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December 23, 2005

– Ipigenia at Aulis –

Writing about web page http://www.warwickartscentre.co.uk/events/id/2626

Theatre from WUDS

You are invited to the army camp at Aulis, to meet the leader of the Greek coalition forces, Agamemnon, and catch a glimpse of the operations in preparation for the war against Troy. Achilles will be holding a press conference to discuss his involvement in the coalition and his status as a rising star among the Myrmidons, and leaked sources suggest rumours of a royal wedding – Agamemnon's daughter Iphigenia may be the surprise guest.

This is a promenade production using the Studio in a new and exciting way to follow the action of the play.

The Publicity Campaign will hit campus as soon as term begins, follow the instructions on the invite you receive…

£7.50 (£5.50)

October 22, 2005

Where'd all the Good people go?

does anyone check blogs these days? i seem to have forgotten all about it, but enjoyed many a blog banter session in the first year.

might still provide words of the week every so oftern…

but for today my favourite condition is 'tourettes'.....
It is estimated that as many as 1 in 200 experience some form of Tourettes, (lucky bastards!)

any thoughts…. ARSE LICKER

August 13, 2005

summer lovin happened so fast…

well chaps summer draws to a close and soon enough we will all be reunited at uni. most of us now living in royal leamington spa (dont forget the royal). anywho, a few new piccies of some of my summer exploits, e.g glastonbury, venice and a wedding. wammo. hope to see some more blogging from some of you drama folk. want photos of summer fun…..

lots'o love, jules xx

June 22, 2005



Post some of your favourite memories below.

mine are:

-A strange trip to a closed reservoir in the early hours

-Filming all of the Vorn/Bhan/Vawn/Vaughn films.




-Xmas party

-12 hour editing with Richard

-many many more!

June 03, 2005

Hey kids…The WERLYGIG is official Drama Social

Follow-up to WERLYGIG JUNE 14th from Cook Pass Babtridge

June 14th

Be there with a smile and a song in your hearts

Seriously though, we (the good people of WERL - Jack Howson, myself and Medea expert Edward Greig) would love for it to be a bit of a social..drinks in wherever first then at nine The Cooler for some awesome stuff - music, DJs and special guests possibly
Its penultimate week before we all miss each other for a good two and a half months and its gonna be emotional!
And the bands are amazing

Eclectic, enigmatic and ectasy-inducing...couple of acoustics (one a Jack Johnson protege), amazing quirk funksters Post War Years (Warwick fellas) and pop-indie experts (and London Darlings) - my favourite band The Trend

This Man Stole My Heart…

courtesy of Edward SG Greig Esq.


Follow-up to My Top Three from 1 in a million, 2 is a crowd, 3 is company, 4's not allowed

As I pretend to revise Stanislavski;s role in the Rise of the Director I listen to:

Alas Agnes - The Mystery Jets
Awesome band from my local area who've suported British Sea Power, Bloc Party and The Futureheads
They also sung to me once

Arcade Fire - No Car's Go
Uplifting track of thier early EP from the best band of this year (bar Maximo Park)

Truely astonishing album (Funeral), and this one ain't half bad neither

The White Stripes - Take Take Take
Described by NME as a bluegrass Stan, this is a song off their new LP about Rita Hayworth from the point of view of a besotted fan. Jack White has excelled himself lyrically and musically on this track, a trend that is the case right through Get Behind Me Satan. Apparently Jack White got married yesterday which seems curious in light of the bitter, lonesome feel to the album....hard to know what to believe though when its being billed as his first marriage

For those in need of something to look forward to during this stressful period

Writing about web page http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/portal/ents/Default.asp?url=event&event_id=1353

June 01, 2005

Few Things To Clear Up – WERLY GIG2005 (aka another drama social)

Writing about WERLYGIG JUNE 14th from Cook Pass Babtridge

RaW and WERL Members £2.50 in Advance now

Non Members £3.50 in Advance now

Tickets One Pound More On The Door
Though for the acts playing it is sure to be a get-your-moneys-worth kinda deal:

The Trend
'Chris Martin-They are better than you, mate" Glasswerk 2005

Post War Years
Local lads with anthemic, quirky, singlalong indie

'G' Is For Giles
Jack Johnson-alike with suntanned, mature tunes


Book now to avoid disappointment

May 30, 2005


Date: Tuesday June 14th

Time: 8 til Late

Venue: The Cooler, Warwick University Student's Union

Your chance to hear the hottest selection of bands from Warwickshire and beyond. Plus the chance to see the acoustic solo stars of future. And if that's not enough they'll be DJs bringing you the best indie rock has to offer.

