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February 25, 2008

Battle of the Bands 2008

Hello on the off chance that people may still look at my blog; I remember the days when all my sentences were prefixed – I was going to blog about….., ahh how my procrastination has altered since then.

Anywho, Week 9 brings forth the Semi-Final of Battle of the Bands 2008 and it is going to be utterly bitchin’ yo!

5 excellent bands will be fighting it out for a place in the final and future fame and fortune, mmmmm monies

Adam Sharp – A charming young man with something of death cab about him, powerful and charged with a hint of the forlorn.

Club Silencio – An exciting and upbeat trio guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your bums wiggling, they’re offbeat indie pop tracks are as thrilling as they are initiative

Drongo Sealion Magic – A heavy mix of darkest metal fused with a glorious sense of elation. If your mouth isn’t left hanging ajar due to the immense skill of this band there is something wrong

Hot Magneta – Cock Rock at it’s very finest, this female-front band offers you the very best of 70’s rock rejigged for 2008. Incredibly fun and never dull, this band will bring a glorious grin to your face.

Something Sticky – One of the many newcomers to Battle of the Bands 2008, this band wowed the judges with their tightness and insanely catchy tunes – let them wow you

All this will be going on in The Marketplace from 8pm Tuesday Wk9 – exciting exciting exciting!!!

January 25, 2006

For Ms Singh and Mr Bashmore

Because I care!

January 20, 2006

What is….......?

What is positive discrimination?

Obviously it is those flower loving lefties pressurizing companies to become politically correct. By allowing people who don't belong in the workplace a gateway to higher ranking and paid employment.

Positive discrimination is a very new and dangerous procedure to have whilst recruiting new staff.

I mean what ever was the matter with the old boy network, when you could get a job because you once played rugby with the director’s son. When knowing people in the company ranks gave you the heads up over skill or potential.

A time when all women who wanted to work were lesbians and racism was fine just as long as you didn’t say anything when the cleaners were around.

This positive discrimination is hazardous indeed, if properly integrated into business it’ll mean that women will move into bigger offices than some of the men in the company.

Then before you know it there will be bake sales in the foyer and tights on radiators. The company’s gains and losses with be synchronised with their periods, oh the utter havoc!

This will escalate into them having cars with bigger engines, and ultimately they will develop from the human shell that is a woman into the peak of evolvution – the white male.

However it would of course mean that I as a woman could waltz into a job as a high ranking fireperson, without any appropriate qualifications, training or abilities, just because I have ovaries – absolutely brilliant, fires are so pretty and the heat just does the cutest thing to my curls.

October 31, 2005

How cool!

Yes I am now the proud owner of 2 adult tickets (for Ab and Mel) and 2 students (for myself and Claire)

October 29, 2005

Haunted House Halloween Party

Hello there wonderful people who came to our Haunted House Halloween Party!

Thank you so much for coming and enjoying yourself, you all looked amazing wandering round with glowsticks attached in innovative ways. Below is a quick summation for those who can’t really remember what the hell went on, or those who were too foolish to come because of the £2 entry (your loss, I do so hope your night cost less than £2 as to justify not coming up to our party)

So how did it go?

Wonderfully according to the most excellent people who came and enjoyed the:
Fancy Dress - Kudos to those who dressed to the max, you made the party
Decorations - Our house looked amazing, thank you to everyone who helped out, special thanks to Phil - you sir are a legend!
Apple bobbing - I congratulate Jimmy on his technique
Skittles vodka - Some enjoyed this too much and certain silly folks didn't follow the guidelines of adding mixer
Fortune Teller - We cannot vouch for the accuracy of any predictions I'm afraid, turns out it was just some lanky Northerner in drag
UV Barn and more precisely Romin - Thank you so so much, you were utterly amazing. Also cheers to Serena for the extra UV light
Chilli - Thank you to the kind people who commented on my chilli, the secret (well not anymore) is add a tsp of peanut butter when browning off the mince
Soup - Paul's soup is the best cold fixer-upper
Pumpkin Pie - There is none left so I guess you enjoyed it
Sweeeeeeets - Damn you people and your ability to eat sugar!
Homebrew - An acquired taste, but as the evening proceeded more seemed to acquire it
Fireworks - Thanks to Charles not only were you treated to the splendours that gunpowder can provide but also the fear of being burnt to death, oh the adrenaline was good for you!
Glowsticks - They are making the tree outside the kitchen shine still
Fire Poi - Cheers Rob looked awesome

Anything of interest happen?

Well yes actually, as you would expect at a party of 200 people (yes that right, throughout the evening we had 200 people enter our house), there were one or several mishaps:
Hospitalisation - Yup some poor girl drank too much and eat too little (and for the first time it wasn't me!)
Chuckin out - One young whipper snapper had to be removed from the premises for actions unbecoming of a gentleman
Fun with Fireworks - As previously mentioned some of the fireworks were a little wily and decided to head for the garden trees. No-one was hurt so yay!
Homebrew Tom-foolery - Some spanner thought it would be a good idea to depressurise our homebrew thus wrecking something which took ages to prepare - cheers!
Invasion of the Chavs - Fairly harmless but still unwanted, were some Leamington scallies
Pumpkin Pie Cocktail - Started off tasting wonderful, ended up not. Archers and evaporated milk good friend do not make!

