July 08, 2008

BBC Computer 32K, Acorn DFS, BASIC

BeebEM + casual disregard for copyright of 25+ year old software = retro gaming joy.

Snapper, the version before Acornsoft had to change it to look slightly less like Pac-Man


Now if only I can work out how to make Arcadians playable. Using caps lock/ctrl for the left/right keys may  have made sense on the BBC Micro's keyboard but hammering the caps lock key repeatedly whenever you want to move left isn't really practical.

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  1. Oh god Snapper :D

    08 Jul 2008, 13:31

  2. I miss arcadians, many hours of my mispent youth went to arcadians. I feel the need to scuttle off to my dad’s to play!

    08 Jul 2008, 19:49

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