May 10, 2005

The Conservatives

RaW News is doing a feature tomorrow on the future of the Conservative Party. Leave a comment if you have any opinions about who should be the next leader, or which direction the party should go in. Also indicate if you'd like to be interviewed for the show, which is tomorrow night at 5pm

May 05, 2005

The Students Vote

Join RaW in the Union tonight. 9PM in Cholo. Broadcasting until 6AM. 'Nuff Said.

The polls are open…

Today's the day.

Tonight RaW embarks on nine hours of coverage as the results come in of the 2005 General Election.

Come to Cholo at 9pm as we begin to analyse the results with our studio experts and listen until 6am online, as we continue our coverage throughout the night.

And you can listen at RaW's Website

May 04, 2005

What are you going to miss about the election? And what are you glad to see the back of?

Writing about web page

Well, here we are right at the end – just a few more hours before the polls open and the politicians shut their mouths.

24 hours from now, you may have voted, and should be sitting down in Cholo with a bevvy (can be non alcoholic of course!) ready to tune into RaW's amazing coverage as the results fly in.

So, with it all pretty much over, we want to know what are you going to be glad to see the back of from this campaign?

After all, it's been going on relentlessly for 4 weeks, and even the most recluse of us have heard something or other about it.

Similarly, is there anything you're gonna miss?

For everyone here at RaW towers, we're going to be glad to no longer have to trawl through all the clips of Blair, Howard and Kennedy rabbiting on, and making sure we cover them all equally. Though we're sure you can come up with something more interesting than that!

May 03, 2005

It's coming…...

The Students Vote 2005 is coming THIS THURSDAY.

From 9pm until the small hours of Friday morning, RaW brings you the results of the 2005 General Election, intertwined with irreverent analysis and madcap japes.

We'll be live in Cholo, and the bar is open until late!. Thought that got your attention.


May 02, 2005

Iraq: the thorn in Blair's side

So, there's just 3 days left in the general election campaign. In the first instances it seemed there would be very little contest - Labour would win again, most people seemed to think - certainly with a smaller majority, but a win none-the-less.

And then, like a sandstorm rising from the desert, the Iraq issue came and enveloped Blair's base camp. First Howard attacked him for lying over Iraq, then Kennedy did the same – with the added bonus that he was actually against the war.

Then last week, the Attorney General's report, released after a leak to the media, revealed that just a few days before the invasion began on 20th March 2003, Lord Goldsmith had trouble legally justifying the war. Instead he suggested another UN resolution.

Blair dismissed this as "a damp squib". But it didn't end there. The Lib Dems continued their attack, saying every Labour and Tory MP in favour of the war should be held to account. And yesterday, Blair faced some tough questions from radio listeners over the Iraq issue.

Today, Labour seem rattled. The campaign co-ordinator, Alan Millburn said earlier that it the result would be far closer than they thought. Meanwhile Blair, it seems, was trying to frighten undecided voters, claiming if 1 in 10 Labour supporters stayed at home or voted Lib Dem, a Conservative government would be issued in "through the back door".

When RaW News spoke to the local candidates for Leamington and Warwickshire last week, they didn't seem to think that the 'Iraq Issue' was damaging the campaign. "The opposition aren't bringing up anything new" Labour candidate James Plaskitt told us, "and I think people's views on this are settled."

Maybe Mr Plaskitt hasn't seen the grafittied Labour billboards by the Leamington train station that have "Blair lied over Iraq" stamped over the them.

So far into the campaign do you think Iraq has come back to bite Blair? Has it changed the way you thought you were going to vote? Or is it just a piece of the usual election smear campaigning we're all used to from politicians today?

Let us know what you think below!

April 29, 2005

Heads Up

Just to let everyone know in advance that RaW has confirmed its plans for election night and we can present to you…


A four-hour extravaganza in Cholo, featuring live election results, party games and lots of General Election fun. Cholo's staying open especially late for a Thursday night so you can enjoy our coverage with a few drinks.

If you can't make it to Cholo, then the whole she-bang will be live on RaW 1251AM.

The fun begins at 9pm. Tune in or miss out!

April 28, 2005

The Big Decision…

Just in case you were too drunk to remember exactly what you said on the night of the Union Elections, The Big Decision is now available online so you can listen to it again.

All of the result announcements are on the show, so you can replay over and over again the moment when you won or lost.

Plus, also on the RaW News page is yesterday's 'Insight' programme where we spoke to Benny Spooner and interviewed the Lib Dem Lembit Opik.

Next week we'll be speaking to David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary and you can hear a clip of that interview online as well.

So go and check out the RaW News website at

April 27, 2005

John Cross and the Union

RaW News will have a special report on the John Cross affair tonight at 5pm. We'll be interviewing some of the people involved, trying to get a comment from Simon Lucas and we will be having an open discussion.

If you'd like to comment on the case, then please e-mail later today and we will include your comments in the show.

And don't forget to listen to RaW News: Insight at 5pm for all the latest on this story. If you miss it, the programme will be available to download tomorrow from link

April 25, 2005

Three things to do today

1) Go to the debate in the ACCR at 3pm – meet your local candidates for MP and grill them on the issues that matter most to you
2) Listen to the debate on RaW 1251AM – perhaps at the same time as 1) ?
3) Download the debate and listen to it again from 5.30pm tonight at link

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