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April 07, 2005


At a time of stress this made me giggle.

March 14, 2005

You've got to pump it up

Today heralds the start of the end proper. Myself, Milly and Jamie have engineered the revision programme to die for. This involves a 9 oíclock start everyday followed by a 1.5 hour workout and then a healthy lunch. Fruit based. Then off to campus to sit in the library till 6. On return whomever has worked hardest will receive a gold star and be allowed a double G + T. Ha ha What a plan. Well better be getting my bran flakes down me.

G x

March 13, 2005

PLanning for the inevitable

In a typical Giles Burden TM way i am going to spend today doing pointless tasks that will 'help' me accomplish a major goal. Today i will draw up my revision schedule for the holidays and for term 3. It's a weird feeling planning the last bit of time I have left at Warwick. I've loved the place and it's hard not to think about all the things you would have done differently if you had the time again.

I would have done more sports
I would have done stuff with societies that actually wanted my help (any guesses?)

But hey, i did shit loads and i have enjoyed my time here. I hope Iíve made some friends for life and that i have grown up a fair bit from that idiot i was when i arrived. So thanks everyone, youíre a legend :-)


March 12, 2005


Follow-up to Lloyds TS'G' Assessment Centre from Big G - live live live

Btw anyone's mum/dad work for a big company and wanna give me job?


It's the end of term 2 year 3. Where has it all gone. I just feel a complete feeling of panic. I will have to sit down and think about what the hell im gonna do with myself.

Oh deary deary dear.

Lloyds TS'G' Assessment Centre

Well this was fun :-s

In case you don't already know I am currently undergoing the process of corporate whoring myself to big companies in order to get a job for next year. Most applications have been going quite badly much to my disappointment and bewilderment of the careers service when i showed them the applications (or maybe they are just being nice!) However the one application that took me through to the assessment day was Lloyds TSB, a job in operations (which means the department that sorts stuff out, and getting stuff done quicker and cheaper.) The assessment day lasted 24 hours with informal presentations, drinks and a three-course dinner taking up the first day. This was quite relaxing and much to my surprise the people were very normal, not overly public school (sorry to offend anyone but those kind of people really wind me up) and in fact I quite enjoyed sharing their experiences over free food. It did however become quite apparent that although I usually hold my work experience in high regard their were some very experienced people here and that the competition was going to be very intense.

The next day consisted of 5 exercises including group stuff, role play, interview, presentation and a numerical test. They also included another question and answer session. My presentation was awful as we only had 50 minutes to prepare a presentation lasting 15. I found the time a real constraint and run out of stuff to say after about 8 :-( not a good start at all. Never mind. The interview went really well and the group exercises good as well. My role play exercise (where i had to calm down a disgruntled customer) went quite badly, as Iíve never had to deal with such a nice upset person before. All in all i felt i gave it my best shoot and came across as me.

Unfortunately i didn't get the job. When i get my feedback Iíll tell you all why. Never mind could have doe with £30,000 a year and a nice little job in London. Oh well moving on, more applications here we come.

Tap Tastic

Goodness i havenít bloged for ages. So i bet you've all been wondering what's happened to me.

I had a bit of a crazy weekend. I was working for metropolises in the union, which actually didn't work out to be too bad a night, although it didn't seem that many people had come. Only problem was that due to illness there was only three of us taking it down so i was there until 5:30. Usually i wouldn't mind this but on this occasion i was working in the Arts Centre at 8:00.

So after not much sleep (about an hour) i was rigging another show for the Tap Society. This however was great fun and it was a pleasure to work in an environment where the people are relaxed yet highly skilled and where sufficient planning had taken place to ensure the smooth running of the event. As a result i really enjoyed the experience. Most challenging however was getting 180 dancers on and off stage over about 50 seconds worth of music. Great stuff. It was also fantastic to receive acknowledgement for our work. So thanks Tap Guys and Gals your magic! So after my crazy weekend and a 10:30pm finish, you would hope Iíd get a break unfortunately not; I had loads of work to catch up with on Monday as well as a mock interview for my assessment centre to take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

March 01, 2005

Feeling in my bones

Iím sooo tired at he moment. It's killing me. I was trying to work out if im not getting enough sleep or whether im getting ill. I had glandular fever in the first year and every so often (usually when i push myself too far, which i might have done recently) it returns. It means im not doing enough work and not able to concentrate on what's important. I keep spending all my time making lists of what to do and never really getting it done. Never mind! On a brighter note i got through to the final round of proceedings at Lloyds TSB (applying for a job in operations there) So lets hope Iím less tired for that.


February 28, 2005

My trip to London

Well had a really great time in London. Went to a friend of mine called Harry's birthday party. There were some very interesting people there, and lots of free beer. Not so great was the 2 hours it took to get back to my car. 40mins of which was spent getting absolutly freezing at Stratford Station. Hopefully some pictures to follow. No top B i hate being so busy :-(

See you all soon


February 25, 2005

More Giggles

Well i have my 2nd Telephone interview today for Lloyds TSB, lets hope it goes better than the BT one!

Posting this as well, mostly because the comments at the end made me giggle.
'RIpod' brilliant.

February 23, 2005

Beginning of the end

Well here it is finally my own shiny new blog. I really hope i have matured into an interesting enough person to produce blogs that people will want to (and even enjoy) reading.

So first few points to note:

Smarties are going hexagonal – world changing
click here

My car failed it's MOT and will cost £120 to fix

And good luck to various members of TSG that have some 'meetings' today!