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February 24, 2006

Vapour tomorrow night

Just a quick reminder about the legendary night that tomorrow's Vapour promises to be.

As well as the normal residents, EROL ALKAN will be playing a headling set.

Erol was voted the 6th best DJ in the world by Mixmag in 2004. He has remixed pretty much every indie/dance band that is worth mentioning in the past few years, and bootlegged the rest. He DJs across the world, attracting bookings over a well over year in advance. He has been resident at The End (London's premier nightclub) for many years, both at Bugged Out, and his own night T*R*A*S*H.

Erol plays straight up party music. Expect a mash-up of indie, house, electro, accapellas and bootlegs of EPIC proportions.

If you love music, don't miss this. You'll kick yourself if you do…

January 30, 2006

Top B Midnight Pounder – Last chance to vote!

It's your last chance to vote for this week's Midnight Pounder – use your democratic privilege wisely!

http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk Here

January 23, 2006

We were having a Wild, Wild Party…

Last week saw MTW take over the main Arts Centre theatre for Andrew Lippa's 'The Wild Party' – as elegant and decadent a portayal of the roaring 20s as one could hope for.

A quick overview of the plot:

Vaudeville performers Burrs (a clown 'of some renown') and Queenie ('legs built to drive men mad'), live out an uneasy and unhappy domesticity. When Burrs' sexual and violent ways get too much, Queenie decides public humiliation is in order. A 'Wild Party' is to be thrown, and by flirting with everyone in sight, she hopes to drive Burrs to appreciate her more.

The guests arrive, a heady mix of lesbians and hookers, producers and pugilists. Queenie seems to have her mind set on seducing dancer Jackie, when mutual friend Kate enters quickly followed by the mysterious 'Mr. Black'. Queenie abandons her dancer, and starts to put the moves on the far-from-reluctant Black. Kate, seeing what Queenie has in mind, decides to let them play out their seduction, hoping to ensnare Burrs in the cross-fire. Behind the contretemps of the leads, the guests at the party are having a wild time, and seem intent on singing to eachother about it…

To cut a long story (slightly) short. Black and Queenie find that there is more than sexual tension between them. Burrs, consumed with jealousy, walks into the bedroom to find them entwined in the covers and eachother. There is a gun. There is a shot. There is a death…

The Review

The sheer effort that was involved in taking this production to stage would be enough to be going along with even if it were a professional company, but when you stop and think that the people involved in this show are all students, juggling degree and extra-curricular activities as best they can…then the mind truly boggles.

Director Luke Shires deserves massive plaudits for his handling of the show. Bringing in six chorus 'muses', in order to show the true depths of Burrs' psyche as vividly, was a masterstroke of invention. The muses jolted the senses, their unison singing in the first numbers proving both alarming and alarmingly effective. Equally, their dancing (superb) and demeanour (intense) throughout was a constant reminder of the passions bubbling under the surface of the party.

Shires' direction, and Choreographer Honor Roche's treatment, of the ensemble was equally impressive – the cast formed a solid backdrop to the 4 superb lead performances, with cohesion apparent in even the fastest of dances (one of which was so quick as to require three viewings before this reviewer actually managed to see all the moves!)

The musical direction, too, was top notch. MD Matt Mimms added electric guitar elements to the original score to update the sound, whilst still leaving it grounded in the 20s era. The band sounded fullsome, whilst never overpowering the cast (credit to the sound engineer for that one).

The cast themselves struck the perfect emotive chord – you really did feel they were having a wonderful time when they wanted you too…and you really did feel they were in severe emotional pain when they needed you to. Special credit must go to the four leads (Emily Brooks – Queenie, Nadim Naaman – Burrs, Owain Llyr-Williams – Black, and Laura Poyner – Kate) for performances verging almost entirely on the professional.

In short, it was an absolute privilige to be able to watch this show, as I'm sure the rest of the audience will agree. We laughed, we cried, we watched agog as the director played out his final trick on us with the very closing of the curtain; and, as all we could offer back was applause and a standing ovation, we definitely got the better of the deal. Once again Music Theatre Warwick have raised the bar, and I for one avidly await their next jump…

January 13, 2006

'Vapour presents….Steve Angello' on Radio Warwick tonight

Hey y'all

Listen to Radio Warwick tonight - 9-10pm for an exclusive interview with Steve Angello ahead of his headline set at Vapour. Steve says he's really looking forward to the date, but under no circumstances to show anyone this picture...

