March 10, 2005

Cycling from Leamington

Here's my standard route into Campus from Leamington:

Starting from Radford Road where it meets Willes Road. Head up Willes Road, go up the hill and over the traffic lights, and take a right at the crossroads with Warwick Street. At the next crossroads, take a left and take the second right on this street (you should be on Kenilworth Road).

On Kenilworth road, keep going straight, past the various traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. At the roundabout, turn right onto Stoneleigh road, and keep going straight. Go over the roundabout, past Stoneleigh Park. After you go down a big hill, follow the road round onto a small bridge and take the first left. Keep going straight, and go straight over the crossroads. Go over the A46 bridge/junction and at the roundabout take a right. Go over the two hill and go straight over the crossroads (Take first hill easy, as the second one does tire you out!) Take the third right onto Gibbet Hill campus and use the cycle path to get back to main campus.

There are other routes I use to get home, but these are more like "detours" than cycling to and from Warwick.

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  1. Chris May

    I've always preferred going straight on at the crossroads on Clarendon st. , and continuing along Lillington road, to avoid the A452 Kenilworth road (which can be a bit of a 'mare at rush hour). That said, I don't ride though town very often so I may be wrong.

    If you live any further out in towards Sydenham / Radford than Willes road, I'd recommend going out to Radford Semele first, taking a left onto the Offchurch road, then riding in through Offchurch and Cubbington, meeting up with your route at Stoneleigh. It's my usual route – I.M.O. a much more pleasant one, and not that much longer, though it does have an extra couple of sharp hills.

    I never bother with the cycle path from Gibbet Hill down to main campus either – much quicker to race the cars down Gibbet Hill than to dodge the students walking up the path.

    10 Mar 2005, 20:27

  2. The last left out of cubbington is a decent route too – much quieter than the stoneleigh road.

    The main reason that I don't cycle to campus so often is the scary bit from the A46 up to campus – I simply don't feel safe riding there in the rush hour.

    Perhaps I need to find a decent route through kennilworth?

    11 Mar 2005, 00:00

  3. According to a friend, if you take a left at roundabout outside the A46, you come out at Kenilworth road and its much quieter but I've never tried this.

    Chris, on my way back I go a similar route to the one you suggested. I take a left before the big hill in Stoneleigh. Then go through Weston, Princethorpe, Hunningham Hill (btw, really nice cafe there, definitely worth a stop!) then through to Radford Semele.

    11 Mar 2005, 17:09

  4. How long do these routes take?

    (not at power-ranger speed obviously)

    er power-ranger = person who cycles in Lycra one-piece with a big shiny aerodynamic helmet.

    16 May 2005, 13:09

  5. I think it's about 8 miles. So that's 40 minutes for someone wearing normal clothes but who cycles regularly.

    28 May 2005, 10:18

  6. For me it really depends on how I'm feeling! My bog standard route going through Stoneleigh takes 30 minutes provided there's no wind. If you were going at power-ranger speed, you could probably do it in 20 minutes.

    28 May 2005, 14:55

  7. Hi all
    New to the blog. Not a fully fledged cyclist yet – plan to start in the New Year. Does anyone come in from Warwick or does anyone know of anyone who does? I am moving there after Christmas (finger crossed!).

    I am looking for a decent route and some encouragement!


    20 Nov 2006, 08:56

  8. Stephanie Bell

    If you’re a slow cyclist like me coming via Cubbington and Stoneleigh takes at the most 40 minutes. But the last bit from the A46 until you get to Gibbet Hill is a nightmare. I feel as if I’m constantly playing car dodge.

    21 Jun 2007, 08:58

  9. Some ideas for a route from Warwick to the A429 just outside Kenilworth. From there just use the cycle track to Gibbet Hill then the carriageway to campus (there is a car-free track parallel to Gibbet Hill Road, if you like):

    The west route might have problems with the surface after rain.
    On the east route, look carefully for the left turn from B4113 opposite the turning to Ashow. I think it may have an obsolete “No Entry” sign on it (predates the blocking of the route to car traffic prior to the building of the By-pass?)

    21 Jun 2007, 10:44

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