Price: Members Of Music Socs £2.50*
———————Non Members £3.50*

*From Advance(£1 more on the door)

go here for more information on the best gig ever…. www.werlygig.co.uk

May 12, 2005

What have we done?!

As you can see, you can now place your orders for The Vaughan Trilogy….but there are only just the one hundred available..

April 28, 2005

The Vaughn Supremacy

There is a trailer and the main film for the third and last film in the Vaughan Trilogy. It is available for download at DC++ along with the other Vaughan efforts.

You may notice a stark difference in quality in this film compared to those in the previous films, this is due (in part) to the money earned following the public screenings of the first two films.

Thanks for your time

Owen Hughes (Camera-man, Director of Photography and Editor[along with Ricardo])

and all the Vaughn Supremacy's cast and crew.


April 23, 2005

Results of the Actington Stanley Elections

Yes, elections that matter! On a raucous bus journey the votes were made and the results were released.. But for those who weren't on the bus of Flying Saucers, magic carpets, Andrea Bocelli and the arrival countdown. Or for those who didn't even come! here are the results…

in ascending order..

Jimmy Brown : 1 vote (his own vote in fact)
Jack Howson : 1 vote (he personally wasn't aware that he was even running for captaincy)
Gethin Jones: 3
Samuel William Brassington : 4

Due to the closeness of the result, Messers Jones and Brassington have decided to share responsibility Herr Brassington captaining on the pitch, and Jones off the pitch. llon.gyfarchion a hawddamor ag a

In other news I elected myself scribe secretary again, and by unanimous decision Miss Julia Maynard is elected Social Secretary with her first duty to be organising the Battered Dinner Dance.

April 08, 2005

My Top Three

Writing about Top 3 from The Land of the Bashmore

H'Okay Mr Ashmore….
this week i have mostly been singing>

1. The Night I Lost My Head - Maximo Park
From the new album which i ahem*illegally*ahem downloaded…is one and a half minutes of pure ectasy in the form of jumpy, lyrical magic

2. C-C (You Set The Fire) - Tom Vek
Still waiting for the album to arrive in t'post but seen him live three times and this song has been swimming round the radio – is awesome. English Beck sounds good to me, in that he is sounding completely refreshing with his simple sounds that come out of his garage

3. Retreat - The Rakes
Oh my god…this band are awesome..of all the groups pretending to be the new Libertines it is fitting that its these guys who have absolutely no interest in emulating anyone who fit the bill….
Live they are stonking and this song is really understated and addictive.

April 03, 2005

Cos Jack & Jules Did This

Writing about Cos everyone's doing it…..apparently from 1 in a million, 2 is a crowd, 3 is company, 4's not allowed

After seeing it on Jack's blog I did one. I kept changing my mind though, Hot Water Music have too many songs dag nam it:

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

Created by naw5689 and taken 24063 times on bzoink!

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Hot Water Music
Are you male or female:It's Hard To Know
Describe yourself:Jack Of All Trades
How do some people feel about you:Hit And Miss
How do you feel about yourself:Paper Thin
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:A Flight And A Crash
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:When I Hear Her Name
Describe where you want to be:Where We Belong
Describe what you want to be:Wayfarer
Describe how you live:Rest Assured
Describe how you love:Giver
Share a few words of wisdomWe'll Say Anything We Want

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Bored of easter already?

Writing about web page http://www.inbedwithjackanded.co.uk

Bored of easter...?

Fed up of Chocolate and appearing daffodils...?

