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May 17, 2006


Now listen carefully, i'm about to tell you of the best possible thing/society on campus, althought the clue is in the name :P Revelation Rock Gospel Choir!!! As the name suggests, it's a gospel choir, and one of the best things im involved in, if not the best. Basically we're a choir, of about 170 members overall, which sing gospel music mainly, and other songs aswell. The basic run down is that it's a Christian based gospel choir, however absolutly anyone is welcome, and I actually mean anyone and everyone! You don't need to be musically talented, although if you are thats great too! And no matter what your beliefs or ideas anyone is free to come join in! Now I realise that it sounds like i'm sucking up a bit here to Rev, and being a member myself, I kinda am! But it is honestly an amazing experience, and since I joined at the beginning of term 1 I haven't turned back, in fact i'm actually addicted! Mainly because of the great people i've come to know and the great atmosphere, if anything you can always count on Rev to cheer you up! So anyway, all i'm trying to say is Rev is brilliant, so come along! You wont regret it!

Well this is all a bit new…

Hey! so, like the title says, this is all a bit new to me…so i'm just getting used to it by randomly playing around, and it would seem that you can do lots of stuff, so heres to that…and basically if you ever stumble across this blog and you know me, say hi on it or somethin, or make some form of a post…and if you don't know me, well, do exactly the same thing! All are welcome on Jason's blog…a blog for Jason :D