You can also win guestlist places for both Vapour and Pressure (featuring the Scratch Perverts and Dynamite MC).

Get in!

January 04, 2006

First chart 'o' the year

First chart of 2006 – woo hah!

Also, have been hit with the very exciting news that I've got a show on RaW this term, hurrah! – I'll give you the lowdown when…er…I've decided what I'm going to do each week!

  1. Haji and Emmanuel – Take me Away – Big Love
  2. Various – Clubber's Guide 2006 – MOS
  3. Simply Red – Something Got me Started – simplyred.com
  4. Naughty Boy – Phat Beach – MOS
  5. Freemasons – Watchin' – Loaded
  6. In.Stinct Records – In.Stinct Sampler – -In.Stinct
  7. Protocol – Where's the Pleasure? – Polydor
  8. Rosie Gaines – Closer than Close – suSU
  9. T.A.T.U – Friend or Foe – Interscope
  10. Porno – Music Power – Data
  11. Silosonic – Something – Adhesive
  12. Mylo – Muscle Cars – Breastfed
  13. Skye – Loveshow – Atlantic
  14. Marcos Hernandez – If You were Mine – TVT
  15. Rhyme Fatal – Man in the Mirror – AATW
  16. Ashlee Simpson – Boyfriend – Geffen
  17. Matt Darey – Eternity – Darey Products
  18. Aaron Smith – Dancin – Boss/Data
  19. Meck – Thunder in my Heart – Free2Air
  20. Red Carpet – Alright – Positiva
  21. Hi-Tack – Say Say Say – Gusto
  22. Calanit – Sculptured – Couture Digital
  23. Texas – Sleep – Mercury
  24. Starkillers – Discoteka – Spinnin
  25. Hound Dogs – I Like Girls – Direction
  26. Good as Gold – Tiga – Pias
  27. Formatic – Over to You
  28. Tony Senghore – Peace – Eye Industries
  29. Royksopp – What Else is there – Wall of Sound
  30. Jaimy feat. Moses – Cut me Loose – Big and Dirty

Mmmmmmmmm ;o)

December 20, 2005

Chart 20–12–05

Last chart 'o' the year, and it's a doozie…

James Tarbit
Chart 20/12/05

  1. Mylo – Myscle Cars – Breastfed
  2. Porno – Music Power – Data
  3. Aaron Smith feat. Luvli – Dancin – Boss/Data
  4. Meck – Thunder in my Heart – Free2Air
  5. Hi-Tack – Waiting for you – Gusto
  6. Silosonic – Something – Adhesive
  7. Girls Aloud – See The Day – Polydor
  8. Rhythme Fatal – Man in the Mirror – AATW
  9. Calanit – Sculptured – Couture Digital
  10. The Source feat Candi Staton – You've got the Love – Positiva
  11. Red Carpet -Alright – Positiva
  12. Kanye West – Heard em say – Roc-a-Fella
  13. Jaimy feat. Moses – Cut me Loose – Big and Dirty
  14. Texas – Sleep – Mercury
  15. Sunblock – I値l be Ready – Stockholm
  16. Haji and Emmanuel – Take me Away – Big Love
  17. Starkillers – Discoteka – Spinnin
  18. Catcher – I Like to Move it – White Label
  19. Freemasons – Watchin – Loaded
  20. Herd and Fitz – Just Can稚 get enough – AATW

December 08, 2005

I'm so excited!

Have just finished sorting out the guests for the Vapours for the up-coming term, and they're awesome!

January 19th (Thursday of One World Week) sees Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso hitting the Marketplace stage. These guys have DJed all over the world, have produced Essential Mixes for Radio 1 , and have remixed everyone who is great and good in the dance world. Hailing from Sweden, they promise to give Vapour an international flavour, whilst still banging out some awesome peak-time house music.

And then, better than that, on Saturday 25th February, Vapour pays host to remixer/bootlegger extraordinaire Erol Alkan. Erol really is the king of electro-house. He's remixed the likes of Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Mylo, The Mystery Jets, The Chemical Brothers, Death from Above 1979, Alter Ego, and Ikara Colt, and is resident of both Trash and Bugged Out at London's The End club (probably the most famous club in the city). Erol recently finished an Essential mix for Radio 1 that is widely regarded as one of the finest mixes on the station to date.