Perhaps you're trying to put off that essay with an ominously close deadline..?

Why not join Jack and Ed you're favourite RaW DJs as they:
chat about their favourite tracks, and Glastonbury...and monkeys

vote on upcoming interviews and have a jolly ol'time

listen to exclusive - and tremendulously humourous - interviews with the world's top bands!

March 29, 2005

Cos everyone's doing it…..apparently

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

Created by naw5689 and taken 23596 times on bzoink!

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:The Libertines
Are you male or female:The Boy Looked at Johnny
Describe yourself:Horrorshow
How do some people feel about you:Narcissist
How do you feel about yourself:Can't Stand Me Now
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:The Good Old Days
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:New Love Grows On Trees
Describe where you want to be:Up The Bracket
Describe what you want to be:Boys In The Band
Describe how you live:I Get Along
Describe how you love:Music When The Lights Go Out
Share a few words of wisdomDon't Be Shy

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

March 19, 2005

Medea 7 –Spiderman has nothing on me and Owen

Okay so it's been a week since the performance, but it's still fresh in my head, honest! It was a great success, even mathematicians thought it was 'stunning and not at all pretentious' and that is not only shocking but something to be proud of. I think we re-established in some of the invited audience minds what theatre is about, and that I think is more than any of us were anticipating.

Thursday was the day of actually putting together the piece from the mini-groups and actually building the 'set'. Me and Owen played spiderman most of the day, me on the catwalk and him on a ladder, casting webs of string around the place to hold up the collage, booths and shadow boxes. Credit too to Holly who played with my nerves as she lay precariously half over the edge and fumbled with the collage string. Meanwhile the brickies were underneath building a wall. Later there was more work to be done in my lofty domain, I meddled in the lighting work James and Rhys were doing and then toyed with the projector and discovered how uncomfortable it is to stay in the same awkward position for ten minutes.
The Chorus (of whom I had the littlest inclination to what they were actually going to do….*pause, why am I writing like an English student?) Came out of what seemed to me like nowhere to deliver a great rendition of choral speaking, movement and tableaux not to mention creepy whispering. I'd been looking forward to seeing the chorus perform since I'd seen glimpses of the masks and facepaint, and I thought they were the perfect introduction to the acting parts of the production, linking the original myth and greek style to Jack and Zoe's far more colloquial argument. Speaking of which I had to supress my own giggles at their argument fortunately everyone in the audience was giggling too, so I got away with it. The silhouettes were a kind of bridging point between these two parts of the performance, whilst their subject was the traditional myth of child slaying, their form of course was far more modern and worked very well. (See the gallery for the dark side of Sophie).
Of course there were a couple of cock ups in the performance on Friday, and unsuprisingly they were in my sphere of influence. My American-friendly-fire style of projector cap bombing of the audience was not really my fault, the slow motion realisation of the cap slipping off was followed by another slow motion moment of me reaching across to grab it and subsequent missing and having to cover the lens. But as some people pointed out, my persecution of the girl below me was all linked with the themes of the installation. Hey at least it wasn't a knife hey Rothelite? It also took a while to move the film down onto the chorus and Jack and Zoe in the sheet since Owen had convinced me that we should chain the projector down for safety, we were perhaps over-zealous though and found the projector too secure to actually move, but it only took a few seconds to unclip the chains and the whole thing ended in success. Oh it was my friends who destroyed the wall too, women! Chuh!

So yes, I think it was Ian who said 'This is what I came to Warwick to do' and I couldn't agree more, definitely the most impressive thing we've done yet, and we've got two more years to go from strength to strength, which we will.

March 15, 2005

Our Argument…..

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

...seemed to go down well

Despite forgetting lines up until the minute of performance (yes, while people were coming in I was still in Sophie's projection booth looking at our script…at least that's my story!) the argument went as planned. It was very intense with quickfire reponses, a lot of shouting and some angry words!