How did the clean up go?

Very smoothly and fairly quickly, we now have a clean house (lucky seen as our inspection is coming up soon). Thank you to everyone who helped restore the house to working order, a big thank you to James for getting bin bags in the morning – also thank you to all of you non-residents who were clearing up when we came downstairs.
All the cans are now being recycled as are all the bottles, my car stinks to high heaven as a result of this. I did gain new hubcaps though, they were right by the recycling bins at Tesco.

Did you break even?

Just about once power bills come through, hopefully we'll be able to replace the alcohol that people found hidden in cupboards. But lets ignore the financial implications for a second and look at the more important things in life, enjoyment!
Everyone we have spoken to said they enjoyed themselves (or what they can remember), so in my eyes we've made a profit.

Where can I find photos of the Halloween Party?

Well so far from Matt but Paul will be uploading his soon, as hopefully will Ollie . I'll bung some up when Jamie sends me his.

Again let me say thank you for coming, it was great to see you all you are ace!

October 23, 2005

How multi–talented can one man be?

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/hbennett/

Not only does this man know how to print a mean poster, shred an awesome solo, desirably bash a drum, and be an all round top notch bloke. We must now add acting sensation to the list of achievements.

Yay Hywel!

Evolution in Action

Writing about web page http://www.butterflyzoo.co.uk

Butterfly or threat to national security!

Using their peaceful glide and exotic colouring these dragon-butterflies are actually able to attract their prey, only to plunge their fags of doom into the unprepared flesh.
But butterflies don’t have fags I hear you cry, they merely have a proboscis which everyone knows is two tubes in close proximity to each other for the suction of fluids, well yes that may well be the case with normal butterflies. These are not such organisms, they are half breeds, a combination of butterfly and dragon!

How can we stop this you ask, simple destroy all the butterflies riding our planet of this pretentiously coloured fly.

October 21, 2005

I wish I had this idea

Writing about web page http://www.showbizireland.com/news/march05/23-jarule01.shtml

Possibly the greatest line up in the world!

October 19, 2005

Who are you people?

As procrastination demands, I have just checked through the people contained in my favourites only 6 having added this new blog to their list (the old one won’t ever be updated again so get with the programme kids) I was confuddled as to the 8 linkages

So there are 2 mystery people who have linked to me, my question is therefore:

Who are you?

Procrastination over and done with, goodbye!

October 16, 2005

So what did you see this weekend?

Well we went to Basingstoke and saw the largest phallus on public display in Britain.
Don't know about the rest of you but it makes me proud to hold a British passport and I'm betting you who don't wish you did.

October 14, 2005

The Worst Chav in the World Ever I

Trainee teacher, 6 string supermo and Bandsoc Ninja this man may be, but his lastest attempts in broading his appeal have sadly fallen short. As he was banished from sulking around the phoneboxes and random corners of Royal Leamington Spa.

October 13, 2005

The Pressures of Student Life

Proof if any was needed that students are being put under too much pressure at University.

This young fellow came to the University of Warwick 4 years ago with a dream, a purpose, a foot more in body length.

There must be an end to all this silly amounts of force being exerted onto the shoulders of students, it must end now before we lose one of our own.

Or thinking about it, could the crazy lack of height have been brought about not by academic pressure but be due to all the media attention Hobbits and more recently Oompa Loompas were given, thusly causing people to go out and chop off their limbs?

October 11, 2005

The Dreaded Lurgie

Writing about All loved up and nowhere to go from Claire Blogden

People come in to our lives, get under our skin and then ruin our existence because they can't keep their freakin' flu germs to themselves (I'm pointing at you Shall)

I'm chocca blocked with illness at the moment and it is all her fault, I was happily ploughing through the Freshers in my lectures – avoiding too much contact as I knew they would be diseased. But I end up being polluted by my best friend – DAMN YOU!

But enough moaning, that never cured anyone. Thanks to Casper (who thanks Blue Lou) I have discovered the most amazing and tongue tingling yummy drug ever – even better than those green chalky tablets you used to be able to buy for ulcers.

Buy these, they are ace!

October 06, 2005

What the devil?

I've been giving this some thought for a fair whack of time, and considered typing about it before now but some gittish terrorist has managed to make the subject too sensitive for me to think I can properly get away with the comments I'm about to make.

Now before anyone decides that I'm being disrespectful to anyone please remember the whole blog ethos “Think it. Blog it”.

In times of old the devil or evil spirits were blamed for any nastiness that occurred, this ranged from ewes being unable to lamb to disease. With the main source of comfort coming from some level of worship and a belief/hope that whatever a person praised would sort it all out for them.

However since “The War on Terrorism” started the mystic devil of old has been replaced by human representatives, and thusly the way of solving these problems has also shifted to the hands of humans.

The question which rotates in my mind is does the form of the perceived evil determine the form of the entity capable of solving the problem. Is this a sign of society changing for a faith stronghold to a materialistic and independent one?

September 29, 2005

Ahh product placement

Oh it's a lipstick, there was me thinking it was an after shot.

September 24, 2005

Harry Potter and the Boffage

Porn anyone!

For goodness ever sake when will the stupid directors get in their heads that Ron and Hermione are going to get it on, not freakin' Harry and Hermione!


September 12, 2005

Oi oi

Hello kids I'm back

I'm a social erm hmm scientist