Basically – they're all awesome, and they're all here! £4 has never got you so much :o)

Chart 06/12/05

James Tarbit
Chart 06/12/05

  1. Aaron Smith feat. Luvli – Dancin – Boss/Data
  2. Hi-Tack – Waiting for you – Gusto
  3. The Source feat Candi Staton – You've got the Love – Positiva
  4. Jaimy feat. Moses – Cut me Loose – Big and Dirty
  5. Kanye West – Heard em say – Roc-a-Fella
  6. Starkillers – Discoteka – Spinnin
  7. Catcher – I Like to Move it – White Label
  8. Rhythme Fatal – Man in the Mirror – AATW
  9. Tim Deluxe – I Don稚 care – AT
  10. Royksopp – What Else is There? – Wall of Sound
  11. Bush II Bush – The Piano Track – Cr2
  12. Formatic- Over to You – White
  13. Stunt – Raindrops- Data
  14. Sunblock – I値l be Ready- Stockholm
  15. Damian Marley – The Master has Come Back – Universal
  16. Red Carpet – Alright – Positiva
  17. LMC - Get What you Give – AATW
  18. Depeche Mode – A Pain that I知 Used to – Mute
  19. Allure – Uh-Oh – Nicetunes
  20. Braund Reynolds – Rocket – Phonetic

November 29, 2005

Chart 29–11–05

James Tarbit
Chart 29/11/05

  1. The Source feat Candi Staton – You've got the Love – Positiva
  2. Jaimy feat. Moses -Cut me Loose -Big and Dirty
  3. Catcher – I Like to Move it – White Label
  4. Royksopp – What Else is There? – Wall of Sound
  5. Bush II Bush – The Piano Track – Cr2
  6. Sugababes – Ugly – Island
  7. Kanye West – Heard em say – Roc-a-Fella
  8. LMC - Get What you Give – AATW
  9. Depeche Mode – A Pain that I知 Used to – Mute
  10. Starkillers – Discoteka – Spinnin
  11. Aaron Smith feat. Luvli – Dancin – Boss/Data
  12. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry (mixes) – EMI
  13. Damian Marley – The Master has Come Back – Universal
  14. Hi-Tack – Waiting for you – Gusto
  15. Braund Reynolds – Rocket – Phonetic
  16. Twisted Transistor – Twisted Transistor – Virgin
  17. Sunblock – I値l be Ready – Stockholm
  18. Tom Novy – Your Body – Data
  19. Andrea T Mendoza – Can't Fake it – Adhesive
  20. Madonna – Hung Up – Maverick
  21. Rolling Stones – Rain Fall Down – Virgin

November 25, 2005

James' 'Things 'o' the year' 2005

A sly pre-emptive strike this – getting my list of cool things from 2005 up before the glut of list-heavy December TV:

Top albums:

Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger
System of a Down – Mesmerize/Hypnotize
LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem
Damian Marley – Welcome to JamRock
Soulwax – Nite Versions
Clor – Clor
Mylo – Destroy Rock'n'Roll

Top songs:

Amerie – 1 Thing
Deep Dish – Flashdance
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at my House
Starkiller – Discoteka
Coburn – We Interrupt this Programme
Soulwax – NY Excuse
Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want to?
Elbow – Forget Myself
MIA - Bucky Done Gun
Maximo Park – Graffiti
We Are Scientists – Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Clor – Love and Pain

Top gigs:

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation @ UWSU
Soulwax Niteversions Live @ UWSU
NME Shockwaves tour (Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Futureheads, Killers) @ Cambridge Corn Exchange
Basement Jaxx @ Birmingham Academy
Idlewild @ Birmingham Academy

Top films:

Team America: World Police
Sin City

I'm sure these will change, but at least I've written something down!

November 23, 2005

Chart 22–11

I'm going to start posting my charts up on here, as at least that way I'll have a copy when I lose them (which generally happens on a weekly basis).

It's generally meant as a way to help me out, but of course, any comments are welcome!