I think good points of the arguement were:

The fact that it underlined the intention of the piece after the enigmatic opening by signalling the complete divide between men and women
People could identify with nearly every point that was said in the argument and it made the spectator confront their own feelings about the opposite sex
It drew the audience into the piece away from a mere viewing point – they were challenged to back us up or shout down points that were brought up
It brought a different dynamic to the piece because it was a world away from classical script or any traditional dramatic qualities...Me and Zoe tried to give the argument depth and merit whilst still keeping the raw energy and irrationality that a simple argument between a couple would contain...There was swearing and the frustration at the other person with simple walking away in disgust
It showed the stupidity of much of the anger and the banality of many of the complaints and this was emphasised as it was in such close proximity to the spectator with such intensity…Becuase they were drawn into the argument the spectator was also forced to question whether their own complaints were stupid like these were. The effects of trying to get one-up on the other person and undermining them (eg. when i responded to zoe shouting about my memory loss 'what did you say??') also demonstrated this.

Responses To The Argument –

I was happy with the feedback we got to the argument....
It was said that it was realistic and intense and brought a nice dynamic to the piece.
People commented on how they felt drawn into the dispute by involuntarily agreeing with the points raised and therefore they had added interest in the piece as they felt it affected them.
The comedic effect of the piece went down well with some laughter and this helped to create a them against us scenario.
The loud argument was effective in that it provided a nice contrast with the quiet, eerie beiginning and the chilling nature of the end video and peaceful last tableau.

Final Performance

Loose Script:

Audience shown into studio by Hannah and Ian, sending guys left of the brick wall barrier and gals right....lights are off.

Edward's audio introduction begins - it lasts for two minutes. As it progresses the installation begins to 'come alive':
Light revealing art collage

Lights in the booths come on revealing me on the guy's side and zoe on the gal's in neutral poses and wearing clearly masculine (suit) and feminine (skirt) dress

Me and Zoe play the booth sound clip featuring famous speeches which clash with Ed's audio clip creating an interesting and mildly overwhelming effect for the audience

As the sound clip ends the Chorus begins their chanting and movement at the end of the performance speech. They sing, then dance and then recite parts of the text until they reach a crescendo - taking off their masks to reveal very interesting and effective face markings
Whilst this is going on the booths lights fade and the booth sounds are switched off so the focus turns to the Chorus

This is also accompanied by the projection screens which come on as this progressies - they show an image of brutality (again with male bias on one side and female on t'other) in stylised movement shadows lit from behind the screen.

The Chorus finishes and there is a moment of refelction for the audience to take in the art collage or the installation in general. Me and Zoe then slowly made our way in amongst the spectators (crowded around the hanging collage) and Zoe started the argument, with me immediately responding....
the argument took the form of snidey comments about the opposite sex, face to face slagging off, trying to undermine the other with jokes and straight insults and also looking for back up from our 'side' (our gender group) and in this way we tried to mirror a real argument

The arguement ends with us shouting that we want to communicate with each other - at this moment the Medea Film comes on.
The film had men and women carrying out the same practices (walking, standing and reciting texts) and interchanging. In this way it questioned preconceptions and standards of each sex. The text used concerned the cruelty and sensitivity of each sex.

As the film carried on me and zoe, who at first were angry and insular, walked toawrds the film, as if drawn to it. Our body language became more open and less angry and, as the film drew to its conclusion we stodd on either side of the screen staring at each other

This film then sequed into Ian and Rhys' film concerning childhood....The film showed children playfighting and pictures of family happiness. As well as reminding the audience of how this family has been torn apart and the cruelty of the situation it also brought in the idea of Medea and Jason's inner child being released in this argument.
As the film progressed me and zoe moved closer to each other, becoming affectionate. The images of children framed us as we began kissing and then a sheet came down off the catwalk which the Chorus wrapped around us. We moved onto the floor and became covered by the sheet with the film projection moving to be projected on the couple. Therefore these scenes of childhood were clearly linked with this live performance

The film ended with parts of the text recited by an anonymous voice and this final scene on the floor. The film ended and the spectators filtered out.
To bring the audience away the booth lights came on, as did the booth soundclips which reminded the audience of the universal themes we focussed on (equality, feminism etc)

March 14, 2005

Final Preparations

In our final run up to the piece we did a quick run through (with outside advice from one Mr Denard – thanks alot kid!

