April 17, 2016

challenge of mobile ERP

The ubiquity of the smartphone might lead the ERP system to a new application. In some aspects, companies are willing to applicate the new technology. For example, it is benefit for companies if personnel are willing to provide their technology for business things.

However, some challenges appear for IT people. the main concerns are security and two main compatibility. It is difficult to control personal devices and prevent the devices form hight risks way of personal usage habit. in addition, two compatibility environment, iSO and Adroid, and variations of Android from all the phone manufacturers make mobile ERP more complex. How to cope with the new version of operating system and how to update without interfering business work are issues for the IT people.

The application of moblie ERP still have many restrictions at this time. However, the technology of moblie ERP application is gradually matured and the barriers to use mobile ERP is reducing. It is possible that the usage of mobile ERP will increase faster than expectation.

Bo-Hsiang Chang

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  1. Interesting post. It appears that mobile ERP (together with cloud solutions) is the main area of investment by ERP providers. This is also very tempting subject from marketing point of view. Marketing departments concentrate heavily on how easy and joyful it is to use their ERP systems on customer’s favourite mobile devices.

    Users can have instant access to data and make decisions while being on the move. For example; managers can approve high value purchase orders or check daily supply chain performance.
    For foreseeable future users would still primarily use their laptops in the same way as most of us probably do to create ERP integration posts.

    I would love to learn from anyone who knows what are the security risks (mentioned in second paragraph). To me ERP user logs in to application layer in very similar way on their tablet as one does it on its laptop…

    Oliwia Lewandowska

    17 Apr 2016, 22:58

  2. Another considerable barrier of mobile ERP now is the access to compatible devices is still limited to users. Many people in developing and undeveloped countries still cannot affort the smartphone devices or pay for the service fee. So, right now the mobile ERP should be considered only as an additional option for partiular group of users

    Chonlada Han-ong-art

    20 Apr 2016, 14:36

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    30 May 2017, 14:36

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