February 20, 2008

Sponsored events

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is by no means meant to make people feel bad…maybe to think.

I don’t know how this kind of fundraising has evolved into what it is today…but what it is today, to me, seems rather odd.

For example, person X has chosen to raise money for charity Y by doing something which itself is very expensive. Is the only way to make someone part with their money for one of their friends/colleagues to, say, cycle across Europe? The focus of the fundraising can, in some cases, be to talk more about ‘the event’ than the actual charity/cause.

Surely a better situation would be for person X to say,

‘Hey, charity Y is a cause I feel strongly about, they do this and that but really need greater financial support, can you please help?’

The response would be,

‘Hmmm…thank you for making me aware of this very needy cause, I will certainly part with some money to help them’

Surely not spending a few thousand pounds of sponsorship money on ‘the event’ and rather giving ALL the money to the charity is much better?

Why does someone have to ‘do something’ usually completely unrelated in order for their friend to give them money?

Maybe people are just mean. They don’t want to just give money away, they want something back…an experience. Maybe people don’t actually care about the causes? Maybe people are too busy to actually care about the good causes and their friend doing something is more interesting than an unknown person far away recieving medical treatment.

Sorry if this seems so cynical – maybe someone can prove me wrong. As I said at the start, I’m not having a go at anyone…just questioning something i find odd. Nor am I looking down on those who do these things – I think its great that money does get raised rather than not getting raised, and I myself have done similar things, but surely we as society can do something for others without doing something for ourselves first?

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