Me and Zoe rehearsed our argument, forgot words, shouted a lot etc….
We tried to create a real sense of universal anger between the sexes whilst still maintaining an amount of underlying affection this came from me trying to joke with her and accidental smiles between the two parties.....Hoever we tried to conveyed real anger and aggression that got worse and worse. In our rehearsals we tried to make the transitions between points as smooth and natural as possible so it seemed like a real argument whilst still getting in all of our complaints. By the end our points were really quite nasty and we felt we had done well in that we would easily convey tensions between the two sexes

The booths were a constantly changing element.
I felt they were necessary as we had to have as many different elements and mediums in the piece to give the spectator a total sensory experience and keep them engaged constantly. Though they went from walk in booths with headphones > walk in booths with directional speakers > mere decoration with sound coming out to intrigue they ended up as the base for the protagonist (i stood in my booth at the start, zoe in hers).....The work Ian and Owen and others had done to dress them up meant they perfectly framed us and created an effective picture for when the spectators entered and perfectly encapsulated the main focus of the piece. We had sound coming out from them which would draw audience around the space - though this final thing was only decided at the last minute!

We had a problem with the audience moving too far into the performance space (into the video area)
We changed the chorus position to block this off and it also made them the main focus of the whole performance as they were in a traditional front focus place (ie in front of the eyes of the spectator rather than in and around like the collage and me and zoe)

Owen pointed out the movement of the two tableaus behind the screens was at different speeds
We decided that both should move in a more slow, stylised way to keep with the dramatic, darker, eerie nature of the installation and so this was just a matter of conference between Rhys (representing male brutality) and Sophie (representing female evil)

MEDEA PIECE – my work

Everyone was very proactive and got involved with each element, and i made a concerted effort to try and keep updated with everyone's progressand checking to see who needed a hand with anything..

However, it would be fair to say that my main achievements and efforts in the group were:

The opening introduction featuring Ed Greig describing the play's themes in layman's terms (and with a male bias)
This made a good opening to the piece because:

-it set up an instant divide between men and women

-told those not familiar with the piece a bit about it

-immediately set up a bridge between the classical and modern as Edward talked about the Tragedy using modern terms and opinions "she was a bit of a psycho"

-it also created a nice dramatic opening because it was eerie and slow burning and allowed the audience to come to terms with the surroundings and have a clear start to the piece despite it not being a traditional performance. The nature of the clip was that it was fairly engaging and weird so it kept them interested and also on the backfoot and curious as to how the piece was going to unravel…..

The ten minute sound clip that brought in issues of feminism and equality
Though me and Ian originally thought this might be used in full from speakers throughout this soon became obviously unworkable. I was quite happy with the way it was used in the performance….coming from booths occupied my examples of female and male (zoe and myself)...was effective as it drew the audience towards these booths (it was our intention to get the audience moving and investigating things for themselves).
It meant that the audience only heard little bits which was our intention (to create a different experience for each spectator) and also made them think about issues outside of the specifics of Medea Vs Jason (using, as it did, clips of Margaret Thatcher, faminist authors, Germian Greer, abortion clinics, US senators etc)

These two pieces of work were conducted with Mr Ian Carter

and you can hear our masterful work thanks to the wonders of twenty-first century technology (ignore the part where it says 'Ian Carter's work!!!!! Top two are us too, bottom two are Ian and FleeceRhyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssss

The second half of my 'personal journey' was working closely alongside BingBongTheRothelite (jamesrothwell to you) in opposition (and amicable collective working) with Zoe, Sophie and SarahDeeks.
We created a contemporary performance piece that was an argument between men and women exposing the preconceptions andf typical complaints from both sexes. They went from humourous and silly to more serious truths that caused universal rifts between the sexes.
Me and Rothelite's list has been split into sections to denote the seriousness of each point, and the progression we thought the argument should take

When we were done carefully considering the most effective points we worked with 'The Girls' to match up similar complaints and work out a coherent arguement structure using their list
I believe the arguements are good because they are familiar, universal complaints and also bring the themes of Medea into the contemporary arena…with our complaints (like The Girls levelling against Boys that we are insensitive) mirroring Medea's arguments against Jason in the text.

