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February 22, 2008

Podcasting for teaching and learning workshop – e–learning showcase day

Chris Coe and I will be running a workshop on podcasting as part of the E-learning Showcase Day in the Library on March 10th.
Title: Podcasting: audio recordings online for teaching and learning

In 45 minutes, the session will address these issues:

1. What is a podcast? Is it audio? Is it video?
2. How can we listen to podcasts?
3. Podcasting by staff, creating online learning materials, recording live events, creating podcast programmes.
4. Podcasting by students, as a research-based learning activity.
5. How can I design a podcast programme? Useful tips.
6. How do I record my podcast? What gadgets do I need?
7. What if I need to edit?
8. How can I publish my podcast?

We will use Edirol R09 recorders in the session, creating a short podcast interview.

Case studies will include:

A. Recording live events in the English Department.
B. Creating a podcast programme.
C. Student podcasting, research-based learning.
D. Student podcasting using MediaManager.

Participants will receive how-to guides (on paper and CD) and a copy of the Audacity editing software (on CD).

The session will be repeated in the afternoon.

Noise pollution and the academic environment

What I think of the recently refurbished Raffles cafe in the Arts Faculty.
I like cafes. I like working in cafes. The Arts Faculty has what could be a great cafe, Raffles. In the past I would spend half an hour in there with a laptop, just giving e-learning advice and networking with other members of the faculty.

The recent refurbishment of Raffles is quite good. However, one feature renders it quite unuseable: a wide screen TV that cannot be turned off. I asked the staff if they could switch it off, or at least turn down the volume. They responded by saying that they aren’t allowed to. And so we have to put up with the constant drone of News 24 interrupting all other conversations and activities.

As I write this, there are 8 people in the cafe. One is reading and writing notes. One person seems to be writing an essay on a laptop. One person is reading a journal. Three people are discussing their research. Each of them seems to be occasionally disturbed by the TV.

And now thanks to the marvel that is the blog audio recorder, you too can experience what is considered to be an audio environment suitable for a world-class academic institution. Also note the constant hum of a very loud refrigerator.