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June 05, 2012

Moving on.

Please note that I am no longer maintaining this blog as I need to rationalise the online spaces I use. My main blog is here.

October 30, 2010

CMC for languages

The word is out. Here's a take on delivering opportunities for communication in MFL using free technologies:

However providing the technology is now the easiest part. Most young people are very comfortable communicating through computers using skype, msn etc. What we should be serious about as language educators is understanding how the medium affects the communication. To do this we need to capture and study the interactions, hence my emphasis on using the best professional educational tools for the job. It isn't just what we do, it is the way that we do it that counts!

October 04, 2010

A lecture to end all lectures?

Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbl-xXF8NPY

Donald Clarke provided a stiring and somewhat controversial keynote at the start of ALT-C this year. I wonder what the student experience of the class of '20 will be?

August 11, 2010

A World Without Words

Writing about web page http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/episodes/2010/09/10

One morning, neurologist Jill Bolte Taylor woke up with a headache. A blood vessel then burst inside her left hemisphere, and silenced all the brain chatter in her head. She was left with no language. No memories. Just sensory intake, and an all-encompassing feeling of joy.

June 09, 2010

ALT keynote speech

April 02, 2010

United Nations on Autism Awareness day

November 28, 2009

working on a cloud

Excited about getting involved in cloudworks, looks great:

October 08, 2009

chill out

October 01, 2009

To Jay

“Without asking hard questions about learning, technology remains an unguided missile” (Ehrmann, 1996).

August 11, 2009

chill out summer tracks

June 20, 2009

importance of language

Writing about web page http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=407043

I had to have my say as the debate was missing the point!

March 29, 2009

when others say it so much better

Writing about web page http://perso.evene.fr/citabook/teresamac

I have set up my citabook (book of quotations) for those who express so well (in French of course) the things that mater most.

March 22, 2009

communication is a right

Writing about web page http://www.afasic.org.uk/index.htm

As language professionals we sometimes assume that every child can communicate. My personal experience of semantic-pragmatic disorder has made me question my assumptions. Being misunderstood, struggling to make others listen, trying to get the right words out at the right time, knowing how to connect with others - these are the real challenges faced by many with autistic spectrum disorders. Afasic helps those who cannot get their voice heard.

February 07, 2009

The power of sound

Writing about web page http://8tracks.com/home

A legal way to share your mood, communicate a message using music. Create a mix at 8tracks and it will allow you to share it legally with others.

[media] [/media]

November 08, 2008

The importance of language

Writing about web page http://newsbiscuit.com/article/man-freed-from-logic-loop-toilet-by-crack-team-of-linguists-382

O'Farrell rightly acknowledges the importance of language! We are each responsible for the messages we impart. :)

November 02, 2008


Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMrZ7lChK-g

Having listened to the programme on the radio, this is my fave version and supports Spanish learning too!

October 29, 2008

miro fan

Writing about web page http://www.getmiro.com/

Miro player allows me to collect all sorts of useful video clips in French and also keep up with business using Dilbert!

September 16, 2008

Death of the VLE

Here's an interesting perspective on where we are and where we could be in the future


July 27, 2008

Goodbye to Harry

Today we had to say goodbye to Harry. Our lovely bunny had been part of the family for 6 years, so named because of his white lightning flash on his nose which the kids thought made him look like Harry Potter, he was playful and very sociable. He will be greatly missed. Harry loved you to stroke his nose and would go into a trance whenever you did. His passion for brown bread played havoc with his teeth and he once fell in the pond trying to get a drink. Harry you were a star and we'll never forget you!Harry MacKinnon

July 17, 2008

two languages anyone? reality check

Izzard is so right, we need at least 2 languages each these days.