Run up to performance…..

In the build up to our performace i felt that the working dynamics in our group was the best it had been. Every member of the groups was ready to lend a hand or volunteer to complete a task whilst allowing each section to have the time to polish and hone their pieces….

We had a couple of quick walk through rehearsals but the nature of the piece meant that we couldnt really properly create the experience before the actual event.

Our technical support team(!) did an absolutely sterling job creating design effects that i felt were essentail to the success of the piece.
Though we had some solid, lengthy performance elements i think that the nature of an installation piece is smaller elements that can maintain interest for the audience. This is because, though we were creating a piece that did have a loose linear narrative there were moments that were not part of this so the spectator has to have elements to interest them. These included the curtains with male and female signs, the booths on the side of the stage that added a differetn dimension with light and the doorways and other things.

We came up with a definite structure for the piece and assigned a job to everyone but we were constantly changing the structure in order to maximise interest and effectiveness for the audience.

March 12, 2005

BECK (beats Athelete)

Just wanted to make sure the world is aware of the 'mighty good leader' of music, that is, Beck…........

Back in 1993 (USA) his first album 'Golden Feelings' was released. Followed shorthly after by 'A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight'. Next up came 'Stereopathectic SoulManure'.Recorded between '88-'94, this is possibly the most eclectic mix of Beck stuff on one disc. Includes bonus noise on some discs, but not all. 'Mellow Gold' became Beck's first major label album. Made with $200. Includes bonus noise after "Blackhole". Originally titled "Cold Ass Fashion". An awsome acoustic-rock album was to follow 'One Foot in The Grave' is a truely wonderful album with mainly acoustic tracks. Early stuff still but very good indeed….

tracks worth seeking out are:
He's A Mighty Good Leader
Sleeping bag
Hollow Log

One of my favourite albums came next. 'Odelay' was the first Beck album I actually heard. The unusual mix of tracks got me hooked on this strange fellow. His weird and wonderful lyrics still baffle me, but this album is possibly the oddest but one of the best…

best tracks on the album:
Devil's Haircut
High 5
The New Pollution
Where its At

01. Cold Brains
02. Nobody's Fault But My Own
03. Lazy Flies
04. Canceled Check
05. We Live Again
06. Tropicalia
07. Dead Melodies
08. Bottle of Blues
09. O Maria
10. Sing It Again
11. Static
12. Diamond Bollocks (unlisted)
all tracks come highly rated in my book! go get it kids. A fairly chilled out album.

'Midnite Vultures' became a well known album for his track 'Sexx Laws'. If thats the only song that rings a bell kids, then u need to do some more listening. The rest of the album, released in 1999, has more promisiong tracks on i promise. If you're feeling a little odd try nicotine and gravy!
01. Sexx Laws
02. Nicotine & Gravy
03. Mixed Bizness
04. Get Real Paid
05. Hollywood Freaks
06. Peaches & Cream
07. Broken Train
08. Milk & Honey
09. Beautiful Way
10. Pressure Zone
11. Debra

His newst albums are 'Sea Change' and the fairly well known 'Guero' (recently released'. Sea Change wasn't my favourite album and gave me some sceptecicsm about his new album, but so far so good. What i really like about Beck is the diversity in his albums. There's a mix of acoustic-rock to electro-pop, something for all the family! So now you've been informed as to the album history of Beck (actually spelt Bek, but only changed to 'Beck' because no-one could get their heads round 'Bek') Hanson…..go out and do some listening and let mw know your thoughts on one my all time favourite artists. thanks very much x

(p.s. and i dontn care what anyone says….especially u tom, beck IS better than 'Athelete'!!!)

March 11, 2005

Well Done Guys

Well done on the performance to the Jason group (Jason is more sympathetic!)
I was very proud, everyone excelled themselves!