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March 13, 2009

Deflated – TKC80 tyres on an R100GS need inner tubes!

Follow-up to Green laning on an R100GS with Continental TKC80 tyres from Transversality - Robert O'Toole


That's what it says on the side of the Continental TKC80 tyres now fitted to my BMW R100GS Paris Dakar. One would assume that means "don't use an inner tube". I made that assumption. So did the tyre fitter. The fitment guide on the Continental web site has quite a different interpretation of the word:


The fitment info even states which tubes to use.

Perhaps this little misunderstanding explains why my tyres were completely flat this morning. It could be that TKC80s aren't sufficiently rigid at the bead to give a good enough seal. Or perhaps the first generation Akront tubeless spoked rims are a bit too leaky (Metzelers also deflate, but much more slowly).

So its back to Behind Bars in the week to get some tubes fitted.

It didn't stop me going for a ride out to Stoneleigh on the way home, with a quick bimble down a green lane. Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Media Workshop Conference: lights, cameras, action, learn!

To successfully make a movie (even a short) requires the application of many advanced skills. Video, audio, and IT abilities are just a small part of this. Paul Hardy, author of the excellent Filming on a Microbudget, is an expert on the process, and has learned through much hard work and experimentation that a successfull production relies upon critical thinking, research, management, recource planning, teamwork, creativity, writing, editing, self-discipline, and much more. In fact, all the ingredients necessary for the successfull completion of any enterprise - for example, the writing of a dissertation, or the completion of a student project.

And that is to me, with the goal of using technology to enhance university teaching and learning, an exciting and potent idea. My question for Paul, when meeting him this lunchtime, was this: could undertaking a film-making enterprise be an effective and enjoyable way for students to rapidly achieve excellence in all of these skills? Paul's answer: absolutely.

So, we are going to investigate the potential of this approach. I have for a few months been exploring the idea of holding a practical-focussed conference to explore how creative and design techniques can be used in designing [e]learning. The film people that I have spoken to have really engaged with this idea, and therefore it looks as if the conference will take on a strong film bias.

The plan is this:

  1. We start with some keynote talks about the application in teaching of techniques from the design, communications and creativity industries.
  2. Delegates then undertake a project to get first hand experience, supported by professionals including Paul.
  3. We then meet up to discuss what we have learned, and share our plans.

I hope to get around 15 Warwick academics to attend, with good representation from across the faculties. People who develop and support teaching at Warwick (Library, LDC, Careers, CSDE etc) are also part of the target audience. Some students will be invited free of charge. I would also like to get local and national educationalists (including schools) and design and communications professionals to attend.

The date will be moved back from June to early October.

If you're interested, please tell me what you think...