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Released a small (functionality wise) update to BlogBuilder today, with some pretty big code changes, so if you see any problems it would be very helpful if you could comment and tell us what they are – there shouldn't be any problems but, as with any change, it's difficult to be 100% certain.

  • When you trackback a non-Warwick Blog that supports trackbacks, it should now correctly show the URL of your entry to that blog.
  • There should now be no problems with turning off trackbacks or pings for individual entries.
  • The bug that caused the trackback counter to increment when a post that was trackbacking it was edited has been fixed.
  • The My Comments screen now shows "Today" and "Yesterday" where relevant just like entries do (and we're working on the other problems with the My Comments page ordering wrongly and not updating fast enough).
  • Galleries now have a maximum description length of 4,000 characters, and tell you much more politely if you exceed it.

For those who care: This update has taken a long time because there's also a backend upgrade where the code now uses the new features (foreach loops, autoboxing, Generics) in Java 5, which makes the code a lot nicer and safer to work with, and removes 2,286 iterators in the BlogBuilder code and replaces them with foreach loops (in almost every case)!

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