.

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