James Tarbit
Chart 22–11-05

  1. Jaimy featuring Moses – Cut me Loose – Big and Dirty
  2. LMC - Get What you Give – AATW
  3. Royksopp – What Else is There? – Wall of Sound
  4. Catcher – I Like to Move it – White Label
  5. The Source feat. Candi Staton – You've got the Love – Positiva
  6. Bush II Bush – The Piano Track – Cr2
  7. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry (remixes) – EMI
  8. Braund Reynolds – Rocket – Phonetic
  9. Twisted Transistor – Twisted Transistor – Virgin
  10. Sugababes – Ugly – Island
  11. Madonna – Hung Up – Maverick
  12. Depeche Mode – A Pain that I知 Used to – Mute
  13. Anastacia – Pieces of a Dream – Epic
  14. Rolling Stones – Rain Fall Down – Virgin
  15. Tom Novy – Your Body – Data
  16. Mylo – Muscle Cars – Breastfed
  17. Ferry Corsten – Fire – Positiva
  18. Todd Terry – Somethin Going on – Manifesto
  19. Andrea T Mendoza – Can't Fake it – Adhesive
  20. Deep Dish – Sacramento EP - Positiva

November 22, 2005

I just found this

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/danielmaggs/

Oh dear….

…And what a wonderful guesture you're making there Gemma…

November 14, 2005

Suits me fine, he he he

You scored as James Bond, Agent 007. James Bond is MI6's best agent, a suave, sophisticated super spy with charm, cunning, and a license's to kill. He doesn't care about rules or regulations and somewhat amoral. He does care about saving humanity though, as well as the beautiful women who fill his world. Bond has expensive tastes, a wide knowledge of many subjects, and his usually armed with a clever gadget and an appropriate one-liner.

James Bond, Agent 007
El Zorro
Indiana Jones
Lara Croft
Captain Jack Sparrow
The Amazing Spider-Man
William Wallace
Batman, the Dark Knight
The Terminator
Neo, the "One"

Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com

November 10, 2005

Madonna – she's back…oh yes!

4 out of 5 stars

What can you say to start a review about Madonna's new album? Rolling Stone has started by harking back to her emergence on the scene in 1985:

'Over the most Eighties-sounding synthesizers imaginable, she proclaimed, "And you can dance — for inspiration." ' (from 'Into the Groove')

Quite the manifesto for (at that time) a chart debutant. Since then, however, Madonna has done much to move away from this wherever possible. Recent albums have shown that, whilst Madonna is as adept at reinvention as Kylie (another in the 'dropping the surname' stakes), this has often come at the expense of the ability to 'make people dance'. There was 'Ray of Light', dark and engaging. Then there was 'American Life', indistinct and poorly produced. It is refreshing to see, then, that dancing comes firmly at the top of the agenda this time around.

In fact, it's so high up the list that at times this album comes across as a dance compilation rather than the latest from the Queen of pop. Bringing in Stuart Price (Jacques lu Cont, Les Rhythmes Digitales) on production credits was definitely a savvy move. The 12 tracks on the album are a whirl of synth and sparkle, bass and bombast (if you will!) Whilst at times this threatens to merge one song into another, Price generally does enough to allow each track to stand on its merit, something which Mirwais was alltogether unable to do on 'American Life'. Samples abound – taking in Abba, Popcorn, and even the odd Madge favourite (Price must have had a whale of a time putting this album together!) to great effect.

Most importantly of all, this album genuinely makes the listener want to dance. The vast majority of these tracks would work in a club and, in building an album in this way, Madonna really has found a recipe for success.

In short? When Madonna is on form, she pisses all over the competition and thankfully this is the case here. Buy this to listen to early on a Friday night. Buy this to remind you of a lost weekend. Buy this for your car. Just buy it – it's awesome, and the perfect way to celebrate 20 years in the business…

November 05, 2005

Cool is History

I bought Esquire magazine this week – not something I usually do. I used to have a subscription, but then it got shit, a-la Loaded, FHM and every other god-awful lads mag in the world. However, I haven't totally lost the faith, and check in to see what's going on every few months.

Thankfully, this month's issue is a cracker – great journalism a-go-go, and some great photos. One article in particular caught my eye – 'The Death of Cool' – I quote:

舛apitalism realised far quicker than our best thinkers…that choice undermined profit. Therefore choice had to be removed while preserving the illusion thereof; and the prime mechanism for achieving this was in the appropriation and codification of cool.
There are, of course, all kinds of examples that could illustrate this, but I may as well give one that's close to my own heart – bookshops. The function of the modern bookshop is not to provide choice for its customers but to curtail their choice while providing its illusion. The ideal modern bookshop would sell only five titles but they would be the 'coolest' titles out there so we, the consumers, wouldn't notice or care. Don't laugh, it's coming. Look how few independent bookshops there are these days, how few independent boutiques, how few independent music sellers. Look how our society, which prides itself on 'freedom of choice', is becoming ever more culturally homogenous…the explanation is not a conspiracy theory; it's simply the latest manifestation of consumer capitalism.

