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December 27, 2005

Research Notes: Top level concept map

Suddenly I have a plan.

Add a section on the refrain at the start of part 3. Trace its deterritorialization through the subsequent plateaus (remove psychotherapy ?).

"The literary war" – travel writing, empire, geophilosophy, rhizomatic warfare – T.E. Lawrence.

Double articulation: virtuality of chaosmic incarnation and incorporeal complexity producing virtual enunciative nuclei on the one hand, and the simultaneous but different actuality of machinic and spatio-temporal discursivity on the other.

Common virtualities (horizons of indiscernibility).

Actualities (machinic discursivities) that skip between virtualities – percepts independent of affect. Concepts – capable of creating a problematic (virtuality of the concept), rather than being dependent on a precreated problematic. Hence self-positing.