Makes you think doesn't it? The next time you walk into HMV to buy a CD, see which ones hit you front-and-centre as you enter? I'll be betting it痴 the same ones that NME had on the front cover the week before, or the ones that are on the Radio 1 playlist. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, or that we're all turning into music-buying robots, but it's interesting how ingrained these mentalities are in the general public.

When I'm DJing, I often think to myself how many of the requests I get a night are actually people requesting their absolute favourite song of all time, or the song they must here right that very second, and how many people are just requesting what is seen to be the 'cool track' of the moment. Was the explosion of requests for the Arctic Monkeys at Monday's Top Banana due to the fact that lots of students are into the Arctic Monkeys? Or was it because they were number 1 in the charts. It's interesting to note that the week previous, we had no requests for the track at all, and response when we played it was muted.

Personally I feel that students are, in the main, more clued up about music than most – they have more opportunity to see live music, and they're the target audience after all. However, even in the student populace, there is a trend towards the mainstream 'cool' that I find worrying. True, I like music that people would consider to be mainstream 'cool' at the moment. However, I also make it my personal challenge to get out there and sample as much new and 'uncool' (in societorial terms) music as possible, as I hate being pigeonholed in terms of my musical taste. I truly hope that all students here at Warwick do the same. The Students' Union (who I am lucky enough to work for) provides an entertainments' programme that caters for pretty much every point of the musical spectrum. For example, this week's events included:

Top Banana
Pressure featuring Pendulum
Crash featuring Coventry Live Music Festival bands
Vapour featuring Raplh Myerz and the Jack Herren Band (which is tonight and, quite frankly unmissable if you like awesome live bands)
Roots Acoustic Folk.

In one week the choice to sample mainstream chart, 90s pop, drum'n'bass, live rock, quirky Scandinavian electro-pop from the headliners of the Big Chill festival (and openers of the Glastonbury main stage), and acoustic music from within the student body.

Now I don't know how much of it is 'cool', but I know I've been out whenever I can. I just hope everyone else has too. Let's not be pigeonholed by what the NME thinks is cool music eh? Let's try and make up our own minds. Next time you're in Fopp, walk past the Top 40, and pick up something for a fiver you've never heard of. It might not be 祖ool, but I bet it'll be fucking awesome…

November 04, 2005


Iiiiiit's back! And bigger than ever!

Vapour takes to the Union once more tomorrow night. I'm not going to harp on forever about it, but attractions include:

RALPH MYERZ AND THE JACK HERREN BAND who fucking RAWK live! Go here to check them out – believe me, they are going to be one of the best live acts this Union will see this year. It's not for nothing that the Ents department call them 'the best band in the world'....

The Vapour residents mixing it up 4-deck style, with a big fat house classics set. If you loved it, and it was released in the last 15 years, you're gonna hear it!

The Vapour cockatail bar – offering up a tasty selection of alchoholic beverages for your pleasure.

The Vapour dancers, poi, and live entertainers.

The Vapour Chill Out room in the Cooler, with sheesha (to make sure you're completely relaxed!)

And a fat wodge of visuals, lighting, and decor a-go-go.

Trust me, if you enjoyed the last one, it's got nothin on this…


October 21, 2005

Vapour setlist 15/10…I think!

It's all a bit vague, but I think this is it…

Soulwax – Krack (Nite Version)
Justice vs. Simian – Never be Alone
Coburn – We Interrupt this Program
Audio Bullys – Get Get Down
Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want to? (Erol Alkan's Glam Racket mix)
Metal Fusion – Killing in the Name…
Nirvanah – Lithium (Medicine 8 remix)
Cream vs. the Hoxtons – Sunshine of your Love
Ernesto vs. Bastian – Dark side of the Moon
Deep Dish – Say Hello (Angello and Ingrosso mix)

There might have been a couple more – but who knows…or cares ;o)

see you all at the residents' special....

October 13, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/portal/ents/Default.asp?url=event&event_id=1498

Ok – partisan blog alert!

Ahhhhhh feck it, who cares?! It's Vapour this weekend, and I feel the need to shout about it!

For those of you that don't know, Vapour is the Union's bi-termly house extravaganza. NB - House is NOT 'dance'. There is no cheesy trance music. There is no 'doof doof doof' at about 140 beats per minute. There is just lovely dirty grubby electro funky house - think Soulwax from last week....but with TEETH :o)

…..AAAAnyway – this Saturday marks Vapour's very 1st Birthday – aaawwww.

In true Vapour style, we've managed to wangle some pretty special guests to come and blow out the candles in the shape of Messrs. Layo and Bushwacka. Remember the name from somewhere? Think Love Story, and you won't go far wrong! Producers extraordinaire, they're also awesome behind the decks, so expect quite a set.

And, as ever, our guests are ably supported by my good self, as well as new Vapour boys James Murden and Dan Maggs, with Si taking over in the back room as the new chill out DJ. I don't know what they've got planned, but I've got more records than I can handle for my set – and if you're a fan of Franz Ferdinand, have I got something for you!

And finally, to top things off, the Vapour dancers will be in the house to make sure that once you hit the dancefloor, you'll stay there. And there may even be cake at midnight, you never know!

Vapour – it thumps. Don't believe me?

Try here
Or here
Or here

Or just come along and find out for yourself! Personally I can't wait – if only to see whether Layo and Bushwacka end up doing a Tim Deluxe – he enjoyed himself so much at the last Vapour, that we had to pull the plug on him in the end…literally…

Students' Union forums – Top B requests

Just a really quick blog to remind everyone that The Students' Union forums actually exist!!

It's really bizarre. Last year the forums were pretty damned busy every week – this year I don't think I've seen more than 4 posts (and two of them were mine!).

If you don't know how to get onto the Union forums, it's really easy. Just log into the portal using your username/password (if you haven't registered these yet, just hit 'register my account'), and then press forums. There are forums for most of the sports clubs and societies, as well as a whole set of forums devoted to Ents – you can tell the Union what you really think about Crash, Pressure etc etc.

Most importantly of all – you can find the Top Banana forum here as well. You can see old playlists, moan about your record not being played, and then request it all over again - get involved!!


June 23, 2005

'Bit of Basement Jaxx'

The rythm, the tracks, the Basement, the Jaxx

Went to see Basement Jaxx at the Birmingham Academy last night and they were, quite frankly, awesome. It was pretty much the best gig I've ever been to. The energy coming off that stage was immense, and the entire crowd was bouncing up and down like there was no tomorrow.

The gig started off with support from 'The Go Team'. They had some really nice ideas (I loved the two drum kits), and were very high energy, but I felt their set flagged little towards the end. Their next single was actually the worst song I heard them play – have no idea why they want to release it.

Then, after a small wait, the Jaxx took to the stage, and started as they meant to go on – dropping 'Good Luck' complete with Lisa Kekaula in a massive futuristic wedding dress. And the pace simply didn't flag from there. 'Oh My Gosh', 'Romeo', 'Right Here's the Spot', 'Red Alert', 'Jump and Shout', 'U Don't Know me', 'Jump and Shout' (with Slarta John live…which was nice!), 'Do Your Thing', 'Rendezvous', little bits of 'Samba Magic', and 'Just 1 Kiss', a stomping remix of 'Can't Get you out of my Head' (presumably practising for Sunday) and they finished the set with an awesome version of 'Where's Your Head At', which saw Felix and all the Jaxx singers leaping into a crowd that they'd whipped up into a veritable frenzy.

If that wasn't enough, they came back after about a minute of screaming to drop 'Bingo Bango', which went on for about 10 minutes.

And when they weren't playing their hits, Felix, Simon, and all the Jaxx dancers were smashing together awesome bootleg interludes. At some point I heard:

Audio Bullys – Shot You Down
Amerie – 1 Thing
Snoop Dogg – Drop it Like it's Hot
Missy Elliott – Lose Control
Aretha Franklin – Think

All performed live by the singers whilst being remixed by the Jaxx boys, and accompanied by their three-piece ska horn section, bongo drummers, guitarists, and drummers.

I came out of the gig looking like I'd had a shower with my clothes on. It was hideously hot, and I'd been in the middle of the crowd for the whole set, but it was totally worth it. Seriously, if you're at Glastonbury/going today, you're lucky lucky people. If you miss every other band and just see Basement Jaxx come Sunday, you'll have had your money's worth…